• It would be a pity if they didn't.

    Most people die by gun-related homicide in gun-free zones. Taking guns away from legally allowed teachers is like taking away a protective shield from an exposed soldier. Just be glad the second amendment exists, because taking away guns is the last thing you want to do. It is also not a matter of "have no practical reason to own guns", just so all a yall know

  • Yes They Should.

    They should because if there is someone trying to kill kids or other people they will be able to protect the kids and then they would be a hero. And it was because they were allowed to have a gun in their class. Though a teacher should be a bad person and threaten a kid with it, and that would be bad. So really I can't say yes and I can't say no.

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  • No, teachers should not carry guns.

    No, teachers should not carry guns. Teachers are civilians, and the majority of civilians have no practical reason to own guns, let alone carry them in a school. Additionally, it makes more sense to reduce gun violence in schools by making it harder to bring a gun to school, not by encouraging a subset of the population to bring guns to the facility.

  • No, teachers with guns only make it easier for children to access guns.

    Teachers are no less human than anyone else in the world and make mistakes. Students can easily steal from teachers' handbags or holsters, and some unethical teachers who sell drugs or become too friendly with students will only put the students more at risk by carrying a weapon to school.

  • No, teachers having guns would resort in accidental deaths

    Given the current statistics, a teacher with a gun is much more likely to mistakenly kill a student than they are to stop a high school massacre. Even if the teacher is taking every safety precaution, it would still be possible for a curious student to get a hold of the gun and then unintentionally shoot a classmate.

  • Teachers may misuse guns.

    Teachers should not carry guns because they are still as human as the rest of us and prone to poor decisions. If teachers are allowed to carry guns, they may accidentally use one in situations where it is uncalled for. A teacher may take out a gun by accident when getting mad at a student and something disastrous could happen.

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