Should teachers be allowed to carry guns in the school?

Asked by: harrymate
  • Armed Teachers in schools

    Teachers who can legally obtain a concealed carry permit should be allowed to carry a firearm on their school property. Why should concealed carry laws be different for a teacher in a school then for that same teacher going to the mall or grocery store after work? We have armed security for our politicians. Why shouldn't we allow armed security for our children?

  • The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun

    Allowing competent and qualified (More than just a basic ccw) teachers to provide another layer of defense for students is sensible. Not every school has an onsite SRO, nor will having a police presence deter a determined attacker, especially with the growing sentiment towards the police in some circles. They have become targets themselves. Having an unknown (to the public) number of armed teachers would stop all but the absolute lunatic who would walk into that situation knowing he would suffer grave consequences from trying to create mayhem in that environment. Under a thorough and competent program, students would never have to worry about what comes through the door next, and they don't have to know who was carrying unless it was absolutely needed.

  • Carry Conceal Only:

    Adults who qualify for gun permits and pass the rigors of the carry conceal in my state should qualify to have the option of carrying a highly concealed firearm while in the role of instruction within a school campus. I'd advocate for even more stringent training similar to police firearms training to add another layer of development in terms of firearms control. Most teachers are in their profession because the chose to serve the greater good, while still being socially ridiculed, financially demeaned, and emotional targets of parents who can't raise morally stable children. Yet.. We feel obligated to give our time, effort, emotion, and even our lives for out students. At least, I do. Let us protect those we are serving.

  • As long as they have a permit.

    There are states, such as Utah, who have allowed teachers with permits to carry guns with them to school for years with no issues. Also, plenty of college campuses around the country are allowing students with permits carry guns on campus. If a teacher legally has a permit, People can speculate all they want out of fear of guns, but the reality is 99.9% of gun owners are very responsible and not psychopaths. Depending on what state you live in, you are probably surrounded by people who carry them almost wherever you go and you would never know, because they have them for defense.

    I'm not saying everyone should have a gun, but people with legal permits should be able to carry wherever they want. I don't fear a crazy person with a gun nearly as much as I fear a "gun-free" zone.

  • More protection is bad?

    If teachers could carry guns then the police would have more backup and security. Most schools only have one cop anyway. If teachers were armed that would be an additional 30+ people protecting the students. A gunman won't really want to tangle with those odds. I mean really use your brains people.

  • Concealed Carry Permit

    I don't think that every teacher should have firearms, and I'm not even sure that teachers having firearms is the proper way to protect our schools. However, a "gun-free" zone is nothing more than a target for potential crimes, and I feel that schools would be much safer if there were officials of some type who were equipped to defend schools and students, rather than going on a faith system that criminals would stop just because of a sign.

  • No Guns to School

    No. Obviously teachers shouldn't be allowed to carry guns. How is it even related to the profession.
    This would not only make the teachers unduly powerful but would also set a bad example to the kids they teach.
    This dosen't apply to terror stricken countries though, as the scenario over there is very different. There they may need to carry guns for their own self defense.

  • What about the students?

    It's obvious , no teachers shouldn't carry guns. I've been to a very bad school in the past what happens there needs to be tolerated, and if teachers carry guns, it just makes matters worst. What if a student or students get ahold of the teachers gun? Not good...Not at all

  • In as stressful an environment as that of a school? No.

    We've already enough individuals taking it upon themselves to release their frustrations upon the world through violence with firearms. The controversial actions taken by police are an excellent example of what occurs when you place such power into the hands of a stress-induced person. It is already a fairly large problem as is. Giving more stressed individuals working within close proximity of antagonistic children is bound to lead to more violent outbursts in the very place we're trying to avoid it the most.

  • More Guns is not a Solution

    Why would you arm teachers? They are not trained professionals in combat situations so how exactly would they help if a determined and well-armed shooter breaks in? All that would do is make themselves a target and endanger students even further. A teacher with only conventional carry permits and maybe a week of simple training by local law enforcement is not enough to prepare anyone for to handle a shooting. I also would not want my child's school to be turned into an armory. That is just ridiculous. More guns is not a solution to this issue. It is also too late for more gun regulation in the United States because we are already in far too deep with firearm access.

    The only solution at this point is mental health. Most shootings, particularly the most horrific ones, are done by perpetrators with mental health disorders. Expanding access to mental healthcare and finding people with potentially dangerous mental health issues is the best solution at this point.

  • Schools already have security officers.

    Also some schools even have police officers who carry firearms at all times. I do not think teachers should be allowed to carry firearms because anyone can obtain a gun permit as long as they do not have any felonies, which you cannot have in order to be a teacher anyway. This also undermines the dangers of guns for small children and I know if my teacher had a gun, I would not feel safe.

  • Teachers shouldn't carry guns

    I think guns are unnecessary and not a good idea. Some teachers aren't responsible enough to carry guns and a student could get a hold of it. Personally, some teachers could ''playfully" aim the gum at the students to get what they want. Some teachers would be afraid to pull the trigger in a scenario like this. This could provide a weapon for teachers to shoot up schools or shoot a kid on "accident". Instead of having teachers carrying guns I think we should have trained security in each and every school. I don't believe the teachers would have the ability to take down an Ar with a pistol. This would just provide more death.

  • There is no need to allow teachers to have guns

    We don't need to give guns to the teachers we need security on school yards, we need someone who is actually trained to shoot a gun and wouldn't be afraid to use one. Teachers need trained protection from people who know what they're doing and i don't think a teacher would have the skills to be able to take a guy with an AR down

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