• They finish homework and assignments

    If students were to get candy as a reward then they would be motivated to get their work done to get a treat. You can pick a variety of different types so that they won't whine and cry that you didn't pick out their favorite sucker, Candy bar or candy.

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  • Yes we shall

    The grown'up kids wil to the end, Be fat. Candy is good and taste good, But the effect is bad :/ / / / / / / / / 7 7 7 / / 7 7 / / / / / // // / // // / / / / /

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  • Candy should be used in classrooms.

    You would only give candy to students when they are good or complete and essay. I see most people on this website are saying kids would become obese, One small Jolly Rancher or other candy can not make you obese with one bite. People are over estimating what it would do to you. Also, An occasional reward is good for students. Imagine a student, Gets 100% on multiple tests for their entire school year, And only gets a paper with a good grade. This makes students a lot more sad because of this. They work on assignments for months, To get nothing in return

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  • Teachers should award lollies

    It helps to motivate them and it is cheaper than other sweet foods and healthy foods so it is good. It also is small but it is bought in large amounts and it keeps better than a lot of other small foods that kids like. It is awesome and everybody loves them. Whoo hoo! Go lollies! Rule forever and ever!

  • I like candy

    I love candy I think we should get the candy as a reward not just eat every day so I think we should get as a reward because if you give it to students for no reason they would want more and more so I would stick it for a reward

  • If they wish.

    As long as a teacher doesn't give a whole bag of candy I don't see the problem with giving a kid a few pieces of candy to let them know they are doing the right thing.

    Rewarding a kid for doing the right thing also teaches them to do that thing again and eventually it will become a habit that doesn't need a reward.

  • Candy contains sugar

    Why would I, A teacher, Give students something they know is not good for their body or mind? I reward with words, Not food. If they choose to eat candy, That is their prerogative. But, As a teacher I would never contribute to the health issue problems by giving candy.

  • Teachers shouldnt give candy as a reward

    I disagree with the affirmative team because candy is unhealthy. It mıght lead you to heart diseases. Also it increases risk of cancer. Some candies have fruit flavours but that doesnt mean that it is healthy.
    When a student is handed a candy, The others might get jealous. So candies cannot be handed to students as a reward.

  • They might be to distracted from the taste then they will lose concentration, Envy because the other person has more candy, A waste of money.

    They won't concentrat because the treat is to tasty so they want more. If you don't give it they might waste your money on treats for them to eat. They won't really listen what you so they will want candy every day without permison from parents.

    They will feel envy just because they want candy so teachers don't bring candy for children if you do don't let the students see it. If they do your going to done for it by the way they will get angry if you don't get the right amout so they be selfish to the one who had more.

    Its a waste of money so people think that it is allowed to give lollies to students. They don't let you bring candy so you think its not fear right but it is not that because you know if you waste your money on candy guess what they will not get a better job in the after life so they will be poor so they won't have enough money to get a home or a place to live or any home.

    The lollies are to sweat so it means that they might get a suger dieses
    because you ate to much suger so then you get thet then you might die. If you chose yes that means that you might die quiker then being to old so some teachers are stilll giving out lollies because they think it is apropriat to give out candy. I'll give you some reason that some teachers give out candy they usally give out when your doing great work because your done well so students try to be good its because they love the taste of it even when the parents say that you can't bring candy then you say at least the teacher has some candy. It's a bad habit for the teacher to give out candy.

    They think its good to give candy even sometimes the teacher might give out candy when your not allowed to because you didn't do hard work but she did. If they keep on doing it they will not do their work then they will keep on thinking of the taste if you give it once it's okay but more then one it's not okay because they will get a a problem in your tummy. If you eat too much sugar then they will loose their teeth then they will get a fake tooth. When operating it will hurt so they will not stand it! Also they it is to long. Will you like it?

  • Candy is a drug that is addictive to children.

    In the day and age of childhood obesity, There is no justification for rewarding children with sugar and poisoning thier systems with dyes and artificial ingredients. Good behavior in students is being rewarded with a so-called “treat” that is addictive and can lead to long term illnesses such as cancer, Diabetes and heart disease. Sugar is a well known agrivator of inflammation a number one cause of sickness in humans. By allowing teachers to continue this practice we are basically saying we do value teaching long term standards for ethical behavior in students. Rather we are leveraging the base addictive behavior of the human brain to control student behavior.

  • My son is high risk for Diabetes!

    My son is constantly given candy from other kids despite the fact that he is high risk for diabetes and I constantly have to argue with his teachers about not giving him soda or candy bars as rewards. Also, Teaching children that unhealthy food is rewarding and fun is setting them up for a lifetime of unhealthy choices!

  • It is not healthy.

    No more candy in a classroom

    It may have few good positive points but mostly negatives. It is not only healthy reasons; it should not be a tool of teaching or part of classroom management. We are tired of taking our kids to dentists. Kids also lose appetites for healthy foods.

  • Any kind of sugar or candy should not be permitted in the classroom while the children are learning.

    Rewarding a child with candy is actually cruel it's not healthy and they shouldn't be given sugar while they're learning. It changes their behavior drastically especially with special ed children. I think that the teachers just want an excuse to reprimand them and to have their behavior specialist employed. Basically it gives the teachers more of an excuse to be there they don't want to help the children they're just there for themselves

  • It Doesn't Take a Genuis to Figure Out That Giving Kids Sugar is Detrimental

    I absolutely do not support sugar in the classroom. Yes, Birthdays and holidays are one thing, But candy on a constant basis as a reward is the very reason why the US population is one of the sickest in the world! Not to mention sugar fries a young brain. If the schools can be hyper vigilant about nuts, What about sugar? A quick Google search can tell you exactly what it does to a young body!

  • Verbal Praise MORE EFFECTIVE

    Good behavior should not be awarded but praised.
    '' good job trying to keep quiet! ''
    ''Are you proud of your work, You should be! ''

    Children should learn that good behavior is expected and will be recognized. Children are not dogs being trained to sit and stay. Children have to learn self control through trail and error.
    Teachers and parents work together to teach skills to cope with life challenges. (In a perfect world) Teachers have to learn different strategies on ''Behavioral Management.
    Many has stated the effect on health.

  • Sugar is a killer

    Sugar addiction is real in the us. More kids are developing diabetes at a young age and obesity rates are soaring. Teachers should be educating the dangers of sugar to longterm health not adding to the problem. Saddly they don't know themselves.
    don't give my kids sugar as a reward! What a bad reward system (habit ) to create at an age that kids will store that in there subconscious mind

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