• Sure if they're qualified

    By Constitutional law we still have the right to bear arms. If a teacher is legally allowed to carry and has proper training, then I don't see a problem with it. The reason we allow police officers to pack is because they're trained, so a civilian who's trained should have the same consideration.

  • Teachers Should Have a Gun

    What idiot thinks that a gun is going to be holstered to a teachers side or on top of a desk?! A gun would most certainly be locked away. The kids wouldn't know who had the keys to the gun or where they were anyways, and they'd recieve proper training for situations like that. Not every teacher would carry, only those qualified and who volunteer. If not enough were qualified, but enough wanted to, they'd undergo the procedures to be qualified and the training as well. You wouldn't be tossing the gun to someone who didn't want it and couldn't handle it. School systems can't afford security guards, and police response times average four minutes, and a lot of people can die in four minutes. Only other teachers and administrators would know who carried the gun. Not students, so the likelihood of them attaining one would decrease further. People say that the teachers could snap, but how often do you hear of a teacher shooting a school up versus a student or some outside person? Not to mention that the person has to have a strict background screening to even be able to have a gun. Barricading the door and hiding in a corner isn't a plan. Not to mention what happens if kids aren't in class when a shooter comes? Where do they hide then? In Columbine they hid in the library, but the shooters broke in and threw bombs and found students and still killed them. If even one person on the inside had a gun, dozens of lives could've been saved. Yes, teachers should have guns.

  • Guns are a tool, just like the office printer

    All a gun is, is a way to protect someone who might not be able to by themselves. Countries that have very minimal gun restrictions also have had fewer outbreaks of violence then other ones. Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole world, and they have very minimal gun restriction laws

  • Safer environment for children and teachers

    Responsible adults who know how to handle a weapon properly should be able to carry with a conceled weapon permit. It's abserd to think that a good civilian with proper knowledge of weapons would leave the weapon on the desk or within reach of students. Conceled carrying permits means they are hidden so the student wouldn't even know.

  • Of course teachers should carry guns

    Without the fire arms lots of people and children will be killed. Many schools have done it so why don't all schools carry weapons. Also the teachers would more than likely have to be trained. That would prove to adminastraters it is safe to let teachers carry guns in schools. In Sandy Hook Elementary school the weapons were brought in by an intruder. The children were not killed by a teacher.

  • Teachers should be able to do this.

    Teachers need to be able to protect their students. I do not believe in just giving some retarded teacher a gun. I think that the gun should be locked into a indastructable box that is only able to be unlocked in an intruder emergency. The principal would be informed when a gun is out and could unlock or lock the box if needed to

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  • Teacher's should be allowed to have guns

    In most cases, School shootings can be carried out because there is not much resistance until the police come, Which on average takes around 18 minutes, While the average school shooting takes around 12. 5 minutes, So police won't be able to do much. The primary job of a teacher is to teach, But it is also to make sure that the students are safe, And a teacher can't really defend themselves, Much less their students, Against a person using a gun without any weapons. Usually, In order to teach, You need to be patient, And you need to be able to deal with kids. No teacher would shoot a kid because they forgot their homework, Or for another ridiculous reason. The average pay for a security guard is $13 an hour, And having multiple guards for around 7 hours 5 days a week adds up to around $2275 a week, If we only have 5 guards. In addition, Just barricading the door wouldn't work, Because in some cases, The shooters were school kids, So they would probably think of some way to go around that barrier.

  • Yes because yes

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  • This is important

    This should be legal because without armed teachers the school system is at risk of more school shootings and taking more lives than a teacher would be by shooting a criminal and ridding the world of another criminal and hence i support this argument until i die. Lol lol lol

  • It simply increases violence

    If a teacher had a gun, it would simply increase the chance of a school shooting. I mean, what if the teacher was unstable and one day she just snapped. How'd that go? I am currently doing a project on this very topic at my school. Also, it takes money to train and supply teachers with guns.

  • A better way to protect the kids.

    If a classroom is breached, the gunman takes out the teacher first. No time to grab a gun. In Texas for instance, the teachers must keep the gun in a Lock Box with a keyed lock. No time to waist so
    teachers can and should Barricade the classroom door if there is a Lockdown Event in progress.
    Why let an intruder into the classroom to begin with. They need a door barricade device like Nightlock Lockdown attached to the classroom door. Piling desks and classroom furniture in front of the door is slow and uneffective, and doesn't work on outward swing doors. But this device will and is now active in many school districts across the country. A simple device keeps bad guys out, and gives a teacher more time to prepare and hide students.

  • Guns plus School

    Why the heck would a teacher bring a gun to school!? The teacher may have serious mental problems plus anger issues. Plus some teachers might leave the gun unattended and the child might pick up the gun and play with it. And you know what happens when a child plays with a gun.

  • Absolutely not! This would result in more injuries or death in the event of a shooting!

    No one should carry guns in school except security or police officers on campus-- in other words, people with the proper training to handle volatile situations. Equipping teachers with guns, who are little more than civilians, is absurd. This would not help prevent the type of deadly mass shooting we've been seeing lately. All that would do is increase the possibility of innocent people getting caught in the crossfire.

  • Teachers + guns=more violence

    That's is not what is wanted the plan Is to protect the students and by having a gun in the classroom jeopardize that. Imagine being in a room knowing you teacher has a gun, that would affect your learning. Also by allowing teachers to carry guns it would cost more $ then it's worth.

  • Use your common sense

    Think about it: Teachers carrying guns in preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. What if they see a gun on their teacher's desk, they pick it up, think it's not loaded when it actually is, they pull the trigger and accidentally kill or injure another student or themselves? We're trying to prevent gun deaths.

  • They absolutely shouldn't

    It is so beyond tiresome hearing arguments that more guns = safer. No. Is a teacher with 100% certainty never going to snap and be the next monster on the news? No. Is a teacher with 100% certainty going to be a trained marksman that can correctly identify and separate threats from non-threats? No. This idea is stupid, ridiculously careless and it being one that some people propose seriously is a very fitting example of how screwed this country is.

  • This is dangerous

    If we are worried about people in the public attacking our children with guns what makes us think that teachers are so safe. We have no way of knowing that a teacher is not mentally unstable or depressed themselves and they wouldn't snap and use the guns. Also if the students knew teachers had the guns there would be kids who could manage to acquire them and use them.

  • Absolutely not- and the vast majority have no desire to.

    Educators did not go into their profession to be babysitters, and they certainly didn't go into it to be security guards. Now society is trying to force them to be both. How anyone could possibly secure those weapons so that students could never get a hold of them would be a nightmare- and unrealistic. And to think that if a school full of teenagers can access a weapon in every classroom that violence would DECREASE is absurd.
    Moreover, teachers don't, in the main, have any desire to carry a dangerous weapon to work.

  • Teachers may not want to!

    Teachers are educators and are supposed to make a positive impact on students, and they did not "sign up" to become a public defense member and risk their lives for others!!!!
    Many teachers could still be young, and afraid of using guns, also.
    Training takes up time, guns cost money, and finally training must be somehow paid for!

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