Should teachers be armed to protect their students from school shootings?

  • Yes but only some teachers

    I believe that there should be an armed teacher in every school, At least one in every section of the school. If you disagree you are pro school shootings, Because the only way to effectively stop a person with a gun is to have a better trained person with a gun. Now I don't believe just any teacher should be given a gun, I believe that there should be a selection process and a gun safety test for teachers and whoever qualifies should get one. Now one point i'd like to address is that people who say that it would make a school feel like prisons due to teachers being armed like guards, I'd like to think of it as more of a bank, Because if you think of it as a prison then you're saying every child is a threat, While in a bank, No one is a threat until they threaten others. If a law is not passed on this then I believe that there should be a law where there are more resource officers in school and they should get better funding as well as better training. Gun control will in fact, Do nothing but make it worse by allowing a larger black market for guns, Which means fully automatic guns will be sold more on the black market.

  • It is a good last resort option

    If taught properly the teacher can save lives with the gun. The argument for no is that the police should take care of it. The issue with that is that the police can't reach the school immediately, And every second the shooter isn't detained is another second you run the risk of a student dying. As a last resort the teacher should have a firearm for self defense

  • Yes, But With Regulation.

    Not all teachers should be armed, Nor should they be forced to. I believe that if a teacher wants to be armed, They must pass a firearm safety test which has been approved by the school district. They should also be required to register their specific firearm with the front office and keep their firearm on them at all times. Teachers would not be supplied a weapon because they would need to bring their own. There would be no limit on the size of the weapon, It will be self-regulatory because if a teacher wants to bring a thirty pound gun, They'll have to lug it around with them all day. They are not to set them down or lock them in a desk to eliminate possibility of a student taking the weapon. A teacher should be able to have their carrying privileges revoked if they prove themselves irresponsible, Lose their legal right to firearms, Or have any sort of violent record in the past 10 years.

  • Is news reporting objective

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  • Some pupils are mad on their teacher until they sometimes want to kill them so that teacher must be armed. That will make them safe.

    We don't know about pupils feeling or other human feeling so we must beware before we will take the risk. That because all or some of the teacher must be armed such as guarded by the police officer or they got a bulletproof cloth. It will work and no one will die.

  • Yes, Teachers should be armed.

    When we hear of school shootings, I have wondered how many lives could of been saved if teachers where trained in using firearms, And able to have one to protect themselves and their students. True, People that have never held a gun in their hand is not a good idea, But with a little training from police, I think it could work. Most shooters have also had little experience with firearms, So this gives the chance that they could mess up, And this would give a chance for the teachers to protect their students. Though it does not take long for the police to arrive, The chance of the shooter hurting students in that time is high. I think with a little training for teachers, We could save many more lives.

  • Sad but true.

    With today's environment, It's the best way to protect our kids. Sure, There are other ways to stop unauthorized guns in our schools but they are far less cost effective and more intrusive than giving trained and screened teachers the option of having a concealed pistol.
    Clearly the option of just having a police officer in the area is not enough. In the time it takes a police officer to actually get to the shooters location, Dozens of students could already be shot and/or killed. Other options like metal detectors and security fences would not only make our schools seem more like prisons but would do little to stop someone. Sure, They would have to enter though gates and would set off metal detectors but the oppressive look and the expense to pay for it would make basically no difference. They will be firing a gun, So the sound of a metal detector going off would not be deterrent and people will be fleeing them so no unarmed person would try to stop them at the gate.
    Many teachers are former military, Police, Or just gun enthusiasts already. I would think that all schools have some kind of background check already for teachers. Unlike most other jobs, Teachers lives revolve around the students they teach. To a teacher, A class is much like a family as these are THEIR students. This makes them more likely to be protective of them.
    I think the best option would be to give teacher the option of having a concealed weapon on their person. Odds are, Not many teachers will take the option but you don't need every teacher to be armed, Just enough to have a significant reduction in response time. The benefits to having it concealed are that students will not know if a teacher is armed or not. Visually they don't appear to be armed so to them it's like no change has taken place. On the other hand, If your a shooter, You know your goal of a mass shooting may come to a quick end and you may be shot the moment you pull our your gun.
    Look at the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Three teachers died. One while helping students flee. One while holding a classroom door shut to protect students, And the third used his own body as a shield for students to hide behind. If any of them were armed, They and many more students would be alive today.
    Look at the Sutherland Springs church shooting were the gunman was going back to finish some of his victims off when it was another armed man in the area who stopped him. By the time police arrived (several minutes later), The shooter was already dead. In his vehicle was found several guns and lots more ammunition. How many more would be dead if the good citizens didn't have a gun? How many more would be alive if someone in the church had a gun?

  • Yes but in other words

    I wouldnt say all teachers should be armed but people that are skilled and trained to be armed like gym teachers or deputies should be trained for these kind of situations. In other words, There should also be police, Deputy, Or sherrifs nearby the school that are willing to confront a school shooter. So yes, Schools should be armed, Locked and loaded at all times for cases like these.
    People often argue that police should just come in and help but turns out in most school shootings, Police just wait outside behind their cars and wait for the school shooter to come outside. Now im not saying all of them are bad but for the sake of not taking risks, We should arm some teachers or arm and train people for these situations.

  • Teach Gun Responsibility

    The problem with school shooters today goes something like this: Some of the kids get excluded and picked on, Then they turn to anything they can to erase that shame and rage they experience. And if it has anything to do with mental illness it's that most people today are narcissistic.

    So many kids today are insulated from the responsibilities and dangers of the world outside suburbia, That they don't know what a gun is or what that power represents. When they lose their sense of responsibility they begin to lose their rights. Instead of tools for defense and justice, Guns become a kind of mystical thing of magical power for enacting vengeance.

    Every young man should be taught how to carry, Maintain, And use a semiautomatic rifle and to hit a target from 100 yards. That's how it works in Switzerland, And they have almost zero school shootings, Don't get dragged into wars, And are considered the peace capital of the world.

  • I think that teachers should be allowed to be armed at school

    When teachers are armed they can stop a shooting from even starting. If someone knows there are armed teachers they won't even try it.
    It also allows for a quick response to a shooter, Or any other threat.
    I do beleave in certain rules regarding this topic:
    1. You must be properly trained
    2. It must be inside a locked case unless faced with threat
    3. Teachers shouldn't be forced to get training, But schools can offer financhal aid if they want to.

    But in the end, Teachers should be armed in schools because it will help with sicuraty and make people feel more safe

  • Teachers might shoot the kids

    What if the teacher is mentally ill, The kid gets on the teachers nerves and the teacher shoots the kid? One time at my middle school, A kid in my class got the teacher incredibly mad and got up in his face and the teacher slapped her across the face. The same thing could happen but this time with a gun

  • No armed teachers!

    Right. Do you know what a teacher is? Their people who teach students. Sheriffs and police and the military are there for a reason. Also, Nobody wants to be in danger's way. If it is a rule in which gym teachers are the guys with the big boy guns and are the ones responsible to take out the school shooter, Then who wants to be a gym teacher? Not only do they get endangered, But they have so much responsibility. Like sure, People think it's a good way, But who's going to actually try it out? If I asked you to be that guy, Would you accept? Probably not. Theres really no different between hiring a actual cop or sheriff who knows the risks and is willing to endanger him/herself to do something good.

  • No armed teachers!

    Teachers should not be armed to protect their students from school shootings because the might think it ok to carry the gun everywhere and mostly because a student can get hold of it. What would they do if a student got hold of their gun and then killed someone because of that?

  • It's damaging to the school culture.

    Teachers might be able to protect their students from school shootings, But what's preventing them from shooting up the school? Gun control is a much better idea - we need less weaponry, Not more. In the end, More guns means a less safe environment. Would you want to give everyone nukes and support mutually assured destruction, Or go for denuclearization?

  • Hire professional security guards instead

    I believe it would be unsafe to arm teachers. The teachers could accidentally, Or even purposely shoot a student. Also, Students could attempt to find the teacher's gun, And if they find it from there they could shoot people in the school. This solution could easily backfire and cause more lives to be lost. Hiring professional security guards would mean having someone trained to protect, And having someone to always have an eye on the gun at all times. Professional security guards could also constantly be looking at the school's cameras.

  • Guns are bad

    If we want to be safe against school shootings. We need to get rid of guns overall. Guns are the problem and adding more guns in the situation is worse. Also, A student might be able to steal the gun from the teacher which can result in even more shootings.

  • No. Guns are for killing and no one should be commercially able to kill

    If no one besides the military had access to weapons, We won't have school shootings. If we didn't have school shootings, Then there would be no reason to arm teachers. Arming teachers only creates more of a market for guns and would make it easier for the people with evil intent to get their hands on guns. Even if they were armed, Most school shooting are orchestrated by a current student, So at that point it becomes a battle between a student and a teacher and I question the ability for most teachers to shoot and their student. Nonetheless, It would just end in more deaths, Because the shooter would also be targeting the teachers instead of just the student body.

  • No because kids could get a hold of them

    Teachers shouldn't be armed to protect their students because what if the kids get ahold of the gun and starts to play with it. Also, A teachers job is to teach kids. Its the polices, Sherifs responsibilty to protect the people. Instead of teachers being armed there should be officers at the school building protecting every one at all times

  • Teachers can also go crazy. . .

    A lot of the arguments have been about protecting the children, But teaching jobs are quite stressful. I have been in classrooms where the teacher has completely lost it, And would I want them to have access to a gun? Absolutely not. By a teacher having a gun, You are automatically saying that students should just be ready for the worst, And forced to stare a violent weapon all day other than focusing on school. Also, There is no way to guarantee that the weapons will always be in the teachers possession, Accidents happen, And it poses more risk than safety.

  • No. That's not what they train to do.

    There is already an occupation for that. Hire security guards or officers. They are trained and paid to be trained to handle such situations.

    A teacher should not be required to be both teacher, Day care person, Parent, . . . . And armed guard. That's not what teachers train to do nor is it necessary.

    The kinds of people who train to be teachers aren't necessarily the kind who are warriors, Nor should they have to be. That shouldn't be their responsibility. If we are relying on teachers to be warriors, We are limiting good teachers who aren't from educating children and also going to find that the quality of teacher/warrior subpar because you are asking them to be something they are not.

    Hire guards or officers. That's what guards and officers are for. We all specialize in society because there are things we are good at and things we are not. Guards and officers become guards and officers because those are the responsibilities they signed up for and they undergo training and pass the requirements for the job.

    In order to ensure adequate protection of our children we want to ensure a standard of quality and that would mean having requirements on those who are expect to guard our children. Those requirements should not fall on teachers but on trained guards. It's not a teachers job.

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DJCOLE says2019-05-08T14:34:06.417
Yes certain people should be armed. A gun free zone is nothing but a target to these crazies. If there are people that are armed it can reduce the chance of this happening. The shooters are wimps and they look for easy targets. I am not saying all teachers and staff need to be armed but if some are it can help. They will need to be trained properly and the students or teachers do not need to know who is armed. If the person that is armed, It is up to them to talk about it to others but I don't think that is a good idea. I myself would not want to advertise that I am armed.

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