Should teachers be fired for advocating specific religious beliefs in the classroom?

  • Of course immediate

    Dismissal for teaching this nonsense in a classroom , children should be taught subjects which have educational merit and not nonsensical fairytales from so called "religious books" there is nothing of any value in these dreadful books and they should be consigned to the bin . A teacher is there to educate and this tripe is the opposite so peg them out if caught teaching it.

  • Yes

    Religion is a touchy subject and should be handled by parents. I agree with the idea that you have to teach pupils bout religion because not doing it is encouraging discrimination and fear but specific advocacy by teachers is wrong. In a lot of countries you can get fired for doing it unless the school is a special religious school - for example France.

  • if you want your kid to learn religion then take them to church!

    I believe teachers should be fired for teaching religion in public schools. Not everybody in the classroom is the same religion and by saying anything about religion could insult students and make for an uncomfortable learning environment for those kids. Church is around for a reason...if you want your kid to learn religion then take them there.

  • I do believe that teachers should be fired for advocating specific religious beliefs, because using religious beliefs on children should only be done by the parents.

    Now, this does depend heavily on whether this is a private school or a public school. In public school, I believe that this should not be done, no matter what. Let the students have their own religious beliefs, without being messed with by the teachers. In a private school, it would depend on if it is a religious school or not and, if it is, then it would be silly to do so.

    Posted by: KindErik
  • The classroom is not the place for religion.

    Parents did not send their kids to school to be force-fed religion of some kind or another. Inflicting superstition on growing minds is not the job of the school system, and it is definitely not the teacher's place to attempt this. This isn't the kind of thing that can be solved with a reprimand; only instant firing will do the trick.

    Posted by: EqualClaud72
  • Teachers should not promote religion to students, because some students are of different religions, and should not be forced to hear stuff they do not believe in.

    This evidence is in the Constitution of the United States of America. This country was founded on religious freedom, which entitles the people to believe whatever they want. They are not to be persecuted for it. However, the classroom is not a grand place for this, because children are meant to learn basic skills, and religion is not one of them.

    Posted by: ShutDana69
  • Freedom of speech

    Teachers should be able to support in what they believe and feel and it may make them relate more to some of the students. This also allows them to advance into new topics to discus with their class. Also it's not like anyone is being hurt either. Also teachers should still be given the freedom of speech and religion.

  • Number one God really does exist, He is the only authority that matters in life, not man. Number 2 America was founded on religious freedom.

    These children who have heard from teachers about religion have not endured any physical or psychological harm, and anyone who acts like hearing someone talk about Jesus harmed them in some way is a liar. Yes, everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs, and that means whether it is an atheist teacher being open about atheism, a Muslim teacher being open about the Islam he follows, or Christian, or Buddist, etc etc, that is all fitting into the religious freedom America was founded on. No one is out there forcing children to convert. Now that would be wrong. But mentioning beliefs in the classroom or talking about the God who really is Lord of all Creation, that's not crazy, that's not oppressive, that is rational and any nation truly operating or even under the pretense of religious freedom worth their salt is not going to fire someone, no matter what religion or lack of, of being open about it. I obviously am a Christian, but if an Islam or Buddisht or Atheist believing teacher talked to my kids (if I had some) at a school, I and my kids would not be negatively harmed by that in any way, and that is their right as a human being to share what they believe in, as do I and others. Advocating for others firing based on that makes YOU the intolerant one, the ONE with unreasonable insubordination against human and free expression rights, and NO ONE has been negatively harmed after hearing of the Lord who cleansed lepers and raises the dead and stopped a woman from being stoned. STOP BEING OPPRESSORS.

  • Its not even legal!!

    I feel this country was founded on three things; life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We, as a country also signed the constitution and 1st amendment, stating these basic rights, while also stating --"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." If our government cannot keep these promises to us, then what government do we have?

  • My teacher got fired from it

    So i found out my gym teacher was fired for being religious and its stupid because he doesnt talk much about God and religious stuff so me and my friends were talking that what if a teacher is athest then are they going to be fired like seriously. Mentor Shore Middle School sucks. They fired another teacher a few months ago because he didnt like the technology like seriously people can have their own beliefs and opinion . Thank you! :))

  • No, teachers should not be fired.

    Teachers shouldn't advocate a specific religion during class time, because this topic of conversation would take time away from learning. However, I do not feel it's wrong for teachers to talk about their own faith if asked by students outside of class, wear crosses, or do other non-teaching things that demonstrate their beliefs. Firing should only be limited to repeated and serious problems with a teacher, who is perhaps greatly trying to convert students. In most cases, if parents are concerned, the teacher should just be told to stop.

  • No, That's going too far.

    I don't see any reason for a teacher to be fired for expressing any religious beliefs unless those beliefs inflict some type of harm on students. People have the right to be religious as people have the right to be non-religious, so it's not fair for the teacher to be fired for their beliefs. If the students are uncomfortable with the thought, then they should take it up in a calm manner with the teacher, and the principal should be able to handle their staff in a reasonable manner unless otherwise. Besides it's being just as close-minded to those who can express their religion reasonably just as it is close-minded for religious people to shut their minds to those with different beliefs.

  • No, because it is the basis of our freedom

    Our forefathers fought that we might have religious freedom, we let one person change out schools. I remember every morning we did the pledge to the Flag and a scripture before class could start. The children today are missing out on a lot because they have not been taught to honor God.

  • Not if the students are willing

    Students should have to want to be taught religious beliefs, but teachers should not be wholly restricted from it. If someone in the class objects because of an intelligent, feasible reason, the teacher should not continue in his, her, it's preaching. If the students wish to be taught or have no objection to being taught religion, the teacher should have the option to preach to them.

  • In a Christian society why should schools pretend to be secular

    In most western countries the majority of citizens are Christians, yet teachers are required to hide this. Simple things like celebrating Easter and Christmas are a part of our culture because they are Christian beliefs. Kids see religion everywhere yet they are expected to pretend it does not exist within a classroom.

    Children need to make informed decisions in life and they make these desicions by being exposed to various stimuli. Children need to make up their own minds about religion and most will despite what their teachers say. But if religion is not mentioned in the home then they to are getting a biased picture and some exposure at school can help them make a well informed and non one sided desicion.

  • Nooooooo! way!

    I think if teachers want to express their personal beliefs in the classroom they have the right to do that. They shouldn't be overbearing, but the amendments to the constitution gives the rights for freedom of speech, and saying that teachers don't have the right to express religious beliefs strips them of the rights that our forefathers set in place! I am only 14 but I care about the way Christians are treated in this day and time. America is trying to keep the religion that put this country together out. I am a Bible believing Pentecostal, and I will do whatever it takes to get the Christians back to where they need to be!

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