Should teachers be required to carry concealed weapons and be trained in how to use them?

Asked by: BaconLover
  • Yes they should

    My reasoning for teachers to have firearms in the classrooms is to protect the children in the school. People they state the teachers will shoot the kids sometimes are forgetting the technology we have today. The guns would be in a drawer locked. The only way for it to open is for the principal or vice principal to press a button and the drawers will open. That way teachers can't open fire on students. We may not have this technology yet but we are very close to achieving it.

  • It Should Be Required.

    Many kids' and teachers' lives could be saved if teachers or faculty at a school carry a concealed weapon. They would be able to defend people who can't defend themselves, and prevent that overabundance of people getting shot and killed, or even injured.
    I also believe that those teachers and staff should be trained in shooting, concealing, and just taking care of their gun. I think that it is a good idea, but we do need to be smart about it.

  • No, I don't not support arming teachers

    It seems simple, there's a threat of children being shot in school, teachers are the "good guys", give the good guys a gun and have them protect the children in school. One issue with that is that I've never seen a "Good Guy" test. The second amendment became null and void with the forming of the Continental Army.

  • They should have the choice.

    Teachers are the last line of defense from criminals that enter the school. They should not be required by any means, however if they choose to carry they should be allowed. Other forms of protection should be in place, however the last line of defense should be a gun to defend oneself and others.

  • For a safety reason!

    Don't get me wrong, I think teachers should be carry weapons to school but in some place where the weapons cannot be seen by students so they can't do any harms. What is a good way is to train them by military or police enforcement. There are many methods for teachers to bring the weapons sine nowadays kids or adults want to hurt another human beings!

  • If they don't want dead kids.

    If they had firearms they shoot the enemy and he is dead. All the kids go home (except dead ones) to their mommy and daddy and eat cookies and watch disney. Later they watch the news and it shows a dead bloody kid with guts everywhere and the news reporter cannot stop laughing. I win.

  • Protection for the students

    Although unlikely, in the event that an armed individual breaks into a school, with the intention of killing, the teachers could potentially save lives. Not only this, but just the fact that the teachers have weapons may deter people from even attempting to do this. As long as the teachers are deemed responsible enough to carry a weapon, then it should be fine.

  • They definitely should.

    Look what happened in Connecticut. The shooting that killed kids and teachers. That was horrible. I think teachers need to defend themselves as well as the kids in the school when something like that happens. There has also been more school shootouts as well. I believe they should be allowed to carry firearms.

  • I believe they should be.

    It would be a crazy idea, and I know there are plenty of arguments to it. However, if there is an armed intruder on campus, then what happens? In most cases, he busts in and kills people, right?

    If he busted into my classroom (a high school classroom), someone would bash his brains in with the fire extinguisher. But what if he busted into a middle school classroom? Or an elementary classroom? The kids would have no escape. Their only choice would be to lie down and hope they don't get shot. They're completely at the mercy of a crazed gunman.

    I think their should be some sort of program that allows teachers to receive training on how to use a firearm. Then, those teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed firearm. How would this work? I don't know, but I'm sure there's a solution.

    Or at least, there should be armed security guards or police officers or SOMETHING, so that schools are protected. There's a reason these psychos shoot up SCHOOLS and not gun stores.

  • What happens when the teacher is the one doing the shooting?

    The amazing thing about a lot of crazy people is their uncanny ability to masquerade as normal people. Now I am not saying that there is a sizable undercurrent of teachers who are ready to snap and murder a room full of kids but the potential is still there. Also the more guns you have in a school the more shootings that are going to occur.

    What if a kid is getting behaving violently towards a frightened teacher? What happens when that teacher pulls a gun. Even if they had no intention of firing it one thing can always lead to another. It is a typical United States solution to the problem of having too many shootings. "Lets throw more guns at the situation" Guns are obviously dangerous and unfortunately most people are simply not to be trusted with that sort of responsiblity.

    Having more guns will result in more deaths and I feel so sorry for any country where the people think that forcing the teachers to carry concealed weapons is a good idea. The solution lies in tighter gun controls, better education and a more comprehensive and accepting society.

  • That would be horrific

    Teachers are not infallible. Among the teaching population there can quite easily be psychopaths, and mentally unstable people who would delight in using these weapons. In fact if teachers had concealed weapons it might even start attracting this type of person to the teaching profession.

    Its easy to crack when the kids drive you crazy and you don't know what to do. We will end up with more tragedies.

  • Gives another reason to be afraid

    What happens if the teacher looses it and goes around killing others? That's not too good. Most shooters are seemingly normal people, people you talk to when you're taking out the trash, those who help you fill your tank up at the gas station, your friends. They never profile as a killer. So, should that happen to a teacher, that would be utter disastrous. It's like a dirty cop.

  • I see no reason why

    Well, to begin with, they're teachers, not security guards. I mean, I don't see a day when a teacher's resume would say "knows how to use an AK-47". This concept of 'concealed weapons' is rather queer, at least in a civilized society it is. A teacher is someone who imparts and spreads knowledge, the very image or the feeling of the word 'teacher' would change, if we were to make them POSSIBLE KILLING MACHINES

  • Use armed guards(under a policeman) not armed teachers.

    Have trained, Armed guards(+jobs) in schools, Headed by a policeman( to ensure no misuse). Why give guns to teachers. Its not their job. I mean, They should protect students, But giving them guns would have its side effects. We don't want killers getting attracted to the profession, Nor rapists who would compromise the chastity of students upon gunpoint, And that too just to serve there animal instincts, And spoil the life of an innocent child, An already traumatized teenager or a developing social benefactor.

  • Can Happen Anywhere

    Like already stated, what if a teachers snaps?

    Also... Mass shootings can happen ANYWHERE. Yes we hear about it a lot in schools because having innocent children murdered is especially horrific but what about the mass shooting in a movie theater? Should movie theater attendants also carry guns? Or shootings in malls? Should store clerks carry guns? What about shootings in salons, gas stations, restaurants, banks, etc. We can't stop shootings, they can happen anywhere. Instead of just making teachers use guns to protect children we should be educating youth better or have better gun laws.

    As a future educator, I don't constantly think about how someone could come into my classroom with a gun. Yes, I would do anything to protect those children, but it's not a personal everyday worry I want to have and by giving me a gun and putting the protection of children in my place, that is only going to increase my limitations to teach by the constant fear of someone terrible happening.

  • Of course not

    Like many have pointed out, what if the teacher snaps? If a student is shooting, would the teacher be able to react in time to ready the gun, aim and fire before they were shot? Even if they were able to, how many teachers could bring themselves to shoot a child, much less one of their own students? A student who wants to kill their classmates won't show mercy. A teacher will.

  • Teachers are ticking time bombs!

    Just because people in America can't keep a gun holstered doesn't mean that you should give more people guns to avoid more people getting shot! Plus, teachers tend to get aggravated and might just pull a gun on a student in the event of a build up of aggression due to a student disobeying.

  • Well, kind of

    This is actually the topic of a bill for Youth and Government. I personally agree with the bill's stance, in that not every school should be required to have armed teachers, but that those districts can decide on a school to school basis whether it is necessary, and if so how would they fund the training and firearms. This bill creates the legality for there to be a response team of teachers, but does not raise the national public to be up in arms (no pun intended) against the government forcing teachers to carry guns.

    On another note, I'm not sure that the practicality is even there for having teachers with guns. After all the costs of training and providing CHLs and ammo, I think it would just be easier to hire a security guard or two. They would be able to deal with the situation much more effectively anyway.

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