• Yes I Agree

    Teachers should be allowed to have guns. They need to go through a background check an intense training before they receive there gun. It would be good because what if theres a school shooter? It would be good for them to defend themselves and the students from the shooter. I think they should have them

  • School shooters showing up

    What if there was somebody that showed up to your child's school and decided to start shooting people. Well you always could hope that there is that one extremely brave student or teacher that tackles the school, but that person is also putting their own life at risk by running directly at the person with a gun. If teachers were allowed to carry then all they'd have to do is point and shoot, then there'd be no more threat.

  • Teachers should be able to carry guns in school.

    Teachers should be able to carry guns in school, as long as they have it on their person AT ALL TIMES. If they leave the gun anywhere they should be asked to not carry the gun in school again and if they do and they leave it out AGAIN they will be fired. If its not a real gun it should at least be a taser or a gun with non lethal bullets, meant to stop an attacker not kill one. They should also have a button that instantly notifies the the police if they have a gunman at the school. My school has no security or anything so I feel really unsafe while learning.

  • Yes they should...

    Teachers would hav e to have a background check every so often to prove that they are not insane or something like that, so they don't go ballistic on kids. It is impossible to steal a concealed carry weapon, the draw makes to much noise and the cation disturbs the belt of the wearer, hence a teacher would notice before the student even had control over the weapon. The teachers should also be trained in the art of self defense without a weapon, so if a student did miraculously got the weapon, the teacher would be able to disarm him/her before they got a shot off. The student would then be expelled.

  • Yes teachers should be able to ccw in schools.

    I am a middle school student in ohio and my school has 0 guards no police or military in or school to protect us kids. I would feel so much safer if my teachers had conceal carry permit even if its only one teacher I would still feel so much safer

  • Every Second Counts

    If someone really wanted to go in and kill people, they would do it, and when that happens, every second counts because it takes on average 18 to 20 minutes for police to respond to an active school shooting. I am currently doing an essay on this and can understand the view of those who said no, but what they dont understand is that federal law requires the teacher to have their concealed weapon ON THEIR PERSON AT ALL TIMES. A teacher was arrested because she set her weapon down when using the bathroom. If teachers had weapons, there wouldn't even be another reason to worry about another sandy hook because they wouldnt even start.

  • For the safety of students

    I am a middle schooler, and there is currently no defense against shooters in my public school. Yes, we have security guards, but they aren't even armed, so they would just be the first to get killed. If our teachers were armed, they could quickly eliminate threats from our school environment.

  • I would Feel Safer as A Student

    As a student there is the under lying fear that any kid can get mad and come in hurt alot of people, sure we have SROs, but My school has just one. If, god forbid, our SRO gets shot we dont have a back up. Just imagine how quckly an armed shooter could be stopped if we had teachers who could protect us.

  • Yes they do

    So when they go on a real lock down they will be armed and able to protect the children if not even guns mace or a teaser so the children will fill safe at school as they do at home with there parent's and will fill like they will not get kill at school

  • Yes I agree

    When a bad person comes into the school and tries to hurt a kid, it becomes a emergency and calls for action. If the SRO isn't there, there needs to be another person at the school who can defend the kids. Every month, that person would be checked for any mental disabilities of physical disabilities that render them incapable of operating a firearm safely.

  • No, Absolutely Not

    Students shouldn't be forced to go to a school with teachers that they don't choose who are allowed to carry dangerous, and deadly weapons into a school. Plus, even if the weapons are concealed, a student could probably find out if a teacher had one or not reasonably. And what if a student somehow got a hold of a gun? Schools already have to do so much to make sure students don't bring them in; It wouldn't solve the problem by giving these potential gunmen an entire arsenal within their reach.

  • Are you insane

    If anybody has brought guns into a school, then anyone can easily misuse it. For example, let's say you are a teacher who is sick of an administrator or student or even a colleague picking on you. You can't take it anymore and you lose your temper for the last time. You pull out an M4 and start going psycho around the school only to be found guilty of innocent students and others watching. Leave the guns out of schools so that there is less threats to the systems like drugs, alcohol, and etc.

  • Heack no .

    If the teacher gets made at the student they can shot the child . What if the child gets a hold of it the scan shoot the gun training or no they shouldent have them then the teacher can turn as well . Next time i see a cop im him/her to put the gun in the car

  • It is wrong

    Teachers are there to educate not protect we need to have cops and security guards at schools not teachers with guns. They don't need a gun. They need to educate us. We need to learn and not fear for our safety and our lives. They educate us not to protect us.

  • Teachers shouldn't conceal carry.

    I am doing a debate on this topic right now, and I am half and half, but I have been put on this side, so here are my points:
    1. A student could get ahold of a teacher's gun and START the school shooting because someone was too lazy to protect their weapon.
    2. A teacher who is going through a rough time or who is under the influence of alcohol/others could go burzerk and try to shoot their own students

  • Yes, teachers should be able to carry concealed weapons in a school.

    If the school went in a lock down because of an armed shooter in the building, we will have at least one teacher with a weapon to protect us. Or, maybe, there could be security guards who are armed, but even teachers could be helpful in this. Also, a comment to three of the people saying no, really, this isn't a site to mess around, this is real life, so take your jokes somewhere else.

  • Why would this ever be a good idea?

    First of all, what is the teachers ARE the threat? Some wacko teacher would have the guns handed to them and kill all the students. Also, do you really want to be a student and have bullets whizzing over your head from the attacker and teacher? This is just such a stupid, idiotic idea.

  • Hell no way

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  • Are you dumb.

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  • Are you Nuts?

    I am writing a paper on this now and I firmly agree that they should not carry weapons. The more I research and think about the topic, whether they have guns or not, if a gunman comes on campus, someone will definitely lose their life. Having the school officials carry the weapon can also result in them using it for their own good, and not for the good of the students. Students could also steal the guns from the teacher and wreak havoc. This is not a good idea at all.

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