Should teachers be considered a higher degree field, such as being a doctor or lawyer?

Asked by: Rezamee
  • A definite yes!

    Teaching shouldnt be a job that quite a few people can just get into and replace good or rather, better teacher since some people that hold the title of "teacher" isnt that at all but is just a lazy person who sits on their hide and gives out nothing but paperwork and at that point it really isnt teaching so it would be wasting both the student and the alleged teacher's time. So i do indeed wish that teaching would be a higher degree job so it weeds out the potential bad teachers and keeps the good ones (and maybe remove some lesser willed ones as well.)

  • Teachers Build the Future

    It surprised me and hurts me that teachers aren't seen as being as important as doctors. I mean, that doctor is only a doctor because someone TAUGHT him how to be one. Teachers are the people that educate people and help them get somewhere in life. Now, I know that some teachers are worse than others and everyone's had that teacher that just assigned homework and didn't do much of anything else in the way of helping their students to learn. But generally teachers have a very important job, and like others have stated they can change the life of their student by influencing him or her by introducing new subjects or helping that student find their passion in life. Teachers are greatly underrated and underpaid and I think things really need to change.

  • Teachers are role models for children

    It's sad that they are paid salaries that are on par with fast food restaurant managers. How can we expect to find good, caring and engaged teachers this way?
    Those of us who are lucky enough to have had a teacher who was really excited about their work and their students can understand how important those teachers are in comparison to the average teachers who seem to have given up on their careers and drone on and on without any enthusiasm about their work.
    Students need more teachers who are proud of themselves and their careers!

  • In the future, teachers should have the high degrees to teach- that helps drastically improve education.

    A teacher changes whether a student drops out of school or grows to love the subject. All too often, students cite certain teachers as the reason an interest turned into a passion. In the United States, teachers are too often seen simply as jobs that have no real impact. Yet, we fail to see that like a doctor who saves a life, or a lawyer who avenges a life, a teacher changes a life. More accurately, the rarely found good teacher changes lives; the average teacher who doesn't have the right skills to teach simply acts as an intermediary between the student and the textbook. This has to change. Hiring high quality teachers who have earned a higher degree in a subject that enables them to more effectively teach will undeniably improve the quality of education.

  • They should be respected!

    Hey well not really I mean look they are nice and great! And very importent but look they are not like saving lifes like a doctor or making sure no one goes to jail like a lawyer well they might be doing that?! They are great but, they are fine just the way they are
    Excellent question!

  • Teaching requires passion, not expensive degree!

    If teaching required a higher degree, the cost would make teaching an unobtainable goal for many. The more extensive education would not necessarily mean that a person who completed that degree was a better teacher. Teaching requires more than just knowledge. It requires the ability to present a subject in a way that inspires others. It requires learning to say the same thing in infinite number of ways so that anyone can understand. It requires being able to see fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and hope in others that they try to hide. Teachers do not need more education. Obviously, most of the concepts being taught to 1-12 do not require a college education to understand. What teachers need is to be allowed to use some independent thought and creativity. Basically, they need to be allowed to teach, instead of just read out loud.

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