Should teachers be allowed to be armed during school hours?

  • Yes, Within Reason

    If teachers are properly trained by an expert and has passed a mental awareness test during a time of pressure, then why not. If a teacher is able to use the weapon correctly and intelligently then they should be able to protect and defend students safely, and effectively. Thank you.

  • Yes, they should be armed.

    If teachers were armed, the students would automatically be safer. First, people must train to have a gun in any situation. If we can trust our lives with the police, our parents, or our spouses, we can trust the teachers at out schools. Also, if the schools are already being attacked, no school is safe and children know that. If anything, we should limit it to whom gets a weapon and constantly watch each of them. If teachers can be trusted to care for our children without a "weapon" now, we should trust them even more with one. We have to trust others around us if we ever want to face anything to better our future.

  • Given A Few Rules

    I believe it would be great if we had some teachers that wanted to carry firearms during school hours. I think this would require some new classes to be implemented, as well as some very strict rules. I think this could work well if teachers had to take yearly training classes and the school boards implemented very strict rules.

  • Yes it would be safer

    It would be much safer and less crime, fights, and other violence in school. It could only happen if the teachers sanity was tested, and if the gun was to be kept in a locked box that they could have attached to the their side of the desk with bio metric thumb lock and also the student should be able to get a say in what teacher can be armed (voting for their individual teachers) and nobody should tell the students which teachers are armed.

  • Timeline of Worldwide School Shootings

    Most of the tagerts in the school shootings are the teachers. Then they attack the students. If a teacher is armed they could take out the shooter before they and the students get shot. And if the teachers have to take a pyhcology test before so that they make sure the teachers are mentally stable.

  • Teacher will likely be shot by police

    In a tense situation there's no time to confirm friendlies from active shooters, just ask the guy shot holding a cell phone in his grandmother's backyard. Active shooters are as diverse in appearance as the teaching workforce, coming in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors. Who wants to be on the team walking into a school with multiple gunmen and no uniforms to differentiate the good from the bad?

  • Children will run away from someone with a gun to someone else with a gun.

    History shows that most shooters don't expect to get out alive, but they will take out threats. They also tend to have a fair level of expertise in their weapons and I suspect far more than the average teacher. An armed or potentially armed teacher is a threat and I suspect will be surround by children following the teacher for protection.

  • No they should not.

    So if two students start fighting they will be forced to stop at gunpoint? That is complete sh!T. Doing this gives teachers way too much authority over the students. The US is already a country in which many school rules actively discourage critical thinking, this takes it way too far. So if a child brings up a controversial opinion in school that teacher could now point a gun at them, wtf. What will it fo protect against school shootings? Yeah because all teachers are definitely willing to shoot some one anytime and great marksman.

  • Should not be

    They could abuse the power if they were aloud to be armed during school hours.They could shoot a student. A student might get theirs hands on it.And they might shoot another student because they might have done something mean to them.A student might end up committing suicide.They should not be.

  • Teachers are not securety guards

    If they want their class or school to be more safe they should hire securety guards. They are trained. What if they get fritened and shoot into random places and a student gets shot. Maybe it will cause more damage to the school. You can trust policemen but not teachers.

  • Teachers should not be armed with guns.

    When putting guns in the hands of teachers, it gives them more responsibility over the student’s safety. If teachers are handed more responsibility, some may not be able to handle such a thing.
    Teachers are there to teach; and if an intruder were to break-in to the building, there are set guidelines for students and teachers to follow made specifically to keep them safe in this type of situation. Every school has at least one paroling officer around the school building at all times; and they are armed with the reason to keep the students safe from surprise visits and other damages.
    If put under pressure by the nuisance students, teachers are only human and would be more likely to respond in an over-excessive way when they know they will have the upper-hand, as humans sometimes do.
    The idea of putting guns into the teacher’s hands would surely not be kept secret, so the knowledge of these armed teachers would almost invite danger into the school. Students could try and get a hold of the gun, disrupting the entire class and putting them in even more danger than an intruder could if teachers were to follow the guidelines to keep them safe in the first place.
    Due to the recent happenings of school-shooting incidents, schools have increased their numbers in security guards or police officers. Teachers would not need to be added into the equation.
    Everything could get out of hand if the gun landed somewhere it should not be. Therefore, teachers should not be armed with guns.

  • Some teaches are the problem

    No, I do not believe that teachers should be allowed to be armed at school. It has been noted that some teachers become predators, being armed jus makes them that much more dangerous. I do, however, believe that armed guards should be placed in schools based on the recent happenings within schools.

  • Teachers Should Not Be Armed

    No, teachers should not be allowed to be armed during school hours. Allowing a teacher to be armed only creates a problem of escalation with would-be school shooters. In addition to this, having more guns at a location causes the likelihood that someone will be shot accidentally to go up.

  • No, arming teachers is too dangerous.

    Personally, I think arming teachers during school hours would be extremely dangerous, especially if people knew about their being armed. There would be too much of an opportunity for the guns to get in the wrong hands. Additionally, this would put an incredible burden on teachers in many ways, including psychologically and emotionally. It would be very unfair and illogical to expect them to be trained gunmen.

  • No, teachers should not be armed.

    The idea is laughable. I think that guns in school is bad enough as it is. But if you are going to put guns inside of a school they should be placed in the hands of police officers that rotate shifts working at schools, not some random teacher or random security guard.

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