• YES of course

    Cos im a bladdy teacher!!! I Rawk NO MONEY f fadf f df fsda sd fasd f ds fasd asd fasd fasd fasd fasd f asdf asd fasd fasd fas dfasd f asdf asdf asd fasd fasdfsd fas df df asd fsd f df asd fsd fa sdf asd f ff

  • Yes they should

    We'll they should because they do a lot for us.If they didn't help us be smart we would all be so stupid and be acting like dumb cave man.So yea teachers should get a raise for all the great work they do for us all the time.They stay extra time just to get there work done instead of spending time with their family.

  • Yes they should

    They get paid horrible and i know because my mom is a teacher and my dad they get paid very little after they take of of there payment. I would like to go more places and my parents to get more money because everything I get I have to pay for it and I am only 12 years old.

  • Teachers do so much!

    Well of course! Teachers do so much for no recognition! They have to do EVERTHINGG, and they get paid so little! Being a teacher is a hard job, much harder then any of our jobs (maybe), and they get paid so little! There are probably chinese fast food resturants making more cash then teachers! So yeah, teachers should get some recognition.

  • No automatic raises

    While a good teacher is priceless, the bad ones are very costly. Teachers already receive a fair salary, have union benefits, tenured security, and three months vacation a year. Pay increases should be earned based on their student's grades, parental reviews, and the school's overall academic standing within the district.

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