Should teachers be allowed to strike? What matters more; a child's right to education or a teacher's right to strike?

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  • Just do you're job.

    A teacher might get a low wage because they are bad.If a lazy teacher got 5,000 and a good teacher got 50,000, is it right that the lazy teacher
    should earn 50,000 ? That is bad and will ruin jobs and ultimately set
    a bad example to students. This is why striking is stupid.

  • Striking has too much of a negative effect on the children

    I feel like teachers should find other ways to voice their displeasure because striking has such a negative impact on the children. For example, high school kids in Ontario, Canada have been out for over 5 weeks due to the teachers striking. This hurts the children because they will have to find other ways to learn the curriculum in order to keep up. It especially hurts the older children because they need learning skills and their marks in order to get into universities and colleges. I feel like striking has too much of a negative impact on children and I believe that a child's future and right to an education matters more than striking.

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