Should teachers be able to carry guns in school?

Asked by: jazzi
  • They shouldn't have to.

    Yes they should, it should be required in large schools. The root of the gun, drug, and other violence issues is our schools teaching that morality is relative, while also teaching that it's not; never supporting a good set of moral values. If teachers carried guns, it would scare off violence before it starts.

  • Yes, they should..

    The very reason schools are targeted is because they are gun free zones. Shooters have no fear of retaliation or resistance when the first shots ring out. We have proven examples where a school shooter was thwarted; in Mississippi an assistant principal thwarted a shooter by retrieving a .45 caliber hand gun from his truck and a Virginia Tech type massacres was thwarted when a student at Appalachian retrieved his gun from his vehicle and subdued the shooter. We should stand for the second amendment.

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  • Absolutely it is

    For ALL of you saying it is not their job, they should make it an option for teachers if it makes them feel more safe. Then go to a class to learn how to use it in the summer or sometime and learn all the mechanics and proper ways to handle a gun. It would be in a lock box in the room where the students don't know. If a student actually breaks into the box they will get a gun either way with the one in a room or one from home.

  • Yes they Should

    They should carry their guns to school. It can help reduce school violence, protect themselves and their students. Plus only certain teachers should. And they should keep it hidden from students. So that they dont do anything stupid. If i was a teacher i would. By Chelsea Rene Reeves 11th

  • Very very stupid

    Because it would be stupid to give freaking teachers guns i mean are you a freaking psycho? They would kill all the damn children i mean do you want 300 dead kids on your hands? Because you are an idiot if you think that teachers should have guns. You. Are. An. Idiot.

  • Guns kill people no matter who carries them.

    There's teachers out there who victimize children. A lot probably goes unnoticed. Imagine if those same teachers possessed a gun at school? There's should be more school resource officers present. They are trained to use guns and it's their job to protect citizens. What if a student got a hold of the gun? Then there would be a lot of trouble. If every teacher brought a gun to school, I think there be corruption. Leave it the police to have guns on school campus, not teachers.

  • This is a horrible idea.

    First off, the vast majority of teachers will tell you they don't WANT to carry weapons to school. Besides it not being their job to provide armed security, it would be too easy for a student to get a hold of that weapon. Just think about the potential for disaster if there was a gun in every classroom!

  • Teachers cannot be trusted with guns with them. Teachers could use their gun to start a school shooting, and therefore arming teachers isn't the answer

    Instead of teachers having guns, we should put Armed policeman in every school.
    “People want to do something, and this seems to be the most direct way to improve school security,” said Corey A. Stewart , chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.
    I think instead of teachers having guns, we should put Armed policeman in every school,Because we cannot trust teachers, but we can trust policemen. If we put policemen in schools ,kidnappings, and school shootings will start to stop.
    Kids would play with the gun,
    "It sounds like the gun was in the room with all the children, and we can't tell what exactly happened because the adult was out of the room," Sgt. Marisa Barnes with the Kansas City Police Department said.
    Kids would want to play with it. If the teacher walks out of the room without the gun with him/her they could seriously hurt someone. Even if the gun was in a safe by the time he/she got it they would already either be shot or stabbed.
    Arming Teachers isnt even logical
    When asked about whether she approved of the NRA’s offer to train teachers to carry firearms in class, she said: I come from a military family. My dad was career military. My husband was a Navy pilot. We don’t keep guns. You know, I have great respect for guns. It takes a great deal of training for a police officer to shoot a weapon in action. Teachers are teachers. And if you think about elementary teachers, elementary teachers just love kids. They’re not gonna go packin’ and sit on the floor on the rug and read to the kids with a gun at their hip. There was some very insensitive individual, who will go unnamed, that immediately after this (and I didn’t watch TV after this) made some claim that if [Principal] Dawn Hochsprung had just had a weapon in her desk she could have taken care of it. Number 1, she wasn’t at her desk and no good principal is. So that means she’d have to be carrying it as she walked around. And what if she’s like this very athletic individual who shot himself in the foot? How many little kids could get injured with inexperienced elementary school teachers walking around with guns? It’s not even logical.
    If you give a teacher a gun thats like fighting fire with fire, it will just create MORE fire. A teacher is human too they can go insane just as easily as a normal person. If a teacher had a gun by her side kids would feel scared. If a person came into school with a gun all the kids would have to see their teacher shoot someone. It would be totally terrifying. It would be scary for the kids because they know that there teacher can pull the trigger on anyone that walks in. If a teacher shot someone all the kids would have to see a person die.

  • It's a stupid idea.

    When you honestly look at it, it would only encourage more violence. It's also a tougher process because you have to make sure those teachers don't have some sort of mental issue or short fuse, despite the fact that any of them could fake it. Think about it. Any teacher could seriously hate a student and gun them out of a sudden reaction. Not only does the teacher suffer, but so do the parents. Then, we have a load of strikes going all over the place. This kind of decision will cause parents to retort in HUGE ways. Then there's also the fact that any student could steal the gun, be it secretly or brutally. Now you have a student running rampant through the school with a gun. That's an even larger issue. Why? Because any teacher could simply forget their gun in a drawer or in their cases. You never know what could happen and, personally, as a student myself, I don't approve of this. If the future of a decision is unknown, it's best not to make it. That's my argument on this and you can't tell me that what I said isn't true.

  • Many teachers cannot be trusted with guns.

    It would be absolutely unnecessary and unacceptable for teachers to be able to bring guns to school. Sure, off-campus, teachers have the right to carry guns-- it is part of the constitution. However, allowing people with out badges to carry guns on campus is very dangerous. What if your teacher was a psychopath who hated all her kids? What if a hateful student got a hold of it? Leave it to the police.

  • Over my dead body

    What if the gun goes off by accident? What if the teacher is secretly an axe murderer? What if they use the gun as a threat to the student who got them irate? What if the teacher has a mental problem? What are you going to do? I SAY NO TO TEACHERS AND GUNS!

  • No, teachers should not have guns.

    There are way to many teachers to be able to give them all the power to bring guns into the classroom. It only takes one child to be murdered by a teacher for it to be to many. Teachers bring guns to school would also give students access to the guns of less responsible teachers.

  • That's crazy should never happen

    No because if there is two guns shooting In a class room then it increases the percent of student being shot and killed.If the teacher kills the person then what's gonna happen?The teacher could have a break down then that would just be even more of a outrage.Cops would have to commie to that school and talk to students and that not good

  • No guns in school

    No! Guns aren't safe at all. Even if they are put in safe hands, they can always get in the wrong hands! School should be a place for kids to feel safe and get an education, guns can give kids the idea that something will happen. Teachers will give students the idea to want to carry a gun, this generation is messed up as it is with young kids smoking, gangbanging, etc.

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