Should teachers carry guns if they are mentally fit?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • But not mandated

    Teachers who would otherwise own guns and who would like to bring their legally obtained guns into school should be able to do so, provided that they register this information with the school and always keep them on them. People who are proven responsible and experienced with guns are not the issue in schools, but mandating this would ultimately lead to far more harm than good.

  • Yes, they are responsible enough.

    It's a wonder how teachers aren't allowed to carry guns in the first place. Not only does it deter potential attackers due to the fact that they won't know who's packing, but it also reduces the need for security guards. Teachers are responsible enough to carry a gun, and so they should.

  • Well of course

    A few well trusted teachers would be a good idea to protect the children incase of a school shooting. Plus if they do manage to corner the shooter they can try to talk them out of it if they are not fired upon. It can help prevent future school shootings if properly handled.

  • Yes, yes, yes.

    Mentally fit teachers should ALWAYS have a gun in the class room, (hidden from students). If the teachers at the Sandy Hooke Elementary school had, had a gun 27 lives would have been saved. I am 14 and I would feel safer if I knew that teachers had guns in the class room.

  • So Students feel safe!

    I am a 15 year old high schooler. I would feel much more safe if teachers at school carried a gun! If even one teacher had a gun in Conn. Then it wouldn't have been as server as it was. And if not all teachers have a gun, then at least make a "stronghold" classroom that is easily and safely accessible in which that teacher doesn't know the password/passcode so he can't shoot the kids!

  • Guns are a dangerous thing for anyone to have in school.

    The question regarding allowing mentally fit teachers to carry guns does not really come down to mental fitness. The true question is are guns dangerous when in the wrong hands. The answer is yes. Simply because a mentally fit person owns or carries a gun does not mean that someone who is not mentally fit cannot access it. Introducing guns into schools, regardless of mental fitness, presents more opportunities and resources for those who are not to access them.

  • Teachers Shouldn't Carry Firearms

    Teachers shouldn't carry firearms under any circumstances, even if they're mentally fit to do so. On school grounds, teachers should never be armed, whether they're protecting students or not. School involved shootings don't get solved by adding more guns to the equation, which is something most people don't realize today.

  • Teachers should not carry guns, even if they are mentally fit.

    Teachers should not carry guns, even if they are mentally fit. It just takes one student to over power a teacher and get their gun and start shooting to create a nationwide tragedy. It is too dangerous for classrooms to have deadly weapons in them because they could be used the wrong way.

  • Teachers are not security guards

    School shootings don't happen frequently enough to make arming teachers a viable option. Should every employee at a grocery store be armed with a gun? If a shooting occurred, would a teacher be able to shoot an armed and dangerous person?

    I would advocate for security guards being at all school campuses, but arming a teacher who is there to teach students, not to protect students, is absurd.

  • Then why have school security guards?

    There are a series of things that can go wrong with possessing a gun. In this case scenario, a student could find it and go berserk, the teacher could forget to put the safety lock on and could shoot themselves, or another if it fell or if some too much pressure got on the trigger. Anyways, why have the teachers possess them. Many schools have security guards that are trained in their field of duty, and with a gun. A lot of the time they won't even carry a gun. They may instead rely on their own strength, or pepper spray, etc. In my opinion there is just not a huge reason for teachers to need one. If you're that concerned with safety carry around pepper spray. If that's not enough maybe you could have tranquilizing blow-darts, or a security guard designated for a specific classroom.

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