• Yes teacher should be outraged

    Teachers work very hard and to see that a few people say they are bad for doing something is not fair. teachers are the ones who provide knowledge to all the 'smart' people who help make the world a better place. How come teachers are not rewarded more often, without teachers we wouldn't have educated people.

  • They have a right to be angry about generalization.

    The teacher's union has a right to express outrage over the cover, which does transmit a generalization that portrays teachers (represented by the apple) in a bad light, about to be smashed by a gavel (the new laws) for bad behavior. Also, the cover text seems too small compared to the cover to really balance out the public perception of teachers, whihc has already been in steady decline.

  • Teachers should be outraged over Time Magazine's "bad teacher" cover!

    While not overtly offensive in itself, Time Magazine's "bad teacher" cover lumps all teachers into the "bad teacher" category. The picture itself shows a gavel coming down to smash an apple. At a glance, the reader will assume all teachers are bad apples. In this age of instant global news, the picture should have been more thought out, and portrayed a rotten apple surrounded by good apples. The reader would then have taken away the impression that not all teachers are bad.

  • No, teachers should not be outraged over Time Magazine's "bad teacher" cover.

    Teachers should not be outraged because the cover is not attacking all teachers. The magazine cover only addresses one teacher, not all teachers. Teachers should ignore it and concentrate on bettering themselves for their students so their students can have a more successful future.They should not worry over something as minor and petty as a magazine cover.

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