Should teachers be required to balance student homework with other activities

  • Sometimes teachers don't understand.

    I'm a senior in HS right now and I've got so much on my plate. Homework, ACTs, SATs, college essays, after school activities, community service, finding a job, applying for college, college visits..... It's just so much. So I do think homework should be balanced especially because every teacher gives out homework. I don't think they realize that. We have other classes and other things to do. We just don't have that one class. They should consider everything else we do in our lives.

  • School Comes First

    I think that teachers can overdo it with homework sometimes, but I think that they are really handcuffed to this standard because of how strict curriculum requirements tend to be. The average curriculum stresses the core subjects, and expects teachers to get through so much information that homework is the only real way to engrain it into the minds of students. Take the Pythagorean Theorem for example: it's a pretty important mathematical concept, and you have maybe 3 class periods to establish it for your students. The only way to establish it conceptually is by giving a fair amount of homework, so that students understand the rule back and front.

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