Should teachers be able to have favorite students?

Asked by: Dumy15
  • There's a reason they do

    If you aren't a teachers favorite, it's your own fault. How about you pay attention and get your work done, then tell me its not fair. So yes, teachers should be able to have favorites, and even if it was against the law, it's pretty hard to prove they do anyway.

  • As a teacher,

    I say yes absolutely! Am I really expected to like a kid who is a punk to me all day just as much as I would like a kid who is obedient and respectful? Be realistic. What do people think teachers are? I am human just like everyone else, if you act like a putz in my class, I won't think too fondly of you. Why should I? You have set a precedent for yourself.

    Now having said that, I provide the same educational opportunities to the students I do like and the students I don't like. But let's be honest, I'm not about to go out of my way to help the hypothetical punk raise their grade three weeks before the end of the semester.

  • You Don't Have to Show It

    My competitor's argument is that teachers will judge by students' looks. First of all, that's not all students. I bet the only reason they chose the opposing side is because they're not that favorite student in their school. However, the word 'favorite' is always used as a positive term, never a negative. I think what my opponent is trying to say is that teachers shouldn't judge students by their looks. I completely agree with that. Although teachers can have favorites, they should not put any students down. Instead, they should put students up.

  • Are you guys okay?

    What is wrong with you people? A teacher is someone who should treat kids fairly, yes, yes I am aware that you might dislike a student because they don't pay attention is class. But my teacher and most of the boys I asked in my class agreed to this, he's favorites are ALL GIRLS, that's SEXIST! Why, you think boys are smart enough?! His teaching methods are rigged. Every time we have a new project, he makes us do a presentation, come on, cut us some slack!

  • Teachers should not be able to pick favorite students...

    In my opinion I think teachers should be able to pick favorite students. In my article, from CNN, I found that “. His math teacher routinely handed out candy at the end of class to students who answered questions correctly. Fanaroff says he raised his hand and gave out the correct answers numerous times. But he never got a piece of candy.” Even though this just a piece of candy, Fanaroff still remembers it in his first year of college.

  • Not fair for others

    They totally should not. If a teacher favours a or a group of students that is not fair for the rest. Some of my teachers favour some students giving them a good grade, attitude and tone while for others like me, she/he absolutely hates. They give me worse comments compared to the her "pet." I mean it is not fair for others. Fine, maybe they do like a particular student, however that student shouldn't have any type of advantage over us.

  • No they shoudln't

    They should not be able to have favorites neither should they judge the kids by what they look like. I've seen teachers move my friends to other classrooms just because of they way he dressed. I'm Native American and one of my high school teachers thought that I needed help in school so she put me in a special class, just because of my race.

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