Should teachers be allowed to condemn the 'homosexual lifestyle?'

  • Yes, democracy should prevail

    If the population, of one of America's most liberal states can overwhelmingly vote to ban formal gay relationships, the what the majority wants should be given to them. But gay advocates, rely on courts to rule without public vote on the issue as they know the outcome which they would lose. But if the case of evolution in public school, which most Americans don't believe is any indication then the education departments will promoted the corrupted leftist agenda.

  • I do not think so!

    I believe that teachers should teach the curriculum that the government allows them to teach. A teacher needs to keep her beliefs to herself. If we allow religion and personal beliefs in the classroom, than student will not have a well rounded education. The more the student learns before college, the better that child will succeed in college and life!

  • Leave it at home.

    If a teacher doesn't like homosexuals, they need to leave that personal belief at home where it belongs and not poison the minds of his or her students.

    If they bring that belief to school and condemn homosexuality, because they're seen as a figure of authority and education, that's not educational at all, and students have a right to form an opinion of their own on the subject; not because of a homophobic teacher wanting to spread their hate around.

    On a side note, it's also unprofessional to do that, especially taking into consideration that some students may be currently struggling with their orientation at the time.

  • Absolutely not- this is not the purpose of education.

    Teachers have a duty to teach their students facts, not their own personal beliefs. It is an abuse of their position as an authority figure to endorse any personal beliefs, religion, or the like, as this is seen as the school endorsing that position.
    Since a public school is an arm of the government, this is a double no-no.

  • No they should not.

    Teachers should not be allowed to condemn the "homosexual lifestyle." at all. If I had a child who was homosexual and was told by the teacher he or she is not allowed to behave in a way that lets off that is what they are I would have a fit. It is not the teachers problem or business.

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