• Think of how many mass shootings would have been stopped

    If someone was able to shoot back at the attacker the attack itself is more likely to stop sooner resulting in a smaller loss of life.

    And before you say "then the students wont feel safe at school" think about something. Has it ever occured to you that most mass shootings especially school shootings happened in "gun free zones" the students shouldnt feel safe there that like firing a flare saying here i am i cant defend myself do what you will. Most criminals are cowards if they know you can shoot back more often than not they wont try anything but if they dont care about their life then youll want to be able to take care of the situation as the need arises. If you give a percentage of teachers a full screening and training on how to use firearms then youll see the number of school killings go down getting rid of guns is like opening the doors to criminals because then the only ones that will be able to shoot them will be the police and there is more than one way to kill someone they dont need a gun to do it

  • Only the willing and able.

    Nobody is suggesting that you put a gun in every teachers hands. That would stupid as many teachers have never handled a gun and/or wouldn't use it anyway. This may do more harm than good.
    What I would suggest is that a limited number of teachers or other staff be permitted to conceal and carry a handgun. This would require the willing teachers to pass a background check and safety course. Many of our teachers already have some form of weapons experience as many have severed in the military or have used them for hunting. They may even have a sidearm and conceal permit but so far have been unable to carry due to the gun free zone laws.
    If we look at the recent school shooting in Florida, we know that teachers and staff have given their lives to defend students. One, who was also school security, used himself as a human shield. These people acted when local law enforcement only listened to the shots from hiding places. What do you think would happen if those and other teachers and staff were allowed to carry a sidearm? They and other students may still be alive. Look at the Texas church shooting were an armed civilian was able to stop the shooting long before law enforcement arrived.
    Having armed teachers and staff may not only help if there is a shooting but also deter these looser from doing it in the first place. After all, these are cowards who seek out soft targets that they know are defenseless. If we harden these targets, we may not only stop shooting as they happen but stop them before they do.

  • People with Correct Training and Concealed Carry Permits should be allowed to carry in schools

    Some of the main points of argument of the anti-gun supporters are based around the fact that ordinary teachers are wielding weapons of destruction. However LIBERALS seem to focus on the controversial points of Mr. Trumps arguments, not seeming to realize that he pushed for former law enforcement, and veterans who have been trained to wield these weapons. Another thing that I see so much in the arguments presented by the Liberals is that these teachers wouldn't know what to do in the case of a shooting. First of all, Veterans and Law Enforcement are trained to defend themselves and trained to help others in a combat situation. Don't think for a second that they don't know what to do. THESE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL ALSO KNOW THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Which means they know to only use their weapon when they are being fired upon.

    The last point is this. A school is selected as a target by shooters because they are one of the most defenseless places in the nation. If teachers with Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds are allowed to arm themselves, then the school will be defended better and therefore prove to be less of an easy target for a shooter attempting to make a point by killing defenseless people.

    With this being said, I believe Wholeheartedly that teachers who are veterans or ex Law Enforcement Officers should be able to arm themselves in the better interests of the children under their protection.

  • Along with armed security guards, QUALIFIED and WILLING teachers should be allowed a firearm.

    If a teacher has been a police officer, or already has a license to concealed carry, they should be able to have a firearm. They should probably take a qualification test to see if they are competent,and if they are they should be allowed a weapon if they so choose.

    If a teacher was armed and chose to use their weapon in the instance of a school shooting, many lives could be saved. The people in the school wouldn't have to wait 10 minutes or more for police to arrive.

    Also, it would be a deterrent to a shooter, if the students knew that a teacher was armed. However, if the shooter knew the one teacher who was armed, it'd make them the first target.

    For all who support "common sense gun control", or even a full out gun ban, how would that help students in the situation of a shooting? Instead of taking away everyone's right to self preservation (leaving criminals who already break the law to still have weapons), why don't we figure out a way to actively protect people, or even better, figure out why this is happening (sedentary lifestyle, loss of morals, overprescribing drugs, copycat shooters) and work to fix that.

  • Trained teachers who are armed could better protect students in an emergency situation.

    I do agree with arming teachers who are certified to carry a gun and undergo the proper training to be armed in a school setting. Teachers who are armed can better protect our students in case of an emergency situation. If a teacher is licensed to carry a gun they should be paid more.

  • Who is going to shot up a school knowing teachers have guns?

    I believe that teachers should have the right to be armed but i feel like they should have to go to a class to get certified before allowed to carry a gun. Think about it who is going to go into a school knowing all the teachers have guns that is one gun vs. All the teachers that have guns. Also i feel like some of the kids will feel safer because when someone walks in our school with a gun we cant do anything to protect are self so i feel if teachers have guns we could.

  • If they are competent

    If they can prove they are competent enough to carry a firearms then why not? Some people are perfectly competent to do so but simply not allowed. Many teachers are also retired cops or former military, which is a group I definitely trust with weapons specifically some form of guns.

  • People kill people, guns don't

    The issue of depression in the West needs to be dealt with at a much more fundamental level. Instead applying band aids to the problem of gun violence, which is a symptom and not the root cause, provide more funding for mental health and start addressing the deeper societal issues. Criminals do not heed the law and, get ready for it people, 97% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones.

  • People kill people, guns don't

    The issue of depression in the West needs to be dealt with at a much more fundamental level. Instead applying band aids to the problem of gun violence, which is a symptom and not the root cause, provide more funding for mental health and start addressing the deeper societal issues. Criminals do not heed the law and get ready for it people 97% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones

  • People kill people, guns don't

    The issue of depression in the West needs to be dealt with at a much more fundamental level. Instead applying band aids to the problem of gun violence, which is a symptom and not the root cause, provide more funding for mental health and start addressing the deeper societal issues. Criminals do not heed the law and get ready for it people 97% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones

  • Guns should be banned

    In my opinion, I don't think that teachers should be armed with guns. Firstly, this world is bad enough with the gun violence. We already have enough guns circulating around, we don't need to encourage more guns, especially not in our schools. There have been many shootings and encounters with gun violence, we need to focus on getting rid of the guns, instead of getting more. Also, teachers should be teaching and giving students an education, not having to worry about whether to use a gun or not. Teachers should not be put in that difficult decision. Also, it is dangerous to have guns sitting in classrooms. Immature students could end up finding it and getting into a situation with the gun. It would have to be locked up, but there is always a chance of someone being able to get into it. This would cause even more issues. If students are outside during recess and teachers have guns on their hands, students may feel even more unsafe, almost like a prisoner. Why are we encouraging children to be exposed to guns and violence? Is this what our society has come to? It is completely messed up! Let us fix this problem by getting rid of guns ...Period. Look at other countries, like Canada, who have strict gun laws - you don't see many shootings or outbreaks happening there. We also need to address the mental health of our country...And the amount of violence that is shown in the media. Let us be smart and actually stand up for what is right, not what we perceive to be right by our leaders.

  • Most Definitely Not...

    Since all recent attacks have been with an AR-15 and Glock is the standard firearm issued, I'm using them.

    1. Will they stay calm? After all, practice drills aren't done with screaming, gunfire, and blood.
    2. The younger the child, the less they will have learned as far as drills go. And the more likely they are to seek comfort with a person they trust - the now armed teacher.
    3. Will they be traumatized if they saw their teacher with a gun?
    4. Even in Parkland, with kids who have had drill lessons their academic career, there was chaos and people running.

    The Teachers:
    1. Where will the gun go? On a holster that they carry on them? A biometric gun box up high? And will it be safe from students? They might not be able to open it, but they can steal the lockbox.
    2. The Glock has 17 rounds and 160 feet firing range.
    3. How will the teacher grab the lockbox, open, load, and safely evacuate her classroom safely while keeping them calm and in place?
    4. Once in their safe zone, how much attention is diverted from her students, who are looking up to her as guidance a source of comfort?
    5. What if he gets an eye on the shooter and realizes that he taught the kid several years ago. Will you be able to shoot? Think quickly, there can be no hesitation.
    6. Can you even get close enough to him to shoot him? You have to get pretty close.
    7. What happens to your firearm if you're shot? Will the shooter grab it or will a student? And what will happen to your kids?
    8. While the local police may have info on which teacher is carrying a gun when they enter an active shooting incident in a school that is in chaos, they see a gun and they will shoot in less time it takes for them to process who the person is.

    The Shooter:
    1. Armed with an AR-15, which comes with 30 round magazines. There also is an aftermarket 100 round drum. Semiautomatic means that as fast as you can pull the trigger is how fast the gun is shot - average around 2-3 times a second with a magazine change in 2-4 seconds. Its range is 1,300 feet. ATF stopped using them in the field because one shot would go through a human's body, the wall, and then another body.
    2. They got nothing to lose because they know they're not going to live. It makes them more reckless and more willing to take chances.

    I live in Florida and Rick Scott is not a proponent of arming teachers. He favors security guards per 1,000 students.

    Teachers need to be doing what they were blessed to be - teachers who teach you, encourage you, and protect you by doing what the drills instruct.

  • Copy Paste tralalaa

    So basically the Conservative stance is that when it comes to improving the infrastructure of the education system then the institution as a whole can go fuck its self. Next thing you know they suddenly want to spend more when it comes to, you know, not actually improving the educational value of these places but instead giving more people guns. If you're going to waste money like this you might as well increase military spending that way these places can get a few anarcho-feminist professors to introduce soldiers to feminist theory.

    I really don't get how the right-wing thinks on this issue. So when it comes to the issue of guns, it seems reasonable to solve the issue with . . . More guns? Erm, okay, let me introduce you guys to the concept of probability. I'm not saying guns are bad or some hippie shit like that, but what I'm saying is that it's simple common sense that if you introduce more guns to more people then you also inherently introduce them to more people that overall shouldn't be wielding a gun.

    Furthermore, what is it with this naivete that we can just blindly trust authority? We're talking about people who have to deal with a bunch of snot nosed twats on a daily basis. Giving these people guns might not exactly be the best idea. Nevermind the absurdity of training people to have skills that have absolutely nothing to do with their profession. It's such an amazing waste of time and money to even create a demand for such credentials.

    "Hey, U.S.A, we kinda already fixed this problem. Wanna give this a sho- oh, you're just going to continue doing the complete opposite of that? Fantastic." Then again I guess I shouldn't be surprised. America's solution for two thousand people dying was to get somewhere around another ninety eight thousand to die in a war. Maybe it's time we admit that America has terrible problem solving skills.

  • No I don't think teachers should have guns because they could easily turn on you and start a school shooting themselves or threaten their students.

    Though I don't agree with teachers having guns, I do agree with policemen having guns. Police should be in school with guns or at least with some form of weapon. Policemen are more trusting that teachers in my opinion and should have a weapon in school grounds. They keep our cities safe so why not our schools?

  • Should teachers be armed with guns?

    I feel like teachers should not be armed with guns because i feel like something will go wrong because what if a teacher gets mad at a student and decided hurt them its just like a kid with a gun who shoots up the school for kids who bullied them .

  • Problem: School Shootings Trumps Solution: Let's give teachers guns!!

    You really trust the people who can not even tell which kid is talking to shoot the right person? I am just saying that having guns in school is an awful idea. What happens if they start shooting up the school themselves. Or a person steals it. The solutions to guns is not more guns.

  • It's too risky and Challenging

    I believe this because, some Children may try to shoot up the schools and may hurt the staff or students. Look at what Is going on in the world. Remember the schools "Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting", remember "Columbia School high school Shooting", and in today world "Florida high school shooting." So to have the teacher, having guns is more irresponsible because, some teacher/teachers may do something one day and cause the school to be on "LOCKDOWN." During school days, whenever the teachers feel like the student is a threat they might shoot them. Some teachers may do it over Racist act. A kid can probably take the gun away from the teacher and shoot somebody. Ds9nm

  • Teachers shouldn't be armed because every one makes mistakes

    Teachers aren't able to be armed because everyone makes mistakes just like other humans.Sometimes if a teacher wants to defend the students she or he will be shocked and will try to shoot the shooter but what if she shoots a student by accident .That why teachers shouldn't be armed at all.

  • They have families as well.

    Say someone comes into the school with a gun and teachers are able to carry them. What happens afterwards? The teachers kill the guy with the gun what justice is that? They will be a murderer than and for some people that's traumatizing. How would they be able to live with that? Yes there are crooked teachers in the world but same with the police, Doctors or anyone for that matter. We will always have bad guys in the world but giving teachers guns will most likely not fix the issue. I don't think teachers carrying guns will stop students from shooting up a place anyway if they are determined they are determined and will die trying.

  • They're teachers not police officers

    I understand that people want to be safe but i personally think that they need to also understand that our teachers have families as well, they don't come to work to kill people. People need to address the issue first hand and try to be more observant of troubled students.

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Debating_Horse says2018-05-22T21:24:05.520
Not necessarily "all" teachers, but those that are capable and would be ready if that were to ever occur elsewhere.
wshaq says2018-05-25T12:39:23.593