Should teachers get paid over $60,000 a year (in other words, paid more)?

Asked by: anthonyluvsband
  • Other countries do

    I have always supported modeling our current education system after Finland, which has very strong teachers unions and they pay them like doctors. Unfortunately I believe that there are quite a few unqualified teachers out there, and that should not be the case. They should not be fired, but rather given further instruction; I feel that would result in better teachers in our schools. Also, I'm curious how a pay for performance would work, and if it would encourage teachers to help students more than they might if they were paid the same regardless.

  • Yes they should!

    My parents are both teachers, and let me tell you off the bat, just because they have a summer vacation doesn't mean they work less. My parents spend about 10 hours a day doing school work on a normal type day. Sometimes when my dad grades tests, he will be in his office for most of the night besides eating dinner with the rest of our family. Also, Teachers do not get all of summer off, they have to go in before the school year starts, and stay after it ends. I think my mom had to work for a total of 3 weeks during last summer.

  • They should be

    Teachers have gone through so much schooling, and work so hard for their pay. Most people who have gone through college have earned a great amount. However, teachers get such low pay, that it almost seems like they are worth not very much. These people deserve a good wage, because they are a necessary part of America, and should be treated that way.

  • Pay for their their value

    I have great respect for teachers and I believe they are underpaid. We are entrusting the future of our nation in their hands and their jobs are very demanding. I do think performance should be considered when determining salary, just as it is in other disciplines. Those who perform at a high level of excellence should be rewarded for their diligence, effort, and creativity.

  • We really underestimate teachers

    We should pay them a lot more because they nurture us, our children, and their children! The future depends on how well they teach! I think they are underpaid. They deserve more money. I also think the government should spend more money towards education. Teachers are very undervalued. They need more money.

  • Teachers clearly deserve it.

    Teachers are very underpaid and overworked. They offer their time to share their wisdom and knowledge to developing students and with the pay they're getting now, it's a joke.

    Teachers serve as our parents outside of our family. They look over us and make sure we're safe. Not only they are teaching us, they're our sitters.

    Ever heard of the phrase "The children are our future"? Well, teachers guide them and just one teacher could have a great impact on someone.

  • Teachers are the structure of all other professions

    Teachers and educators should definitely get paid more than they do. There's no doubt that they deserve it. Not only do teachers work though the hours of school, but off hours as well. They are at home grading papers or creating lesson plans. Without teachers, the world would uneducated. Imagine that, no one would know anything. Teachers make all professions possible, without them, there would be no other jobs. Not only do teachers educate our children, the teach them so much more. They watch them for us and council them, take care of them and inspire them. They deserve much more than what they receive.

  • Yes, they should.

    It is amazing to me that America pays some kid millions to run up and down a field with a stupid ball or to steal our pensions on the stock exchange, but a teacher or research scientist gets pennies. It really shows you where our priorities are and where our future is barreling towards.

  • Teachers Need More!

    Teachers spend on average 1,224 hours a year teaching their students. They technically work unpaid hours at home making lesson plans, grading tests and answering emails. They often have to resort to buying supplies with their own money due to school budget cuts. This is why I think teachers deserve to be paid more than $60,000 a year.

  • Teachers need to be treated like doctors and lawyers

    Education needs to be first in America so that our future can be filled with better-educated people, and to do that there needs to be more teachers. The requirements for being a teacher should be held much higher so that we can get quality education, and teachers being paid more will also give people more of a reason to become a teacher. Teachers should also be respected the same as doctors and lawyers because they make just as big as an impact as they do, maybe even more.

  • In Canada teachers need to be paid less.

    Here in Canada, teachers can get paid over $90,000 a year. They also receive a lot of benefits from the government, and are next to impossible to get fired. For example my high school science teacher was merely suspended after several girls accused him of sexually harassing them. Teachers also receive the summer months off, as well as time off at Christmas, March Break and other holidays.

    Many people who finish university and are still undecided on a career path, decide to become teachers because of the benefits. This has caused a huge influx of teachers, and not enough jobs available. It takes years for a teacher to get even a .1 contract, and teachers are leaving the country to teach elsewhere.

    These people who became teachers for the benefits, or because it was their back-up plan, are in general not competent teachers. If the teacher does not want to be there, how are the students expected to enjoy school, and learn.

    If teaching became a less attractive career choice, maybe only those who truly desire to become a teacher would become teachers; the overflow of teachers would go away, and the good teachers who previously were forced to teach in other countries could work here, in Canada.

    This is coming from someone whose, mother, grandmother, aunt and several cousins are teachers. I know from them how many terrible teachers are taking jobs from potentially great teachers.

  • Now? No, they shouldn't

    In many states, teachers have an iron grip on their salaries and contracts through unions. It's nearly impossible to fire teachers. You're also not allowed to pay better teachers more. If anything, teachers should face accountability like the rest of the world before salary is discussed. You'd get a better education for your children - bad teachers get the boot, and people can fairly justify paying better teachers more.

  • Would over paying teachers help students?

    I totally agree that teachers work hard and are really important members of societyMy mother and grandmother are both teachers and they love their jobs because during the summer, they are able to take on a second job. There is no reason that teaching must be your only source of income. Besides, teachers get paid with tax dollars which means their paycheck should be a public policy question. If they are paid more, would it help students? Unless good teachers are leaving the education field for higher paying jobs, the answer is probably no.

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