Should teachers friend request students on Facebook?

  • Facebook at your own risk

    Teachers who use social media should be very aware of their profiles and the information on them. However, Facebook can be a good tool to use to see what students are doing and monitor some of their activities. Teachers (and students) may get more than they bargained for but some kinds of contact are ok.

  • Teachers should be allowed to be friends with whoever they want.

    I think that it should not matter if a teacher wants to be friends with a student on Facebook. Sometimes certain teachers and certain students form a unique bond and do become lifelong friends. Being friends on Facebook should be allowed because it shouldn't not matter. Teachers and their students should allowed to be Facebook friends if they want.

  • Privacy being unlocked

    Sometimes teachers and students need space from eachother that way it prevents them to learn about their life also other students may be gossiping about them sometimes teachers intend to look at a students private photo it seriously embarresing. I mean if i was you i wouldnt be friends with someone i dont really know its really messed up

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