• We agree that teachers and students should be allowed to contact eachother

    Teachers can be a positive influence in young people's lives. They can guide them through their problems and help them with school work. Teachers are able to assist parents and establish better relationships with students and their families on-line. However teachers and students alike need to be mindful of the things they say and the photos they post. By having teachers and students looking at each others FB pages they will both me careful about what they put on their pages. Kia ora

  • Ask most students,

    If they would be friends with their teachers on Facebook they would say, "it depends on the teacher." That alone should tell us that a blanket policy prohibiting teachers from interacting with their students on social networks is the functional equivalent to burying your head in a hole. It can also be a useful way of providing a classroom "hub" outside of class with announcements, assignments, and access to help with homework.


    I THINK YES BECAUSE IT IS LIKE A TOOL THAT STUDENTS CAN USE WHENEVER AND WHEREVER. I think most students have questions that need to be answered by their teachers and not by the dictionary called internet and what about if they forgot the homework. So that is my argument.

  • Teachers

    I feel like teachers should be allowed to engage themselves in students life outside of school. I feel like students have problems outside of school that teachers could help with. Simply because students want another adult to talk to besides the people in their home who cause their pain!

  • After passing the course definitely.

    I think there must be an interaction between teachers and students after the class, because students are well motivated in approach of teacher, but when you are enrolled in a course, friendship with teacher seems odd. But after you passed there is no issue to become friend with your teacher.

  • Yes i do think it is okay to follow your students.

    Yes i do think it is okay to follow your teachers or students, Its important for teachers to help students, What happens when a student needs hep at home. . They can contact there teachers through social media. If your going to have a social media profile for every one to see why does it matter if someone older follows you ( teens adults teachers ) You have made a profile for every one to see including teachers.

  • Yes it is appropriate.

    I think it is good for both, It have a lot of advantages to become friends with your teacher, For example you can ask question after the school and the teacher will help you to do the homework or other, So I think it is appropriate to becomes friends with your teacher.

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  • Teachers must be friends with students

    Yes a teacher and a student must be friends,the students may need a better explanation which will suit him/her,they can contact the teacher and ask a list of questions after the study class my argument is that teachers must be friends with students to build a better future of our country.

  • Inappropriate

    Friends? No. That's inappropriate. It's a very simple question. Do you consider your TEACHER your FRIEND? There are plenty of other resources the school and/or teachers can provide to students to effectively communicate with them. Sharing family pictures, shopping ideas, and gaming with your teacher is just inappropriate. Why would anyone want to be friends with their teachers anyway?

  • I think not because

    Some teachers could have some very bad mental issues that nobody knows about and stalk kids on facebook and and do some very inappropriate things in and out of the class room. And if they dont have issues then the students profile is none of the teachers business at all.

  • Teachers are in a position of responsibility and need to keep up professional respect.

    Facebook is about connecting friends. A teacher should not be friends with their pupils, even if they have a great relationship. They need to keep a professional distance from students to keep a level of professional respect that would otherwise disappear.
    Pupils even when they are older teenagers often find it difficult to tell the difference between a professional relationship and a friends relationship. A teacher needs to be the one who makes sure it is always a professional relationship.

  • No, a teacher is not that kind of friend.

    A teacher should not be involved in a student's personal life except as it involves course work, and neither should a student be involved in a teacher's life. There are too many interpersonal lines that can be crossed, and far too many misunderstandings are possible. It would be good to have an online forum where students and teachers can discuss questions.

  • Teachers and students should not be friends on Facebook.

    I believe teachers and students being friends on Facebook is a ridiculous idea. It is weird to have one of your current teachers as your friends, just the thought of her/him reading your uncensored posts and looking through my photo album is enough to make me cringe. I would give my teacher my email address to chat about school work, but that as far as I am going.

  • No, too many questions

    As much as I wish the answer was yes, there are too many questions that can be raised. Parents might get worried about the child having an inappropriate relationship with the teacher. There can also be too much information on a teachers Facebook about some of the things that the teacher participates in. I do think maybe doing a group or a fan page might be a better suggestion.

  • Distances are required

    Teachers have a life of their own beside school or college . They need their distances and spaces to enjoy their own life . As far as notices go there should be a webpage regarding cce's , tests ,etc. Teachers peaking into our lives or us peaking into their lives certainly removes the professional relationship b/w teachers and students. The discipline is lost as both teacher & child know what is going on which doesn't come in contrast to the required relationship.

  • Not a good idea

    Students have teachers during the day, all day. Why would you want them in your personal life as well? If students need to communicate with them after school hours, an email would be useful. Now maybe if the teacher had a class room page to post about homework and due dates is okay under certain curcumstances.

  • I don't think so.....

    Firstly, we meet our teachers like everyday and why do you even need to be friends with your teachers on facebook when you can just talk to them in school. They might judge you by looking how you dress,the way you speak and so on....They might keep updates that you did not do this work and that.... It is just awkward. Students also needs privacy as much as teachers so they need to respect each others privacy so that the teacher or the student may not tell other people what are their problems etc.

  • It's not professional

    All students have sites they can speak with their instructor, to be friends on Facebook is crossing the line, you are not there to support someone 24/7 you have a right to your privacy. I am a Student Advisor for a College and I do not friend students, once they are finished no problem.

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