• Swearing Doesn't Affect Education

    Obviously teachers should worry about swearing in an elementary school and around younger students, that's a formative time where parents are more concerned for their children. However, that being said I believe starting around 8th grade and going to 12th grade, having another voice that is swearing is nothing new for a student. For those that are making the argument that swearing around young people will give them bad examples I hope that, if they have children, they aren't a hypocritical ignoramus and go to pains to ensure their friends, the movies and television they watch, and the music they listen to also do not contain swearing. A teacher is responsible, parent's wouldn't trust them to teach their children otherwise. Stop complaining, stop whining, and shut the hell up.

  • It is only natural.

    I never understood why people have such a problem with swearing. It are just words.
    And just because people are allowed to do it, doesn't mean they'd do it all the time.
    I am pretty sure we all know a lot of curse words and have so since we were rather young, but still most of us are able to express ourselves without using them and mostly do so.
    I admit, I wouldn't like if i had a kid an his/her teacher would extensively swear, especially if he teaches the lower grades. But actually punishing somebody just for swearing a little hear and there is just exaggerating.
    Yes teachers should be good examples and thus they should be encouraged not to swear, but punishment just for choosing the wrong word, probably accidentally, that's not right either.
    Strong language exists in every language that has ever been spoken, it is completely normal, so we shouldn't demonize it that much.

  • Ban gov funds to k-12

    Only prv schools that arnt law exempt, tax exempt, gov subsidied, or mandated to teach what gov wants it to teach, should exsist.
    Prv schools should have the choice to swear or not thats their private property, if you dont like it dont go to that school, they have no right to force anyone to go.
    Most prv schools wont swear beacuse they dont want to loose customers.

  • They should be allowed

    Our teacher uses *mild* swear words in class for comedic effect. It doesn't hurt anybody or anything so why should they not be allowed to swear? With younger children it makes more sense for a ban but with Year 8 and up it doesn't hurt anybody and is super hilarious.

  • Swearing isn't detrimental to education nor your health

    Teachers should be allowed to swear at school. Once you have reached a certain age (7th grade+), you hear your peers swear EVERY DAY. If a teacher is using swearing in a mean way, intending to hurt a student, then they should not. However, this applies to anything. Teachers shouldn't be prohibited from swearing, especially around students.

  • If it adds for a more comedic effect.

    I think it is funny when a teacher swears, and I think it is acceptable. On the other hand, when a teacher swears at me with an angry tone, it is kind of frustrating if I know they will get mad if I swear back. But if it is a friendly back and forth conversation it is quite enjoyable!

  • Yes teachers should be allowed to swear.

    I've noticed something funny about swearing. When kids are alone, they do it. When adults are alone, they do it. When it's kids and adults together, no one swears. I believe if a teacher swears in class then students can feel closer with their teacher and feel more of a connection between them. It will also put the teacher back in charge of the classroom if a teacher is in a situation where the students have more power than she does.

  • Supporting teachers cursing

    Some students are disrespectful, and if they being disrespectful to the teachers why should the teachers respect them. I also think that teacher should use curse words because students tend to pay more attention I'm giving this from a 16 year old view point so I think every student would pay more attention to be honest..

  • People swear all of the time

    If schools think that students will not hear swear words when they graduate they are wrong. People say that swearing is unprofessional, but we know that everyone in the work place swears. It is not a big deal. How are people supposed to stop a natural reflex. If i stub my toe at home, i'm going to automatically say a swear word. How am i supposed to stop my self from a natural reflex at school. Its like telling someone that they can't sneeze.

  • Makes students pay attention and feel more comfortable with a teacher

    It can be used in a form of emphasis. In some cases the topic of sexting and not doing it will come up. It would be really acceptable for a teacher to grab the attention of students by ending with "don't send dick pics" or something similar.

    There may be a case where a student is acting like a fool and a teachers words are making a minimal impact but a "what the hell do you think you're doing" may snap them back into line.

    It may also make a teacher more approachable with other problems

  • Swearing is a sign of a lack of education and vocabulary.

    Would you trust your children to a rude, uneducated, intellectually lacking teacher? I would sure not send mine to a school with such poor personnel.
    You would argue the worst thing can happen is children learning to swear. But as someone else already stated here, "swearing is for people with lacking language". You sure want the best opportunities for your children, am I right? Then why settle for less? If you allow them to use foul language instead of making an effort in finding better words and expanding their communication skills, you are chopping their success chances. Is that what you want for them?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • That would be awful

    Our students look up to their teachers and may model their behaviour. It is so important that teacher model positive behaviour or we will have a whole generation of future adults who use foul language. If it was acceptable for teacher to swear at school I certainly would withdraw my children from school.

  • No. No. No.. Of course not.

    No way.. If a student hear teacher swearing in school, they might think "Oh wow that's really cool!" and start swearing or disrespect the teacher. So no, I don't think the teachers should be allowed to swear at school cuz that's inappropriate and they would probably know they can't in front of the students.

  • No teachers shouldn't

    Be allowed to swear in class. Why would you want to expose your child to a teacher swearing? I mean yes it is just a word, and has no more meaning than society gives it. It is depicted as bad behavior. I understand a slip of a cuss word from a teachers mouth, but to just be cussing for fun? How is that professional? I wouldn't want my future child going around saying "pass the F'ing bread, please." I mean Come on.

  • No they shouldnt

    Teachers should not be allowed to swear at school because it sets a bad example for the students and has no reason. Many say swearing is for people with the lack of a better word. If someone who has graduated college with a teaching credential cannot think of better way to express themselves, i think that says alot about the teacher

  • It is inappropriate in the work place

    Teachers are here to set an example to the community and students in which they get paid to do. They shouldn't be paid to curse while teaching. It is inappropriate because a job is something you earn and live off of, not something that can be thrown around by using explicit words.
    Feel free to respond...

    Posted by: Nigx
  • People who swear just have a lack of vocab

    Everyone know swearing isnt right, but still we do it. I think that teachers should never swear because it shows they lack of vocab. My teacher swore 4 times today, claiming that she feels comfortable to swear when we are this old. I think that they should lead by example

  • Teacher swearing in conversation with parent on the phone with parents son in room

    My son was on the phone the other day to his child's teacher supposed to be child's councillor in conversation the teacher swore in front of dads child, also he told said child don't let anybody push you into saying a anything because I will have to tell the social worker,the whole idea is the child to talk about his problems what should we do about it.It does not seem right

  • Kids will get in trouble

    If or when a teacher will cuss out or say rude things to a student the student might feel upset or even angry enough to say things back which could cause them to get in BIG trouble.So no, I think that students and teachers should have limitations on speech at school.

  • Kids will get in trouble

    If or when a teacher will cuss out or say rude things to a student the student might feel upset or even angry enough to say things back which could cause them to get in BIG trouble.So no, I think that students and teachers should have limitations on speech at school.

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