Should teachers be able to carry guns in the classroom?

  • The more people armed the harder it is.

    If we had more people armed, it’d be harder for the person who is trying to shoot a school. They would realize that there would be staff members with concealed weapons, and might not try and shoot. The more teachers armed, we could decrease the number of kids and teachers dying, and save time for the first responders. Research shows that with the people armed inside a school or a church the suspect will have a lesser urge to shoot.

  • Teachers who are trained in handling a gun and who want to conceal carry for protection only.

    In the Florida shooting, there were many reasons for that kid to loose it and go nuts. A lot of it could have been prevented with follow ups and the FBI doing their job. The PE teacher used his body to protect the kids he could. If he had had a gun, more lives might have been saved including his own. The town can't trust their police to do their jobs, so what does that leave them?

    My fiancée works at a private school and is only allowed a tazor and how fast he can run to protect that school. He wishes he was able to carry his gun on him at work because right he would be useless.

    Signs won't keep out predators and you can't always count on the cops to save you.

  • Guns are dangerous in teacher's hand

    I've seen teachers gone violent on students before. Especially one who's been stressed out one day was seating in front of his desk giving no lectures, and listening to the kids talk away. It irritates him the fact that they were just talking and he starts yelling at them "quiet!" And then starts kicking his own desk looking down with anger with his hand on his head. He's alway yelling and gives loud speeches whenever he can't control talking level among kids. Teacher should be no where near any gun for this reason. School is stressful for anyone especially for teachers, they are like ticking time bombs. I do believe most have mental problems.

  • What are people thinking?

    Take an underpaid, overworked, educator with no combat experience and give them a gun so that when a shooting starts, they can turn into Jack Bower. Ridiculous.
    Pay for trained guards. Create a dedicated division. Don't drop another burden on overburdened teachers. It isn't safe. It isn't even rational.
    If people seriously think a teacher needs to also have the duties of minding a firearm around hundreds of rowdy children and taking hundreds of hours of firearm and combat training on the side, they need some more schooling.

  • It can endanger students.

    Most teachers do not even want to have that kind of responsibility. I can understand if they are a veteran, or ROTC but otherwise it's a dumb idea. There has been a case of a "teacher of the year" who shot up a school. While they are responsible, they may not be responsible enough to handle a firearm. The school shooter will not even know if there is a gun in the class, so the chances of them shooting the school up stays the same. I've asked some of my teachers now how they feel about the teachers with guns issue, and all of them said they are against it. In psychology class, we learned that people act more aggressively when there is a weapon around than when there is nothing or an item that isn't a weapon. That means there should not be any teachers who are armed.

  • If my children aren't allowed to arm themselves against armed teachers...

    ...Then armed teachers shouldn't be allowed in the classroom. As a matter of reasoning: my children will need to be armed to defend against an armed teacher. Given the premises that A=B and B=C, then the conclusion follows necessarily that A=C. If you arm the preschool teacher, then you must arm the preschooler!!!!!

  • Mentally Ill Teachers

    We all know that there are some people with mental illnesses and multiple cases of teachers causing crimes. This some insane teacher may hate his life or try to kill a student. I asked this question to multiple of my professors and said that there is no need for guns in a classroom. One even stated, "School shootings don't happen often, and just because a teen wears Sketchers that doesn't mean they have the mental capability to shoot a school, but make just in case, don't mess with the sketchers kid.

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