Should teachers be allowed to give students candy as a reward?

  • Yes we should

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  • Candy should be used in classrooms.

    You would only give candy to students when they are good or complete and essay. I see most people on this website are saying kids would become obese, One small Jolly Rancher or other candy can not make you obese with one bite. People are over estimating what it would do to you. Also, An occasional reward is good for students. Imagine a student, Gets 100% on multiple tests for their entire school year, And only gets a paper with a good grade. This makes students a lot more sad because of this. They work on assignments for months, To get nothing in return

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  • Teachers should award lollies

    It helps to motivate them and it is cheaper than other sweet foods and healthy foods so it is good. It also is small but it is bought in large amounts and it keeps better than a lot of other small foods that kids like. It is awesome and everybody loves them. Whoo hoo! Go lollies! Rule forever and ever!

  • I like candy

    I love candy I think we should get the candy as a reward not just eat every day so I think we should get as a reward because if you give it to students for no reason they would want more and more so I would stick it for a reward

  • If they wish.

    As long as a teacher doesn't give a whole bag of candy I don't see the problem with giving a kid a few pieces of candy to let them know they are doing the right thing.

    Rewarding a kid for doing the right thing also teaches them to do that thing again and eventually it will become a habit that doesn't need a reward.

  • Y e s

    I like candy. It tastes so delicious all up in my mouth and creamy and the scrumpscious caramel on the top of my tongue, licking the sugar off of my lips, savoring every last second of the of the process of eating a sweet treat, eagerly wanting some more of it.

  • Teaching children - control towards candy

    It may be very well to say "Why teach children that candy is the "treat"?" But where do you think you classify candy in amongst all foods, a staple?? The whole idea of only giving out candy as an award is teaching children that they can only have candy in return for doing something good. Which would you prefer, a child who was never restricted on when they could receive a piece of candy or a child who knew that candy only came as the occasional reward for doing something good and knew and had learnt how to control himself towards candy? I think i know which i would prefer!!

  • It helps kids learn

    Loads of kids who actually try find it frustrating when teachers spend ages tell off the ones who mis-behave, so they think that the teacher only cares about the bad kids so they think that the teacher would pay them more attention if they don't behave, so they don't. However if candy is given to the ones who behave then they see a reason to behave and work hard.

  • Any kind of sugar or candy should not be permitted in the classroom while the children are learning.

    Rewarding a child with candy is actually cruel it's not healthy and they shouldn't be given sugar while they're learning. It changes their behavior drastically especially with special ed children. I think that the teachers just want an excuse to reprimand them and to have their behavior specialist employed. Basically it gives the teachers more of an excuse to be there they don't want to help the children they're just there for themselves

  • It Doesn't Take a Genuis to Figure Out That Giving Kids Sugar is Detrimental

    I absolutely do not support sugar in the classroom. Yes, Birthdays and holidays are one thing, But candy on a constant basis as a reward is the very reason why the US population is one of the sickest in the world! Not to mention sugar fries a young brain. If the schools can be hyper vigilant about nuts, What about sugar? A quick Google search can tell you exactly what it does to a young body!

  • Verbal Praise MORE EFFECTIVE

    Good behavior should not be awarded but praised.
    '' good job trying to keep quiet! ''
    ''Are you proud of your work, You should be! ''

    Children should learn that good behavior is expected and will be recognized. Children are not dogs being trained to sit and stay. Children have to learn self control through trail and error.
    Teachers and parents work together to teach skills to cope with life challenges. (In a perfect world) Teachers have to learn different strategies on ''Behavioral Management.
    Many has stated the effect on health.

  • Sugar is a killer

    Sugar addiction is real in the us. More kids are developing diabetes at a young age and obesity rates are soaring. Teachers should be educating the dangers of sugar to longterm health not adding to the problem. Saddly they don't know themselves.
    don't give my kids sugar as a reward! What a bad reward system (habit ) to create at an age that kids will store that in there subconscious mind

  • Unhealthy for them

    Unhealthy for them and it causes bad attitude when no candy is available to be awarded. I have seen it far to often that they get used to having the award and they don't put forth any effort when no award is available. People need to learn good work ethics not candy ethics.

  • Parents should decide

    When your child’s friends come to your house, do you just give out candies? Hope not. If you didn’t talk about it with other parents before the play date, or are not telling the kids to “ask your parents,” you are a terrible host. So I don’t know why teachers think they have the power to decide what goes in kids’ bodies. Only parents should control that (until kids get old enough to make reasonable decisions). Teachers who give out candies cannot be any ruder.

  • No teachers should pay for candy with there money for kids

    Teachers don't get paid enough money they waste at least 50% on kids for some thing for they should know how to do. They are not goanna get rewards there whole life gotta learn some how so they must stop they have not a lot of money so no more candy for rewards every now and then is ok

  • A really bad idea

    This won't teach the students anything, it will just make them get more candy. Besides, the candy can lead to many diseases like cardio vascular disease. If we want kids to be healthier, we should take away the candy. Then, replace the old candy with healthy snacks, drinks, and candy.

  • A bad Idea

    To instill intrinsic motivation in children teachers need to create a noncompetitive, caring environment in which each child feels valued, respected and acknowledged (see Educator's Guide to Enhancing Children's Life Skills or Successful Teachers). Cooperative learning that recognizes improvement in each child is a way to enhance intrinsic motivation among students so that classroom management is not dependent upon the use of rewards.

  • No Candy Allowed for Behaviors in Class as an Award

    Teachers need to be clear and consistent in their classroom with the rules and regulations that they set for learning. I frown on teachers handing out candy to students because they were good. This kind of behavior is to be expected. Think about it! At your work, does your boss give you candy because you came to work today? No.
    I do support candy for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day along with Birthday treats.
    What are we really teaching our students here if we give them candy? Nothing.

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