Should teachers be able to bring weapons to school in case of a school shooting?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • With adequate training and so long as its not common knowledge among students, sure.

    Im all for teachers being able to conceal carry a firearm on campus. As a civilian carrying a gun in public, I underwent a battery of reference checks, required training and certifications to wear my gun in public.

    I think a similar set of standards, plus some state funded training on how to deal with a firearm in a stress situation (IMO a must if you carry anyway) along with regular range checks to ensure continuing education/practice.

    At colmbine, Paducah, VA Tech and Newtown, the concentration of corpses were found to have followed the police instructions of "find somewhere to hide and lock the door."

    I'm sorry, I think our kids and educators deserve better than being forced to wait their turn to die at the hands of a deranged lunatic. While these incidents are statistically rare, I am all for evening the odds and making it possible for a shooter to be confronted by someone willing to remove him or her from this ether. I have a son - I would have no problem or hesitation in carrying this out if threatened -- I think this is more than acceptable to expect that he is protected at school should the unthinkable occur.

    And it doesn't have to be every teacher - those who want nothing to do with it don't have to be armed. If they so choose however, they SHOULD have the right to fight back and give their students a chance at survival.

  • Well of course

    Not all schools have security on campus. All teachers are old enough to conceal and carry a gun. So if someone pulls out a gun, it would be more logical to have a teacher gun him down instead of waiting five minutes, twenty deaths, and four cops later. It seems simple enough.

  • Lock N Load

    Yes if it is carried on there person at all times and not left unattended and should go throw gun safety/handling and target practice the Heros who carry don't magically appear in time of need thus knowing the school is armed will deter most insane people away and give quicker response time to take down shooters because kids are the future and must be protected at all times and one more thing the teachers need to be trained in is mental capability to be able to shoot a armed kid that has proved he's gunna shoot to kill it is a touchy subject but the equation is 1 shooter + x amount of unarmed people = x amount dead but 1 shooter + x amount of armed people = shooter is dead befor a lot of people got hurt and or killed hope this was help to subject and not to much rabeling

  • As a high school student

    After all the recent school shootings, my math teacher asked the school board to let her keep a gun safe in her room. Being that I live in Wyoming, I'm surrounded by guns. I know a lot of people who carry their guns with them at all times. My math teacher is a wonderful marksman, and she has a very nice gun case that she spent a LOT of money on, and it only opens to her fingerprint. I think that this is a wonderful idea, and I would feel a lot more safe in her room than any other in the event of a school shooting :)

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe that teachers should be allowed to carry a weapon inside of school. For some it may put fear in them and make them feel like they're in danger. If they're worried about the weapon they will have less concentration on their work. Most schools have SRO Officers which carry weapons in case of an attack.

  • You can't see the shooter

    For one thing, we shouldn't have to go to school at gunpoint.

    If a school shooting happens, police response time is usually faster than a teacher could locate, acquire and place careful, targeted direct fire onto a shooter.

    When a teacher starts trying to shoot a campus shooter, police then have to deal with "multiple shooters ."

    When a teacher opens fire, he will learn what trained law enforcement already knows: that it is often impossible to acquire a target in a crowded, chaotic stampede of panicked students. Which student or adult has the gun? What hallway am I in? Where are the stairs? Am I about to be shot? How many subjects are there? Is anybody hurt? Any teacher shooting any campus shooter is always shooting into a confused crowd of frightened children, and is indistinguishable from the campus shooter himself.

    The best role for teachers to play in a school shooting is crowd control and suppression of chaos.

    Statistically, no school is more likely to be the scene of a mass shooting. But most schools are likely to become violent. The odds of fatal misuse of guns happening are much higher than the odds of stopping a shooter.

  • No dey should not

    They should not get guns because some teachers are psycho crazy people who can have a mental breakdown and end up shooting everyone in the class. The the teacher would be taken to jail for life and many parents would mourn like crazy and it's all because they let them have guns.

  • It would lead to more problems.

    Guns and schools shouldn't mix except in extreme circumstances. If I take my kid to school, I shouldn't have to wonder whether or not his/her teacher has been properly trained to use a gun, is storing it properly, and will exercise best judgment about when and how to use it. Perhaps it might be acceptable with increased controls: regular background checks, safety inspections, and proficiency tests. Otherwise, this is just asking for trouble.

  • Too risky to have them available

    Teachers could harm students, cost of training is prohibitive, mental pressure for armed teachers, students could access the weapon, adds more weapons to the equation, typically an armed resource office in schools already, probability of a school shooting as actually minimal, actually more frightening for the students, there are other precautions that could be discussed first.

  • Nope Nope Nope

    Giving more people guns increases the chance of more shootings. Especially since you're giving the weapons to the people who are ALWAYS by children. This also depends more on what country you're talking about. But it still should not be allowed in any country. If guns were not accessible then there would be less shootings. Giving more guns to people is not reducing the chance of people dying.

  • Too many risks associated

    There are risks = Risk of teacher using guns on students and staff, risk of students getting access to the gun, limited time to retrieve a weapon anyway, non-lethal alternatives are available...
    BUT, there may be some additional debate required on this topic. Could guns be available in accessible secured locations for teachers to retrieve if necessary?

  • Locked n loaded not!

    You see I say no you can't trust anyone you barely know they teachers I would be scared he or she would pull the gun out on me please ignore the rest I I ub hbb hhbb h h h g. H h h h by hh h h : / h b h h h b h h h h

  • Locked n loaded not!

    You see I say no you can't trust anyone you barely know they teachers I would be scared he or she would pull the gun out on me please ignore the rest I I ub hbb hhbb h h h g. H h h h by hh h h : / h b h h h b h h h h

  • No no no!

    Let's just say a wanted criminal sneaks In a school as a substitute teacher for the class. The class then presents him/her with the teachers gun. Since this is a criminal, right before recess him/her says "alright time for your last words" the class is then confused and he/she pulls out the gun and kills everybody. The end. So you see how that's a problem?

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