Should teachers coordinate so that students don't receive 3+ hours of homework?

  • Homework is a very stressful thing

    Homework is a very stressful thing. Many kids have over 3+ hours of homework every day. Homework leads to lots of stress. Many students can't hang out with their friends because of it. SOmetimes I stay up to 11:00 at night because of essays and reports they get every day

  • Teachers Should Give Less Homework

    I believe as a student, that teacher should be giving students less homework because of the fact, we have 180 days of school and homework '"could" be done as classwork assignments instead of being assigned like last minute work - to be taken home- to do. I can understand for myself I don't get as much homework or some days, but I don't see why we are given homework if we can just do it in class to work on it or be given a "due date" and turn it in. Some students are those who don't care about school or get those below average grades and fail cause they choose not to do their work, or they don't give a crap about their education or even when its given free to them, and decide to wait till the last minute to actually care and don't get a chance to fix what they done. Which I call it laziness if students don't want to do it, and complain that they are given too much work. It comes to parents too, when they see their childs failing and they ask why their childs failing and teacher tells cause their work or projects or classwork not being done, and thats a problem too. If they student doesn't want to his or her work, why are you in school, if you don't care for your education?

  • Yes they should.

    Teacher should coordinate so that students do not receive 3+ hours of homework. That is way to much homework for a student to have, and will only make them more likely not to do it or even cheat on the homework. Teachers need to coordinate or not assign as much homework.

  • Yes, teachers need to work together so students don't have too much homework.

    I believe that teachers should coordinate so that students don't receive over three hours of homework. When students have to do more than 3 hours of homework that is way too much. That much homework just overwhelms students, or they simply don't do it. Having too much homework totally defeats the purpose of homework--to give students a little extra practice on what they learned at school.

  • Teachers should coordinate so that students don't receive 3+ hours of homework.

    Teachers should coordinate so that students don't receive 3+ hours of homework. The amount of homework given in a normal day is extreme. Students are at school for eight hours a day, everyday, then on top of that we give them 3+ hours of homework, that is a eleven hour day and then we expect them to do the same thing the next day.

  • Yes there should be a total limit on homework

    It is always a good idea for teachers to make sure their students are not being over worked. Perhaps if every student has say 5 classes then limiting the amount of homework each class can give will be the best way. So if the limiit is 3 hours then do 3 hours divided 5 ways.

  • Yes, there is too much homework.

    Yes, teachers should coordinate so that students don't have more than three hours of homework per night, because that is too much homework. Most adults do not have to go home and do three hours of work after their work day. It is unfair to be asking of students what we don't require of adults.

  • Enough Is Enough

    Students spend the vast majority of their waking lives at school. The classroom should be the location where most learning takes place. Any students with extra curricular activities planned have to choose between ignoring one or more homework assignments or skipping the out of school activities that make the students well rounded people.

  • Is "too much" too much?

    I'm sure most students will not have an issue with this at all. There really isn't a set amount of time students put into their homework. It all depends on how much effort they put into, how well they understand the content, and if they are really willing to put in as much effort as possible.

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