• From Tianlan's mom

    “It’s really frustrating when students doesn’t recognize their mistake and kept doing it after many times of me warning them.” From what my mom had said when she was teaching in a high school at China. But after her hitting them using a meter stick or ruler, students tends to stop doing it. “Kids these days are wild, they don’t listen, they are out of hand and very disrespectful. It is just fast and effective when I just discipline them by hitting them, great method to make it clear what the rules are.” My mom always says that in China.

  • No not at all

    If they hit the kids they could go to jail and the kid can tell his mom that he got hit by a teacher at school and then the parents can home school them or call the police on there phone and the parent can call the school so my answer is nope.

  • No they should not be able to hit students

    Hitting a student is probably the most offensive thing a teacher could do. One it is not there kid, therefore they have no biological write to hit them. Two, all forms of physically punishment should not be allowed for the fact that it can scar a kid for life. Violence is never the answer and it does not help kids learn, it only makes them more afford of the person in charge.

  • No, no way.

    Teachers should never be allowed to harm students in any way shape, or form. I understand that at times a kid is a problem, but that is why you contact their parents and inform them of the problem. Parents are the only ones who should be allowed to discipline their child, but no kid should be "hit".

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