• Yes, teachers should be better trained in conflict resolution.

    I definitely believe that teachers should be better trained in conflict resolution. I think that there are many times in a classroom where a teacher needs to be able to calm down an issue or problem in class. If a teacher is able to settle a conflict, it would benefit everybody.

  • It would be helpful

    I think this all comes down to the management of personalities. If teachers are better trained to manage personalities, especially developing personalities in children, they will handle conflict resolution more astutely. There is a lot to being a teacher, and most don't realize. This is a very, very important aspect.

  • It's a basic skill.

    Yes, teachers should be better trained in conflict resolution, because there is a lot of conflict that happens at school. Teachers should be able to help students resolve their differences in ways other than fighting. This could help their students avoid physical violence and find other ways to be more positive in the classroom.

  • Teachers aren't mediators.

    No, I don't think that teachers need better training in conflict resolution. Quite frankly, most teachers are jerks who (irony of ironies) can't be taught much after a few years on the job. If you want to resolve conflicts, then give the little darlings referrals to the principal's office. Let administration take those courses.

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