• Many Standardized Classes Can be Automated

    Many standard classes such as science, math, reading and social studies can be taught online with automated classes. Although there is no replacement for hands-on work, those students who show an aptitude for a certain subject can find further study at whatever venue they choose. Basic classes can be automated with an assist from a "real" teacher should a student require extra help. Many concepts can be easily taught with an audio-visual style perfect for computers and online learning at home. Really, parents are the best teachers so perhaps kids should stay at home and learn more from online classes.

  • Teachers In Classes Should Become Teachers Online!

    With all the abuse that teachers get from students when trying to engage them in the learning experience, I say retrain them to develop on classes where children will actually learn something! Let someone else deal with the spitballs and the distractions, real teachers want to help people learn and this is no longer possible in many classroom situations.

  • No Online Classes

    People need to be taught in the traditional method. Online classes are not of a good enough quality to teach people online. People ate schools can have their questions answered, receive hands on training and other things that were required for many jobs. In a day of many growing technologies we may be able to educate people online, but we are not at that stage yet.

  • Teachers are like GOD

    Teachers are our god who understand us better and provide affection which robots and machines cannot. Teachers can clear our doubt and understand where we need to concentrate and practice. We cannot replace GOD with machines , SO, TEACHERS CANNOT BE REPLACED WITH ROBOTS." I SAY NO, YOU SUPPORT NO"

  • Learning with AI and classteachers

    See we students learn everything for parents and by hearing from them this is called implict learning like we all know how to speak our mother tongue, but if we use AI to teach us we will not be humans anymore..
    But if we have a classroom with the AI and class teachers together it will make the teaching much more interactive and more understanding.

  • It is a disaster.

    Schools without teachers are like children without parents. Parents guide us in all ways, same as it teachers too are the keyboards who enter knowledge into our brains. If we have doubts on the subject we are learning then who will clear it. If you dont know the way you ask a guide. Without a guide how can you reach the destination. It is the teachers who guide us towards the right direction.

  • Should not be replaced

    I do believe that there is a place for certain subjects to be taught online.
    I have been in a couple online accounting classes and I have had to teach myself. Also the homework online through a site is not even comparable to class room instruction. There have been numerous discussion questions on the site about how to complete problems. Those learning through the class room are much more knowledgeable in my opinion. They usually work out problems with paper forms and understand the accounting process more. Seems that the online classes are just a way for colleges to save money without needing class rooms. I could have bought an instructional package and taught myself without the stress of wondering if I was turning in the homework the right way. The online option has, at times, been confusing.

  • No one has ever actually planned to put robots in the front of the classroom however, teaching is changing.

    Teaching is changing like it or not. Technology and the availability of technology to students is moving so fast no one can really stay ahead. Education has evolved and parents are looking for options. Schools aren't teaching they are teaching to the test, in general. Administration does not discipline, in general and teachers are not revered and respected by students or admin. This pushes teachers out of the system and if we are lucky some of them into online learning. Teachers will still be needed but less of them....And those teachers that are left should be comfortable teaching online as well. And no, online learning does not have to be lonely and independent learning.....Online courses and schools are changing with the times. It is a who different concept and it takes a while to get used to it but over 80 percent of students that try learning online go back to it.

  • No teachers can't be replaced with smart classes.

    As smart classes are interactive but can't replaced with teachers.While teacher's can understand us more than present gadgets.Smart class can teach us in different way without knowing the concentration of students but teachers can help the students by concentrating .So teachers cannot be replaced by smart class. My answer is NO.

  • Because machines cannot show the required love and affection towards childern

    Machines if even try their level best to overcome teachers can not do so.It can help teachers in some of the matters and clear the doubts but up to some accent. Some students might not be so well in studies to understand the so direct and hard words used by machines. They need some live examples and well solved illustrations which can only be provided by teachers

  • Teachers are better and better than a machine(online classes)

    Online classes cant explain at that level the level on which teacher explain. Teachers teaches better and online classes cant make us understanding with any concept with so much cleanliness. Teachers remains always better. Online classes are just machines . Teachers are very friendly and can understand us while online classes not.

  • I Like My Teachers

    If you have a question, will an online class tutor be able to adequately answer it? If you want to learn about morals and common ethics, will an online tutor successfully transform you emotionally? I strongly believe not. Teachers are most definity necessary when it comes to education and development in young students.

    I am sure you will agree with me, human contact is the best contact. I would absolutely hate to have to surround my livings around technology. It's faulty and is nowhere as near as human intelligence. To be educated from a robotic implement is, frankly speaking, a recipe for a disaster. The knowledge gained would be limited and there would be no life and imagination in how we think. The robot would literally turn us into robots.

    Additionally, robots CANNOT and will not be able to substantiate the use of ethics and morals in our lives. Simply stating kindness is one thing, but to actually demonstrate it is a feat. Our teachers are, in fact, the greatest demonstrators of this kindness. They have to put up with our arrogance, disputes and ignorance all the time! And the ways by which they treat these problems are not in any level as to how a robot would treat such a situation. In fact, I don't even believe that these hopeless things will be able to pick them up in the first place.

    We need suitable educators - educators that will help us to develop intellectually, emotionally and culturally. Robots from online classes are not capable of attaining this level of perfection. Only teachers can. It's time to understand that it is absolutely unnecessary to replace teachers with these functionless, little, hopeless junks.

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