Should Teachers Be Allowed To Have Guns In The Classroom To Protect Students?

  • Protect us students!!!!!

    Just because i'm a kid doesn't mean I don't know what's going on. School shootings happen all the time nowadays and I don't think guns should be taken away!!! I want to feel protected, not afraid. As I watch the news, I see these terrible people going to jail or prison because they're hurting people and I hate it! If teachers had a gun in a gun safe, hidden away from the kids, they would be safer rather than in more danger. Think of kids, not of the stupid govt.

  • It is a given

    If the teachers at Sandy Hook had been armed, they could have stopped Adam Lanza LONG before he got his bullets into any childeren. The reason why school shootings happen is because nobody is armed. Shooters generally pick places where they can get the highest body bag count in a short time before the police get there, or before they get killed, after which they usually commit suicide. It is sad to know that among the least armed public places in he country are schools. THAT is why Adam Lanza targeted Sandy Hook. He knew none of the teachers would pose a threat to him. He knew that kids wouldn't have any guns. He knew it would take the police at LEAST 20 minutes to get to the scene on time. He knew his goal was to get the highest body bag count possible. It was perfect for him since he knew the teachers had nothing to defend themselves or their kids with. To prevent another Sandy Hook, what you NEED to do is arm the teachers, and train them in the art of self defense. Have common sense and help prevent another school shooting.

  • Yes, they should.

    What else can I say? We can "what if" until the sun comes up, or we can look at the factual data. When there are no guns on a school campus, school shootings result in a 100% chance in the loss of life. If every classroom is armed, that percentage significantly declines. The technology exists to create weapons that can only fire when in the presence of an RFID chip (which can be located on the teacher's ID badge, for example) so that the gun will not activate if it is not within 2 feet of that badge. This technology is not a myth, it exists.

    By opening stating that there are absolutely no guns, no weapons, no means of self-defense, we are essentially taking all of our children and painting gigantic targets on them for those that want to do harm. Where do mass shootings take place? Malls, schools, and other gun-free zones. Statistics PROVE that your children are far less safe in a gun free environment. Knock it off with the "what if" arguments and observe the facts.

  • Ever heard of a little thing called a taser?

    Guns would not be appropriate in the school environment. While the teacher could be trusted, the same can not be said for the students, this is especially true for elementary schools. Eventually a teacher would forget to lock the gun up, or a little kid would pull it from their holster. On the other hand, tasers would be a far safer option. If a kid gets a hold of one, there is a far smaller possibility that they would actually be able to kill someone else with it.

  • No. For a reason.

    If a teacher had a gun than anybody can steal it, even though it was meant for protective reasons. Do you seriously believe that if a teacher carried a gun in the classroom and didn't(or forgot) lock it up someplace some how, than a student wouldn't take it?
    Think about it.

  • I fully support the above opinion

    Weapons in a school, no matter who owns it, is a bad idea. Yes, I can see benefits. However, this doesn't mean that it is smart. A teacher having a gun is fine but not on campus. Things can go awry, from teachers with short fuses, a janitor who has finally lost it, or a smart student who found out where the gun is located. Better safe than sorry.

  • This is a god awful idea

    This is one of the worst ideas a person could implement. How would that even help if a shooter gets the drop on the teacher before they can use the gun? All this does is turn it a game of who shoots first and that is the worst case scenario that can happen. The last thing we need is a teacher trying to be a hero and ends up making the attacker even more hostile then he/she already is or getting kids caught in the crossfire. A gun is no joke and I do not think teachers should have them. A teachers job is to teach and not be Dirty Harry/Rambo. This is why schools have and should have security guards. These teachers do not need guns.

  • What if they find it?

    Let's just say that a teacher has a gun in the classroom and a student gets in trouble and has to stay in for recess, their snooping around and, oh what is that? A gun? A student might have anger issues or they decide to keep it in case of emergency? One day the teacher might get mad at the student and bam the teacher is dead or very injured.

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Craighawley215 says2015-10-26T16:46:32.753
Not sure where I stand on this issue. In the 90s, teachers were banned from having cell phones in most classrooms, but having cell phones has now proved to be extremely helpful. A similar argument could be made about guns.
MeargleSchmeargle says2015-10-27T22:12:35.743
Read my argument before you make decisions.
Craighawley215 says2015-10-27T23:00:16.083
I see your points, and I am very pro-gun, but let's also be realistic. A large amount of these guns could fall into students' hands, and many teachers, quite plainly, shouldn't be armed with guns.