Should teachers be allowed to possess weapons at school during school hours?

  • Yes they should if they have a proper carry permit

    Yes they should if they have a proper carry permit I think that they should get a gun because since 2014 there has ben over 141 shooting and people dead or injured. So if we let teachers carry a firearm there would be like 60-120 teachers to against maby a group of shooters. So if we should cut the amount of shootings in half,i am all for it

  • When you think about it...

    If a person would come into a school with a gun teachers would have no way to defend themselves and the students. There's time between when then shooter enters the building and when the police arrive. Think of how many people could of have been shot in that time. If teachers have guns they could defend themselves and the students. This could possibly stop the shooter and save people's lives.

  • Only If Secret and Secured.

    Concealed only and if students become aware of a particular teacher being armed, that teacher should be barred from carrying for a random period of time no less than 1 semester, not more than ten years. A significant number of the armed clowns in this country are incompetent at securing their own weapons, making them a greater threat than if they were unarmed. Easiest place to get a weapon is off someone else you know has one.

  • If they want to, sure.

    It shouldn't be a requirement for a teacher to be armed, but if the weapons are stored properly (where kids cannot acquire them) and the teacher is properly trained and licensed, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to carry a weapon. However, the fact that a particular teacher has a weapon in the classroom shouldn't be made into a big deal. If the kids know something's there, then they'll go looking for it, especially if it has the allure of the forbidden.

  • Shooters would think twice.

    As someone who is a staunch advocate for gun rights, I think that allowing teachers to carry weapons would seriously cut down on the number of school shootings. If a school shooter knew every teacher had a gun, they would think twice before trying to carry out their little scheme.

  • This is a tough one!

    How frequent it has become for kids as well as adults going into schools shooting everything they see makes me say yes! There would have to be strict regulations to prevent the weapons from being able to be accessed by the wrong people. But yes, I believe people might think twice about shooting a school up if they thought they would meet resistance before they could accomplish their goal. As it is now, schools don't have any substantial way to deter and defend. Why spend all the extra money on police in schools? Train the teachers and faculty!

  • School is not the Army

    It is ridiculous! Really if you want teachers to have weapons, send the kids to the army....That is the proper place for teachers with weapons. And the only place, I might add.

    May I add that it makes little sense why they need one. I don't think that students go to school in order to start shooting. They can release their aggression by other means. The purpose of school is to educate kids, not treat them as targets.

  • Teachers Should Not Have Weapons

    Nobody should have a weapon while on a school campus and during school hours. That includes teachers. There is no reason for them to have one. If there is, a law enforcement officer need to address the issue instead of weapons being used. It puts everyone on campus at risk and in danger.

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