• Maybe this is a probelm

    I'm not saying to frighten the children,but children should know about this stuff early. Many children start smoking cigarettes and taking drugs as early as middle school. If children knew the real risks they would not do it. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • Yes. Children need information

    For good or ill, drugs are a large part of life today. Some are used to treat problems and others are used as escapism with legal penalties. Most people tell young children 'stay away from drugs' and leave it at that. When they get to the age where they really have to know and make choices, they don't have the vital information they need.

  • Children should be educated about drugs.

    Teachers should discuss drug-related issues with children in order to help prevent drug use. The sooner children are aware of the dangers the better. The age of drug use and abuse is getting younger and younger. It is better to educate children as soon as possible to try to prevent drug use.

  • Never too young.

    Yes, teachers should discuss drug related issues with young children, because there are always children who have parents or older brothers and sisters who are into the activities. Teachers need to prepare these students so that they know what they are seeing when they see it. Teachers are parents sometimes.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe teachers should discuss drug-related issues with young children. I think teachers should stick to topics that should be discussed at the grade level they are in. Drug-related issues are not black and white in the United States and students should get information from their parents, not a third party.

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