Should teachers allow students to eat in class?

Asked by: Sozuc
  • If i cant have food why can i have water

    Water is much more likely to ruin your papers and spill everywhere and just be a toy for childish teens, so why is it so acceptable to drink something but sooooo horrible to eat like a cracker in class? I personally cannot focus when i am hungry, i get grumpy and sleepy and often space out due to hunger, you dont want your kids making a mess? Teach your fucking kids how to eat and not be a pig like their parents.

  • People get hungry even if they haven't ate breakfast

    I didn't eat breakfast today and i have a pain in my stomach and i'm in middle school they don't allow snacks in school my ela teacher gave students snacks last year but not this year. Its sad to me thank you for lisinining to me bye bye bye bye

  • Unless they are making a mess it doesn't make sense to ban food.

    A couple days ago, I ate an apple in my english class. As our teacher was talking to us. Now I was not distracted by this apple, nor was I making anything sticky. Yet ater in class the teacher went up to me and asked me to never eat in his class again. I asked him why. He said because food makes a mess and food is for lunchtime. Now I am somehow can not eat a lot of food at one time. Especially at breakfast. So naturally I get very hungry waiting for lunchtime to roll around 5 hours after I have eaten my breakfast. So everyday around 10 I like to eat an apple in class. Now many studies show for maximum learning a student needs to have food in their system and not have low blood sugar. Some say that food causes a distraction but I was not distracted at all by my apple. It is ridiculous for a teacher to tell me in front of many students that I needed to never eat an apple there again. I was clearly not distracted and not making a mess. Plus I would have been more distracted by the slowly ticking clock waiting for lunch as my stomach growled.

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  • We need food

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    If i am an athlete or are in band/ a club, a quick snack during class would provide a boost of energy to get me thru that class and thru the rest of that period.

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  • Stop and think

    What if a student hasn't had a chance to eat breakfast. A snack at snack time would be awesome because it could the student power to think since they didn't get to have if they hadn't eaten'. You mas say its a mess and a waste of time but don't.

  • We have to eat

    When you think of it that way, it is obvious that students need to eat more often during the school day than just lunchtime. Even if they eat breakfast, waiting for lunch is not good enough. Sometimes lunch doesn’t come for four to five hours after breakfast, and that is too long to wait. Unfortunately, some students skip breakfast all together and this is a huge mistake. To be at their best, students cannot skip meals. They need something healthy to eat mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and mid-evening, with constant hydration.
    How can students accomplish this? First, schools and teachers need to allow it. We should revisit the philosophy of not allowing food or drink in class. Students, especially high school students, should not have to wolf down something at their locker and use only the water fountain between classes. This is neither healthy nor efficient.
    As long as students clean up after themselves and don’t interrupt instruction, they should be allowed to eat and drink water in class. Teachers, coaches, and all others need to realize the importance of this if truly want their students at their best.

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  • It is what break times are for

    Students and teachers have their breaks to eat and drink. No one dies if they do not eat something in 50 minutes. If the students` condition is bad that s/he has to it something, teacher might let her/him to do it out of class. I don`t want to be distracted by a student eating in the class.

  • Teens do not need food in class

    Food should not be allowed in class because it is distracting to the student eating and to those around them, it is unhealthy, and teens need to learn time management. If people really need a snack it will be in preschool when the teachers provide a snack daily, not in middle or high school.

  • SET A STANDARD FOLKS! (High school)

    Why is it the teachers responsibility if their student is eating? Being an issue where mandated reporting is required is completely separate. Teachers who say "no eating in class" must set the standard. I disapprove for reason of lazy and sloppy children. Allowing them to eat in class will not improve the likeliness of them throwing their trash away. If they don't eat breakfast at home that is on them. If they get free meals, they can eat before school. If they are late to school, yen I guess they miss out untill their first break. It falls on the parent to feed their children, not the teachers. If that were the case, there would be more boarding schools. The last thing I ant to see are hot Cheetos finger prints all over an assignment. I never accept work unless it is food debris free

  • Well I don't know what to title this hut read below.

    Teachers chomp away on whatever they want during class while our breaks only give us a variety of very few foods that we DON'T CHOOSE. The food we eat also has a bad quality, like it was homemade and left in a fridge to be warmed up after a day. If we don't have the option to eat when we want, or the option to eat actual fresh food, at least let us choose the food we consume. Every day I'm without lunch because the only thing I can eat besides a baby bag of celery sticks without throwing up upon swallowing something is an over sauced pizza that is a full neon shade of yellow with dry bread dry cheese.

  • No way ever

    Im doing an essay if kids should be able to eat in class and I say no. Kids will be leaving trash everywhere and gets bugs and other messy things. Ith is very distracting to the students which might lead to failer in other the class the are in, but that is just my oppinion.

  • Respect and Reason

    There are many different reasons a teacher can have for not allowing food in class. As a chemistry teacher with a relatively small room, I do not allow eating in class at any time. Students may, however, step outside the classroom briefly to eat a small snack if necessary. All they have to do is ask at an appropriate time. Even with this caveat, many students still try to sneak food. I find this lazy and disrespectful. There are legitimate reasons for allowing students to consume food during a class period. Most students who eat in class do not do so for a legitimate reason.

  • Mess and Smells..

    The issue with eating and drinking comes down to several things such as the mess left behind for the next class, also any strong smelling foods will affect the whole class, Also it may affect other students that may become hungry just because someone else is eating and so be distracted from their studies (especially if they have nothing in on them to snack on).

  • It may take their mind off

    Even though a lot of teachers, especially ones in college, do not necessarily mind if their students eat during class, I feel it should be avoided at all costs. If a student decides to snack during class, they could actually become more pre-occupied with their food, and pay less attention to the lecture.

  • Mess and odour are distracting

    Rather than being allowed to eat during class, I think that students should have a short break in between classes where they're allowed to eat some sort of small snack to tide them over to lunch (which most high schools over here don't have).

    Some people travel pretty far in the morning to get to class, so the amount of time they go from breakfast to lunch is pretty long, so it's hard to concentrate when you have a growling stomach and hunger pangs.

    However, eating in the classroom is very distracting as well. Students don't always clean up after themselves. They'll spill juice and other sugary beverages, leaving sticky messes that will attract ants. The crinkling of wrappers and unravelling of tin-foil will take away from the teacher's lesson plan. And furthermore, students will likely bring different types of foods, which will leave odours in the classroom as well. It's a pretty big disturbance when you're trying to pay attention, if you're focused on the mess, smells and noises around you.

    For these reasons I think a "snack time" is more appropriate than bringing food directly into the classroom.

  • This entirely depends on the individual teacher.

    The teacher needs to have control over this, as it is their classroom.
    Some teaching styles lend itself to eating while in class, others don't. Some grades would be more appropriate to allow kids to eat in, others aren't.
    I would say absolutely no to grade school and middle school. Kids at that age usually do not have the patience and responsibility to have food with them, and be able to eat it when they need to.
    On the other hand, there is so little time for lunch in grade school, it would be better if they ate their food before lunchtime so they could go play on the playground and fields.

    If we are talking universities, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

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