• Yes, I truly think it is the best option to do so.

    The reason being that there is violence, robbery, and vandalism. As of all things the kids didn't really have to know about a gun. They should just keep a taser or a handgun in one of the teacher's drawers. Of course the teachers have to learn how to use a gun and its safety regulations, but really people? It's not like the teachers are going to shoot the students. There's no point into killing a dozen of children.

  • Absolutely

    "I can just imagine a teacher leaving their weapon out in the open, and a student getting a hold of it. Nothing good can come out of a teacher being armed, in my opinion." Any teacher that stupid is too stupid to be teaching. Today's mascare could have been prevented with armed teachers

  • Yes teachers should be armed

    I'd even go a step further, I think EVERYONE should be allowed to be armed if they so choose to be. Every single person has a right to defend themselves, and the right with it to bear arms, it's right in the Constitution itself. To not allow that right to protect ourselves from those who will take guns and use them for bad no matter if they're legal or not is criminal. So yes, not only do I think teacher should be armed, I think we all should be.

  • If his children can, why can't ours?

    If the President of the United States has his children protected by guards at their school, why not give us parents that same right of mind as you get? We just want to make sure that in a place of learning that we know our children are safe and can be taken care of in a situation like that. And don't even get me started on an Assault Weapon Ban.

  • I strongly believe that teachers should be armed.

    First of all, it will give the whole school a reputation to "stay away." If there's a madman out there, it's less likely he'll go to the school that has armed teachers.This helps to prevent emergency situations.
    Next, if teachers are armed, they'll be more prepared for if an emergency situation does occur. In lockdowns, the students all hide under desks in a corner, which makes them an easy target. But it the teachers are armed, it won't be necessary for the students to hide like that.
    Lastly, after what happened at Sandy Hook, some students may feel unsafe going back to school. If they know that the teachers are armed, they'll feel safer because they have a way to fight back in case of emergency.
    This is why I believe that teachers should be armed at all times.

  • Yes

    Recently after the shooting in Connecticut on 12/14/12. It raised the question, more gun control or more armed people. I vote armed people as what kind of person that wants to rob a bank gets it legally? Nobody. Also the guns didn't belong to the psycho but rather his mom so gun control couldn't help that. We just need more teachers or guards with guns at schools and more proper safety classes

  • Someone in the School Needs to be Armed

    The only way to stop a crazed mad-man with a gun is with a gun. Our children are essentially sitting ducks at school. There is not a single weapon at our schools that could have been used to stop an enemy. Teachers should be able to carry a concealed handgun and either the principal or maybe a school security guard should carry at least a semi-automatic rifle. It's truly the only way to stop an armed gunman from taking more lives than he can.

  • We should be able to protect our schools!

    If our teachers had guns then we would have a better chance of protecting the children in schools. This could have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre and all school shootings before that. We need to stand up and fight back against these awful criminals. We should have the right to protect the youth of America!

  • They need to protect themselves.

    I agree with everyone who has said "to protect themselves." Everyone has that right. When someone comes into a school with a gun and you don't have a gun, you are dead. That is not the way it should be! We need to be able to protect ourselves! Take a class to get trained. They are not that much. You will be grateful for it.

  • We trust our teachers not to harm our children already.

    What is preventing the teachers from gaining their own gun and harming our children? How is that situation different than arming the teachers? We already trust teachers not to hurt our children and allowing them to carry a firearm should not change that trust. There are other things to consider as well. Look at the possible side-effects that may occur with arming the teachers. What effect would this have on bullying and school fights? Also, let's be realistic, there are not enough police to cover every single school. Arming teachers and using them as the deterrent is the best solution that I have heard of.

  • Teachers Cannot Be Trusted.

    I would never trust a non-police/military trained person to be carrying guns around schools. Simply have police officers present in the schools, it's what our taxes pay for, right? My high school had at least 4-5 police officers on duty at school every school day. There was absolutely no violence, and the police and factulty designed very well executed plans for evacuation for shootings. I've seen teachers have nervous breakdowns and they cannot be trusted anymore than any other stranger. Police go through weeks of gun training and combat training. What if somebody gets a hold of one of the teachers guns? How can they be accessible in an emergency situation when they should be in a deadbolt locked vault. Not in a holster sitting in the teachers desk sitting next to spare pencils and paper clips. Think about it, police presence in schools. Not armed teachers, use common sense.


    Guns are dangerous. Some people might think it’s safe to have one but in my opinion guns are powerful and there is many other ways to have a classroom safe. Technology each time gets better and better. Scientist can consider inventing either doors that don’t permit a person to enter the building with an ID card, or doors that can sense a gun enter the classroom. Maybe schools with more securities or police officers. There is many things that can replace guns in schools in my opinion. Teacher (No offense) might feel in power and go crazy you never know I've even heard cases of rape or other adults in schools where the teachers hits on the kid and goes to prison. Other cases I've heard is kids being hit by teachers I mean how is a gun going to make the school a better place how is a gun going to protect children. There is a big probability for a student to easily think that a gun is a toy and start easily shooting at classmates. A student might have access of the weapon and pretend to be in a video game.
    Okay let's just say that teachers actually go through training. What happens if the district asks for teacher to hide their guns? Teachers have to have the weapons in the classrooms closet reason being to for students to not be near nor have access to the weapon. The scenario would be that the “Phsyco” enters the classroom starts shooting in the class room. What is the teacher going to say? “Wait Mr.Stranger with a gun let met my gun and fight , since I'm certified you know?” getting the weapon and preparing a gun to shoot is a process of about I want to say 10 minutes the most and that is why I disagree with weapons being in a classroom.

  • Teachers aren't Guards!

    Purchasing ammunition and guns for every teacher, teachers who don't know how to use guns, thus requiring training, is, for starters, too expensive! Besides, there is certainly a higher chance that leaving a gun in a some American classrooms is a bad idea. If you have a student who is bigger than a teacher, and the policy is "Don't kill your own students," then what is a teacher to do if a student wants the gun? Some of the people on this site really don't think very deeply about the situations. There's a much higher chance of accidents occurring then mass shootings for heaven's sake!

  • This is a HUGE no no.

    Teachers shouldn't carry guns. This isn't fair to everyone else. I feel that if teachers should carry guns, then students should be able to do the same. Suppose the teacher doesn't like the student? The teacher could do anything. Everyone isn't who they say they are. I do not trust a teacher with a gun at all.

  • Where would they put the guns?

    Where would the teachers keep the guns? If they keep it in something like a safe, it's going to be hard to get to if a shooter comes in. They aren't going to be able to call a timeout and ask the shooter to wait for them to get the gun out. But if the teachers keep it somewhere easily accessible, a student could take it and shoot up the school. It'd be like Columbine. There have only been 57 people killed in school shootings since 2010, that averages to about 19 a year. However, in 2010 there were 766 accounts of juvenile murder, so even if there were a 50% decline since 2010, today, there would still be more people killed by children than killed in school shootings over the past three years. If we have guns easily accessible to children, sooner or later a student is going to steal the gun and it's be just as bad as the shooting at Sandy Hook.

  • What if this happens?

    What if a high school student "bullies" a teacher and gets his/her gun?
    What if a teacher misses and kills a hostage or someone non-lethal?
    What if children are too scared to go to school, because of guns?
    What if a teacher mistakes someone for being an actual threat?
    This could all go terribly wrong.

  • Teachers should not have guns.

    Teachers would have to lock up the gun well enough to keep students from breaking in to it. If someone does come into the classroom with a gun it would take so long to get the gun out of the safe there would already be people shot. It is not very safe anyways because if a student does end up getting to the gun they could shoot up the school.

  • Teachers SHOULD NOT be armed

    We cannot trust teachers to take situations into their own hands. It doesn't make sense. A teacher who is armed could get angry at a student for a simple reason and injure them. Teachers already have a sense of power over the students and if we give them the right to have a gun, that's giving them even more power. Who knows, one teacher might abuse that power. We should leave it up to trained professionals to handle problems like that. Teachers are trained to teach and that's what they are suppose to do, nothing else.

  • No No No

    I don't care what anyone's supporting argument is for allowing teachers to carry weapons. Yes I understand this nation isn't what it used to be. No one is really safe anymore. Guns are readily available to the mass public. Still you want our educators to be armed? Really??? No, I don't care if teachers have all the training in the world like police officers. They are there for the purpose to educate our children and YES also to ensure their safety while away from home. But let's get real people. Events like this happen and people want to jump the bandwagon and go all bat crazy and say YES YES YES... more gun control more gun control. Let's arm teachers... hell everyone should be armed. If you sit and think about it.... it doesn't make sense. Your logic that if more people carry weapons will prevent mass shootings... is fallible. It's going to happen whether we like it or not... guns or no guns. If anything we need to add police officers to our schools. Yes... real police officers, not educators. They went into the profession to educate our youth, not to play the role of a law enforcer. I believe by adding a police presence to our schools it will deter actions such as this. Why isn't anyone saying that???

  • Let's have fewer guns and more humanity

    I don't see how more guns could ever equate to more safety. More guns, held by teachers, or anyone, would undoubtedly lead to more violence. I am a teacher and I would never want to hold a killing machine. Massacres can be prevented by having fewer guns and more kindness and humanity. If a person feels a part of society, maybe it would be less likely to destroy society.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T15:44:16.927
teachers should be able to defend both themselves, and our children
clarinet says2013-03-21T21:45:48.007
think of the young children they wouldn't know what a gun is and accidentally shoot another student.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T22:16:02.427
All i can say it the government is not as smart as i thought
Anonymous says2013-04-25T15:23:49.153
I don't want a repeat of sandy hook GUNS SHOULD BE ALLOWED
743338 says2014-01-09T17:42:31.833
Shady hook , Colordo school shotings how are they going to protect ther kids
if a crazy person comes in and starts shooting. What are you gonna do with out a weapon to protect you and your students. You have the responsiblite to protect and keep the kids safe, then do that. What if the kids where your own kids how do you think there parents will feel if you dont protect there kids and what happens if you do protect them how happy the parents will be!! Thats my reason
XxHELLFIRExX says2014-09-16T18:07:21.713
Oh, yeah, and 743338, it's spelled "shooting" not "shoting", I'm just helping. :D
ShaunaR14 says2018-02-16T16:09:32.960
I definitely agree that teachers should be armed in some way, shape or form but it does not have to be a gun. What about Laseres? They are non-lethal and you can even get ones that have a lower voltage. As soon as you activate them, they start video recording and it is a better way to help get a shooter down or even a student-student confrontation or student-teacher confrontation. There are more people now who would rather have stricter gun laws than support guns themselves, parents would not want to enroll their kid into a school where teachers are carrying, especially if they know nothing about the teacher. Debate about teachers carrying guns are very iffy, but I feel that something like a Taser would be the better solution. There are also things like guns that shoot bean bags, but the problem with that is, if you miss you’re not only down a bean bag, but that’s an opportunity for someone to potentially hurt you or even kill.