• Yes the should!

    I'm an 14 year old student and i would feel more protected with a trained teacher with a gun. If they are worried about students getting ahold of the gun then make sure you keep that gun in your sight. The potential threat will know that there are guns in the school is more than likely to drive passed the school and not go in. If the shooter is a student then he is more than likely going to stand down because he knows he is going to held at gunpoint.

  • Yes teachers should be able to carry guns

    Here are my reasons why i think teachers should be able to carry guns
    1, Teachers can be trained to use them to protect themselves and there students from threats.
    2, Armed teachers will make schools safer from threats such as shooters, Terrorist, And unexpected cations.
    3, Arming teacher will also make the neighborhood safer arming people to protect themselves and others will make it less likely to have crime people won't do crime if everyone there is armed and will take care of them before the criminal can move.
    Those are my three reasons why teachers should be armed

  • Yes yes yes yes

    Yes. Teachers should be armed because teachers and the whole world have a right to defend they self,we protect leaders,our celebrators,and our money with guns,but we send our children to school everybody with a sign that says ''NO GUNS ARE ALLOWED''.This can be changed!If teachers were trained and armed,our children would be ALOT safer!!!

  • If they want to

    I think teachers should be able the option to bring a gun. Anyone who wants to protect themselves should. That is not to say the school should issue them gun because teachers are not law enforcement or security. But they still have the right to defend themselves. Teachers should be able to bring a gun if they want to.

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  • It is a deterrent.

    Yes, teachers should be armed in schools to protect themselves and students, because no student would try anything in a classroom where there was a gun. These incidents could be handled with less loss of life if a person could react and at least try to shoot the offender. It would also make other students feel safer.

  • Criminals hate armed victims.

    I have no issue whatsoever with teachers who are trained in firearms handling and safety, being armed in schools. I much prefer it over armed police officers, as certain states (Texas springs to mind), seem unable to refrain from criminalizing children at the slightest excuse. However I see no reason to believe that a responsible gun owner and teacher is going to turn into a raving psychopath. If they should encounter one, i'd prefer they are able to do something about it, rather than just try to soak up a few of the bullets that might be headed in their charges directions.

  • Adding MORE guns to the equation is not a solution.

    With the growing rate of gun violence in our schools, many solutions have been suggested. I don't think this is a problem that can be easily resolved. One of the so-called solutions suggested by our own President, is for the training and arming of teachers. Is this something we really want to do ? Do we want our children's educators burdened with the task of possibly having to kill a potential threat, in most cases one of their own students. I say, with the utmost confidence, the answer to this question is NO ! Armed teachers ? These two words do not belong together. This doesn't even sound right. No doubt a bad idea ! President Donald Trump, in response to the gun violence epidemic, suggested training and arming teachers, allowing them to conceal and carry loaded handguns in our schools. He suggests arming between 10 % and 40% of teachers, with government funded training. He goes on saying, “These 10-40% would receive a little bit of a bonus”, stating “Federal funds would be set aside for this. I think the cost would be astronomical, these funds could be used in more productive ways. Some people say gun-free zones such as schools are a prime target for these deranged offenders. Their assumption being, no guns, no opposition, making it a soft target. Although I agree with this, does adding a bunch of guns to the equation actually help, or hinder our children and their safety ? This would increase the danger in my eyes. Too many things could go wrong. Where would the guns be kept ? What if a student gets a hold of the gun ? This could potentially lead to a further increase in school shootings. Defeating the original intention. Children are curious. They are clever as-well, if they know guns are around they could be prompted to look for them, leading to most undesirable outcomes. Let.'s say the teachers keep the guns on their person. It still offers an oppurtunity for a child to have access to a gun. This does not seem like a feasable solution.

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  • Teachers are emotional and unstable.

    Just today in the local news, there was a story about a teacher who had finally been arrested for sexually abusing young girls over a 20 year period. Another story was about a school principal who was caught on video dragging misbehaving kids around by their hair. Are these the types of people you want to have access to firearms?

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe teachers should be armed in schools to protect themselves and students. I believe there are many teachers who would be uncomfortable with a gun in the classroom and they would be even less comfortable using one. Creating policies to uphold this would introduce guns to an environment where they should not be.

  • Teachers should not be armed.

    Arming the teachers in schools creates an obvious police state. It is not beyond logic to think that armed security guards or even police officers is out of line. Depending on the location and history of the school, the level of armed guards changes, and that is fine also. However, giving every teacher a gun is the absolute wrong answer. Firstly, teachers are not soldiers, nor should they be. Secondly installing an accessible weapon in every classroom is providing opportunity for tragedy, not preventing it.

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