Should teachers be able to physically discipline students?

  • To teach respect and rule out innapropriate behavior.

    Now when I say "physically discipline" I don't mean abuse I'm referring to a paddle (with only a slight amount of force) striking a child. Such practice is legal in 19 U.S. States and is commonly used to this day. I feel as if teaching a student to not misbehave and disrupt the educational process at a young age would have a positive impact. Many Americans who are about 40+ probably were paddled by teachers when they attended elementary school. Obviously, if you compare the behavior of the youth of the 70's and before they acted much better than many students today. In school today many don't care about getting detention or suspension and aren't punished at their household about their actions either. Who knows, maybe it would be a good thing?

  • Painless and Harmless

    Physically Discipline would prevent students from doing same mistakes. But only after verbal education, and if it does not work, then teacher should be allowed to physically discipline. And students will respect teacher. In my times the physically discipline exited in my school, ad it had done no physical and mental damage (I hope).

  • Within reason and oversight

    Corporal punishment may seem harsh and it can be abused as can anything. However, it is far worse for little Johnny to grow up without boundaries and limits and end up being a ne'er-do-well. Discipline is critical for creating a learning environment. In this day and age of compulsory education and limited educational choices for most parents and students, a few malcontents can make it impossible for others to learn. There are many strategies for discipline and they should all be available. When mild and moderate efforts at discipline fail, it is reasonable to escalate through a path of increasingly severe disciplinary action.

    As an anecdotal point, I attended public school with corporal punishment which included paddling. It was administered by the principle on occasion, but I don't know if teachers were allowed or not. I would support leaving corporal punishment to the principle. I have heard coaches in some schools did the paddling and I suppose that seems OK as long as there is oversight and reason.

  • They should be allowed

    We need to look at this. Kids these days are rude, Selfish and downright disrespectful. They will argue with any teacher if it’s not over a phone it’s about work or some other dumb subject. Teachers should be able to teach the students a lesson when they are being disrespectful.

  • Yes to a degree

    As a teacher, I'm sorry, but parents are not doing their job. They have repeatedly told many teachers that "you've signed up for this" when they are told their child is misbehaving constantly. Parents these days are not concerned with discipline because of a few reasons: 1) they work too many hours and multiple jobs, 2) they have too many kids to handle, 3) they don't care about their kids, 4) the kids are a paycheck to them.
    It's very sad where our country is going. Corporate America will not allow the government to spend money to improve the educational system in America. So yeah, If a kid who has no idea how to behave anywhere is in my classroom, and I've talked to him/her several times about how we should be expected to act and they choose other, then yes a slight physical punishment is not bad at all. Now, I know I would most likely feel a bit of guilt doing this, but my kids are important to me and I want them to mature, but some don't have a chance with the home life they live. My classroom is the only stable thing in their lives and I want to help them, not hurt them. I have their best interest at heart, but sometimes it takes an extreme to make a change permanent.

  • Its how they can learn

    It is the only way to teach a student, technically, at my school, paddling or spanking is not allowed, but the teachers do throw chalk and shout at you. When I was in primary, the teacher do spank boys and girls just for not finishing their homework ( that happened to me once ), but I don't hate her for doing that because that's ho we grow up and learn. I am not too sure if teacher should treat a student by paddling them, or spanking them, but they don't really need to treat them brutally and harshly, but I do not think just telling them off, or sending an email to their parents would be an effective way. They can be spanked once if they can change and correct themselves, or even be given a chance, but if they don't follow the rules, I believe they need to accept that punishment certain times... I have been put over someone's knee or lap and have been spanked before, and I know how it feels, to be told to correct yourselves..

  • Yes. Definitely. Just Not Physically.

    How, and By Whom, Should Children be Disciplined?
    Julia Funk, B2 Advanced English
    You are at school, taking a test. The room is silent. Suddenly, a student starts rocking on his chair with a Creak! And laughing with the kid next to him. The teacher tells him to keep his chair on the ground and gives them both a detention for disrupting the class during a test. The next day, you hear the rowdy kid’s parents had called the school and complained. If you were the teacher, would you scold the child for disrupting the class, or leave it to the child’s parents? I believe teachers should intervene with student’s discipline, but it isn’t their job. Teachers are supposed to guide student’s learning, not scold them. That isn’t what they are paid for. Parents, on the other hand, must discipline their children when necessary.
    Sometimes, it is simply not necessary to scold or punish a child for misbehaving. A great example of this is Montessori discipline. According to Montessori Answers,”Montessorians believe in natural and logical consequences as opposed to punishment… Since very young preschool age children have problems understanding the ramifications of his behavior, we use diversion. (Diversion is when you divert the child’s attention from the thing that is causing them problems.) If diversion doesn’t work, we promptly remove the child from the problem, (unless danger is present and then we remove the child immediately). ” This works perfectly. For example, if one child is hurting another child, instead of making the child automatically say, “Sorry”, distract the child from the problem so it doesn’t make things worse. Saying sorry is, as the article says,”is like a ‘get out of jail free’ card.” This is a great way for teachers to discipline, without replacing the child’s parents.
    Overall, children should be disciplined by their parents, although some parents are reluctant to do so. According to, out of the parents polled, 55% said that they weren’t as hard as their parents when it came to their kid’s discipline. They need to. Without proper discipline from parents, according to, children will not respect elder people, lack self control, etc. Another is “ … engage in negative behaviors that are harmful and even potentially dangerous for themselves as well as others.” That would include drugs and alcohol. Kids need guidelines, or else bad things happen!
    In short, students need to be disciplined by their parents, not their teachers, because the teachers are not paid to discipline children, but to guide their learning. Although, if necessary, teachers should control the situation in a way that is effective, but does not replace the parents. As I said before, if parents do not discipline their children, they very well could do things that can harm themselves or others. The Dalai Lama says,”A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.”

  • Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant first and naive

    Parents are even prosecuted for spanking nowadays. We are even marrying gays even though they have had the same rights for years and "marraige" by definition doesn't exist in that context.

    We have a few too many "rights" nowadays. Between food stamps and Lincoln not surviving to finish his job, the forward thinking folks that predict the usa won't be around much longer are absolutely right.

    War on drugs but you can't discipline your own kids. Drug charges putting people away longer than violent robbers. Rude entitled kids and the white race already the minority in public schools. Within 20 years the minority in OUR country.

    Wake up people, we are driving this country into the ground. Wonder why it is that everyone from cops to citizens were safer and more friendly and respectful in generations past? Hmmm I wonder...

    My wife is a teacher and a kid called her a "female dog" and I swear he is very fortunate he was off the grounds just before I arrived. If his folks cannot teach him respect, I gaurantee I can. Physical motivation is the most powerful motivator in the world. More than love, more than money even.

    Teachers work hard enough, they don't need to put up with that crap!

  • Its the best way

    In schools across the country there are different types of student who come from different homes and come from different backrounds. They have been brought up differently and have learned different codes of behavior.A school is more productive when there is a stable environment and that is only possible when all students have similar codes of behavior and abide by them. Teachers cannot control what happens in the home and do not know how the students were trained at home so i believe that allowing corporate punishment in schools will allow schools to achieve that stability and consistency. Well behaved and respectful students will allow more teaching in the classroom, causing higher productivity, and in the future a better economy and a better country. Imagine how many current problem with the youth can be solved with corporal punishment. The percentage of teenage pregnancies can be decreased along with dropout/failure rates and a plethora of other problems. Of course there must be some regulations. I am not supporting abuse of children. They should be spanked only a certain number a times per week and if they are spanked too frequently they should be referred to psychiatric help. If a child is spanked too often, not only will they be traumatized, but they can become more problematic and aggressive.

  • Definitely Not !!!!!

    Teachers shouldn't even be able to touch their students!!!!! Why should they ever be allowed to do this, it is highly inappropriate and the child could tell and then then the teacher could lose their job and possibly go to jail! If I were a teacher that would most definitely be reason enough for me!

  • They should not!!

    I believe its wrong to put your hands on someone especially if they are not your child. But as for the detentions and suspensions and how the students dont care I think thar everyone is going about it the wrong way. You shouldnt punish them. Sure when theyre kids in elementary school they may respond to that by "not doing it again." But maybe our system could be a little different? I'm not quite sure how to explain it. Students should be rewarded (not when they misbehave- I mean in general) when they do well on a test or homework or something. A reward that kids will actually want like maybe food or something? Well not that exactly but something that all the students will work for. And dont just hand out detentions and suspensions. Thats another problem. Its so common that they dont feel like getting one is a big deal. Make suspensions uncommon and like not rare but about that. Just an idea. But putting your hands on kids and hurting them will only make them bitter-trust me, I would know.

  • No, but only because that's my job.

    In a world where it becomes increasingly difficult to spank your child without fear of the men in the suits coming to get you, it's important to remember that Discipline is clearly defined as such: To train (someone) to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

    Discipline is simply training (Not teaching) a youth to perform a certain way by instructing them to repeat an action over and over in multitudes of repetitions until the action becomes natural. We as humans do not naturally respond to questions with "Yes Sir" or "Yes Ma'am", these are manners and using them requires discipline. Over time, parents should accumulate numerous lessons to teach their Children, upon each successful lesson learned through repetition, the Child gains a discipline, when enough of them are gained...The Child is disciplined. Not only is the child trained specifically in what you want them to do, but they have the understanding of how to discipline themselves as young adults and grow into fully mature, disciplined people.

  • No, no and maybe...NO.

    Children learn by BF Skinner's operant conditioning. Children need reinforced behavior. There is positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment. Negative punishment would be removing something from the child he/she likes until the unwanted behavior ceases. Hitting a child only reinforces pain, shame, anger, and an inability to cope in situations. The school is not there to enforce corporal punishment and nor should it. Children are in developmental stages, they don't need to be hit.

  • That's not their job

    While I do agree some punishment is needed, I think taking it physically is too extreme. There would, in my opinion, be some legal drawbacks if this is established. Also, a young child could be emotionally affected if they saw that any adult had the right to punish him/her freely.

  • They are just too young

    Children are very vulnerable, everything you say and do to them will form part of their psyche.

    Even just watching another student being disciplined is enough to develop a life long fear in another.

    It puts too much authority on the teachers, not all teachers are there for upstanding reasons, to give them such power over a child can lead to physical and sexual abuse.

  • No real role model would use force to scare a child into rule.

    I do not believe that a teacher should ever hit their students. Now discipline is necessary in school because children are becoming ever more persistent in the lack of manners department. But I do not think a slap on the face, a paddle or any other physical punishment should happen this is wrong and just teaches these kids that problems can be solved with force. What happens if they disagree with a friend we'll go along and slap him! That's what the teacher did right??? NO HAVING TEACHERS HIT CHILDREN FOR PUNISHMENT COULD RAISE HURTFUL KIDS!

  • No, students should not be physically disciplined.

    I was a pretty average student, fairly quiet as an elementary student. I was slapped across the face by one teacher and kicked in the behind by another for minor indiscretions. I was not alone in receiving this type of abuse. It was fairly common for certain teachers to use physical force to intimidate and keep students in line. I am now a 50 year old man. When I look back on those humiliating incidents I realize it didn't make me a better student. The teachers I had in class who were nurturing and loving were the ones who gave me the confidence to believe in myself and, as a result, my grades were much better in their classrooms. I think physical force of an elementary or middle school student is the disciplinary tactic of a lazy teacher.

  • No, students should not be physically disciplined

    They should not be physically disciplined because i am a student and i already get whooped at home. Its not fair for the kids to be physically disciplined just because they are not behaving in class. Some of these kids have problems at home and they want to actually come to school so they can leave their house, but for what? So they can be tortured in school too? If they ever put a law saying that teachers physically disciplining students is legal, then i think it would be fair for us kids to be able to "PHYSICALLY DISCIPLINE" teachers as a matter of fair rights and equallity.

  • This should be banned for schools

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