Should teachers discuss political issues as classroom topics?

  • Politics should be given more importance than dreching it with ugly comments and saying it as swamp

    Politics is an issue which none of our growing generation will want to hear .This has very genuine reason because their parents or people around them have taught them only bad points of politics.But if you see politics can change your as well as your country;s life if you serve it properly.Hardly 1 or 2 or even none of the students today wants to join the politics.So i think teacher's should encourage students to identify the power that they have because "Students are nation's future".Also parents should not dis-agree the choice their child has opted for.They should support him.

  • It's great for debates

    As long as the teacher is not pushing the class towards one side, politics is a great way to have the class not only learn about current events but also to practice their debating skills. That gives them more of a chance to learn about both sides of the parties and letting them decide how they feel about it.

    Posted by: jus
  • Civics Class!

    I think it is definitely important that students learn the importance of forming political opinions and exercising the right to vote. The conundrum here is what we're defining as "classroom". If we are talking high school and younger, the lessons learned cannot be directly applied because the students are not of voting age. But, it is extremely important to have that "training" when the time does come to exercise their right to vote responsibly.

  • The point of education is to provide students with as many viewpoints as possible.

    I feel it is human nature to incorporate your beliefs in any work you execute. I understand a teacher mixing their personal beliefs in the lessons as they teach. However, I would also like for that teacher to have an open mind while they are teaching. It is okay for them to have their own beliefs, while respecting the beliefs of the students. It can open the students' minds by exploiting them to different views of the world. The teacher can also get new information. It's a learning opportunity for everyone in the classroom.

  • The classroom is the perfect place for current events to be a topic of discussion and learning.

    Learning in the classroom has more resonance when students can understand how the lessons apply to their real lives. Schools are also the place that future voters learn how to dissect an issue so they can intelligently participate in democracy. Therefore it is vitally important that the issues of the day, political and social, have a place in education.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Human Bias.

    Unless points points could be accurately without forcing ones bias onto another person, then a classroom is no place to be brain washing the youth.
    The only way I can justify politics is in a course about the Rogerian Argument. It would be an ideal place to discuss politics. It forces all sides to be seen objectively.

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