Should teacher pay depend on the performance of students: Will this give better education to the students?

  • Yes it will.

    Teacher pay should depend on the performance of the students because this will give a better education to the student. Although this may not entirely be a fair way to pay a teacher, I can tell you that it will motivate teachers to teach as well as they can. Right now teachers have no motivation to improve.

  • Teacher's pay should be dependent on students' academic performance

    Every person wants to make more money. If a teacher does not like his/her job as a teacher but has no choice but to do it, that teacher will not put in any effort to teach the students properly because whether the students fail or pass they will get the same pay in the end. However, if the teacher's salary is based on students' feedback, he/she has no choice but to do her/his job well if not he/she will be fired or his/her salary will be deducted.

  • Is this for other private employees? Salary depends on performance?

    There is nothing unfair on compensating teachers according to their performance. After all, this is how it is for employees in the private sector. I supported my son's teacher all year, we did all the homework, worked with my son everyday, only to find out that the teacher was unwilling to do her part. Her assignments were inadequate, her lack of caring, she failed to refer my son to the speech therapy when she knew of his delay. She just works to get by and get an income. As a result my son and other students have to suffer the consequences of her poor teaching. I good teacher should have no problem meeting the requirements to get properly compensated. She also express to me how she was often late and she wanted vacation. She clearly does not like her job. This is only one case, but I believe there are many more.

  • Teacher pay should depend on performance

    There are many good teachers out there but also many lazy ones. When an inner city school gets a motivated principal and staff the schools' test scores soar ....Why? .... Better performance. Many teachers have become too complacent ..They see the nice hours the nice holidays (3 months a year) who gets that ????? The nice salary and the nice benefits and nothing changes if their students do poorly.

  • Different strengths for pupils

    Different students learn at different paces and possess different qualities.
    It is unfair to compromise a teachers salary as there are many other factors that affect a child`s academic performance.
    Individuals will not be encouraged to take up teaching as a profession.
    Academic performance is not an accurate gauge of a teacher or students strengths.

  • It is unfair to the teachers!

    Teachers will quit their jobs as they will not be contented if their students do not have the right learning attitude. The teaching attitude is not the same as learning attitude. Students will feel pressurised and will not do well due to the stress and immense workload given by their teachers. I fully disagree.

  • It Actually Makes Education Worse

    Students abilities and work ethic are as diverse as they are. If a teacher gets smart, hardworking students in their classes, they will naturally do well. If, however, that same exact teacher gets a class full of slower and/or lazy students, their performance will be lower, sometimes MUCH lower.

    Yes, teachers can teach all of these students and improve their knowledge and abilities, but to pay their pay on how their students do is a patently unfair method because much of their pay would be based upon factors they cannot control, such as those I mentioned.

  • No, teacher pay should not depend upon performance of students

    No, teacher pay should not depend on the performance of students. I believe that it would be unfair to teachers to have to depend upon student's performance because that does not account for those with learning disabilities whose performance might always be poor or for those that require extra assistance. It also does not attest for those who have behavioral issues that have nothing to do with school but might still affect schoolwork. One other aspect that this does not account for is parent involvement that might change the effect of student performance.

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