Should teachers be allowed to have cell phones at school?

Asked by: tdillon2017
  • It's a Good thing

    If a fire starts of something important, kids should be able to get their phone and call their parents. If kids have something last minute they shouldn't have to ask the teacher to use the phone , they should be able to get their phone out and talk to their parents.

  • Just why not.

    Everyone should be allowed to carry a cellphone freely on school property, there are way to many different situations in many diferent places where cell phone bans were in place and had they not been, problems could have been fixed, time is saved, and in some extreme cases, lives are saved.
    And on the otherside of the argument, students having cell phones in class, whether you tell students they can have them or not (placing a ban) they will bring them, your ban for the most part will only be acknowledged by the teachers and staff.

  • They can cause harm

    Teachers can black mail students by capturing them at ridiculous moments. They can also post on Facebook or twitter and post negative things about them. They can get too involved in their phones and not keep an eye on their students so they can let bulling happen. I'm not saying that all teachers are like that but it could happen.

  • Most definitely not

    Staff as well as children should not be allowed mobile phones,especially if photographic software is installed on them,they should be under the child protection act for risk of images being captured without consent,the risk of theft is also very high and could lead to being wrongly accused,which can lead to very uncomfortable circumstances for both the pupil and staff,if staff are allowed to have mobile phones on site,then they should be kept in a locker in the staff room,all schools have telephones,and if a phone call is urgent,then it can be received or made by both staff and pupils through them. The policy's state that the school's are not responsible for loss or theft of personal belongings of a pupil,yet if staff's personal belongings are lost or stolen,then the police are informed. It should be 1 rule for all!!

  • No they shouldn't

    If teachers are allowed to have phones in class then the students should as well. I mean if someone needs to reach the teacher they could contact them through the school and that way the students won't have that distracting noise in class during their wok time or if they read for a few minutes at the beginning of a class.

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abyteofbrain says2014-01-22T21:11:55.533
Conditionally; If it's a computer oriented class, then sure, otherwise, no.