• Shooting tend happen in disarmed areas.

    The reason why there are many shooting on school/college campuses is because people are not allowed to carry firearms into those areas in the first place. Put yourself in the shoes of a killer, you are going to attack an area where you will have a great amount of control so of course you're going to go to a disarmed area. Sure, there would be incidents where shooting would still occur even if you had firearms on campus but it certainly would help stop all these mass shootings instead of just rolling over and not doing anything else about it.

  • Like everyone else.

    Teachers, like everyone, should be armed and on guard at every moment, considering our epidemic of crazy rapist terrorist Muslims, our citizens should be armed now more than ever.
    What if one of these terrorists comes into a school? If guns are not allowed in schools we will all be sitting ducks!

  • It will Prevent Massacres

    Today there exist many school massacres where insane people have murdered innocent teachers and children. We should arm teachers that can show that they are not insane, trained and firearms and capable of preventing others from taking the gun. While security guards could be an option it is cheaper and possibly more effective to give guns to the teachers themselves.

  • Yes, but conditionally

    I belive that arming the populace is the best way prevent violent crimes. With that said, I think when you are dealing with someone in a place as vulnerable as a school you need to take extra precautions. A) the teacher needs to be thoroughly vetted. The teacher should held to a strict set of rules which are stricter than other teachers. The teacher should also be phuscally capeable of dropping a student who would try and take the gun (that's a wrose case scenario). B) it should be held in a locked safe under the teachers desk and make sure no student is left alone in the room. C) not every teacher needs a gun. To protect the school, only a few teachers need to be armed, not the entire school

  • Yes they should

    If a teacher has passed a background check (they are allowed to teach so they would have all ready) than they should be able to own a gun they might want one for self defense or sport. Either way it is their choice. A law abiding teacher should be allowed to own a gun.

  • Gun Free Zones are a death trap

    If you were a criminal and you had the desire to shoot people, would you go to an area with a high concentration of adults and guns or would you go to an area where there were no guns and a high concentration of innocent people? You'd obviously go to where there are no guns.

    For this reason, there should be guns at schools. However, there needs to be some organization to this, you obviously can't just give every teacher a gun.

    I would propose keeping a gun in the front office, and then also offering teachers with the highest tenures whom the school trusts the most to have the opportunity to keep a gun in the classroom. That way, you know that the teacher (should they accept) is trustworthy and will not go on a shooting rampage, but will protect the student's life in the case that they are put in danger.

  • OML never ever

    I dissagree because teachers could lose their minds at times of stress because kids are not being good inclass or teachers cant take it anymore so they take out the gun and you know what.O o o o o oo o oo o o o ooo o o o o

  • No, they should not.

    Even if a teacher is viewed to be ethical and moral, what about the possibility that he will turn on his moral compass and instead use it for his good (i.E. Manipulating others, threatening students, committing a crime, etc.)? Besides, most schools today have security guards to provide safety to all students and faculty; they have been trained to properly deal with hazardous situations. Thus, there is no reason as to why teachers should even be allowed a firearm.

  • Not a good idea

    I get the reasoning behind why people would like the idea of teachers having guns in the classroom, but overall I think that is more problematic than an actual good idea. They should try other methods of security to protect students and staff from invaders and keeping guns or other weapons off of school grounds. Security system to allow only personal (staff, and students) into the building with an ID badge, etc....Surveillance cameras...Law enforcement walking the grounds of the school...Metal detectors...I just would not be comfortable at the thought of a teacher having a gun near my children.

  • More guns is more deaths

    Sorry, but this is ridiculous. What if a deranged, unarmed student attacks a teacher? Is the teacher going to shoot? He/she better not shoot an unarmed student. What if the student got a hold of the teachers gun? Then thats a problem.

    We should focus on the root causes of the problem: access to guns and mental illnesses.

    A killer can walk in a shoot a kid before the teacher has time to whip out a gun. We should focus on making sure that killer doesnt have a gun.

  • The Cost/Benefit Analysis

    1. The cost of training teachers to safely carry and possibly use appropriately a loaded firearm would be far more than taxpayers are willing to pay. Most don't even like paying teachers a fair salary. This is an expensive endeavor.
    2. While it is the school's number one responsibility to keep students safe (and teachers are often the maintainers of that responsibility), a teacher's job is to teach students. If a teacher is constantly worried about this loaded firearm on his/her belt, the distraction would detract from the ability to do the job. Many schools have security guards and armed police officers on campus to carry out the role of keeping students safe. An added responsibility to teachers is not going to make their jobs better - it will make their jobs worse, and it will make them worse at their jobs.
    3. If teachers want to carry firearms while on the job as a part of their job, they should join the police academy or sign up for the military. A school is not the place for that person.

  • No, we have other methods

    Schools often have security guards to take care of potential threats up to a mild level -- in cases of higher threat, schools generally have at least one resource officer who is armed and trained to deal with such situations. The problem with permitting teachers to own guns lies in the fact that total management and knowledge of which teachers own guns is impossible and improbable -- it would be simpler and more efficient to let the officers and security guards neutralize threats, as that is part of their jobs. One more concern is that teachers may use the privilege of carrying guns to threaten or hurt students or faculty, which is a possibility that we shouldn't enable. Enough school shootings take place today due to students.

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