• Homework is an important part of school, if we didn't have it how would students study for tests. How would teachers measure student progress?

    • Homework teaches kids responsibility. Homework is also good because it occupies a lot of teacher’s time.
    • It was proven that after the cold war Russian children were smarter than American children because they banned all laws limiting homework.
    • Teachers give homework to measure the progress of their students and to help them learn important concepts.
    • If teachers didn't give out homework, then students would have no way of practicing the important things they have learned.

  • I think that all teachers should give homework.

    I think that all teachers should give homework. Homework never hurt anybody. Homework gives kids something to do that
    keeps them out of trouble. Homework
    teaches kids responsibility. Homework is
    also good because it occupies a lot of teacher’s time. Teachers need work to do every day to justify
    their salaries, too.

  • Homework is good.

    Homework is a great way for teachers to keep their students sharp. I think that homework can be used as an important tool in continuing the education of a student when they leave the classroom.It keeps their minds sharp and keeps them focused when they are not with the teacher.

  • Homework is helpful

    Even though I am willing to bet money that 8/10 kids would love nothing more then to have homework abolished, I think looking back on my time in school, homework is a very important factor in a students success in school. It gives them extra practice for the upcoming tests.

  • Yes. I believe teachers should give homework.

    Yes. I believe Teachers should give homework, because it gives students a second look at the material. Also it students a chance to use extra arenas to study the material such as the Internet. Students would get a chance to work at their own pace, as opposed to a classroom environment.

  • Homework encourages discipline

    Homework shouldn't be heavily weighted in the overall grade of a course, but there's no reason not to give homework as long as it isn't merely busy work. Although it maybe SHOULDN'T be the case, there are a lot of jobs where work is taken home. A large part of the function of schooling is preparation for the adult world.

  • Homework is Essential

    Teachers give homework to measure the progress of their students and to help them learn important concepts. If teachers didn't give out homework, then students would have no way of practicing the important things they have learned. If students didn't learn in school, they would be poorly equipped to be functioning adults.

  • Homework Is A Part of Education

    Teachers should be able to assign homework. It is a fundamental part of the curriculum. Not all assignments can be handled in class. This is especially true in the language arts. The best way to learn how to write is sit down behind a computer and write. It takes a lot of time, and there are not enough minutes in a class period to do it in school.

  • Teachers should assign homework

    Students should have homework so they could prove there listening and paying attention to teacher Also kids grow up to be smart children and it also helps to learn new things and to study and lean and learn it also helps by learning how to cook and cooking helps by math and math is good for you.

  • We need homework

    We need homework to be smart to be better and get strait a`s to be better and ever but we need homework to not be homeless and homework gets us a better job when your big and also to get smarter and to be rich and buy a lot of stuff to be happy.

  • It takes up to much time at home

    There is so much to do but homework takes up to much time and you could have been playing with your friends and box or even ridding your bike but homework had to ruin it. My parents would not let me eat until I got homework done. I personally think that there should be no homework.

  • No homework ever

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  • It is useless

    It is relay annoying to go home and haft to do more school work when i have more important things like sports and things like that. You will never get a break and teachers never stop it. It is like they think homework is fun bet in the real world it is not

  • Homework is horrible

    Homework, first ruins a child's social life, second ruins their sleeping habits, I know I get half of the sleep I am supposed to, Creates SO MUCH STRESS on kids who should be having fun after an 8 hour day of school but instead they are stuck inside with piles of homework. It is unacceptable

  • Why Homework Should be Banned

    The biggest supporting reasons for homework is false. Homework only improves grades on tests in the last 3 years of school (10,11,12). Also the argument that it teaches responsibility is a lie, if a student is struggling with a subject or a part of class they should go talk to the teacher and ask for special help if they need it that's true responsibility not having to be forced into practicing things your bad at to get better, if you want true improvement go after it yourself not expect others to do it for you. Also only 5% of students actually get enough sleep because of over assigned homework's amounts.

  • I dont like it

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  • It all depends on what job you are seeking.

    Then yeah, you do need to go through the some schooling up until high school, then it is pointless. Unless you are going to be a teacher. If you want to be in public safety you don't really need to go through high school, but unfortunately other people don't know how we want to run our own life. We don't need our moms to hold our hand anymore.

  • Homework is useless

    Homework is all of the same work that we learn in school its just were practicing more of it.And as long as we know how to do something or how to do a subject we don't need to practice it because we already know the step by step of how to get it done or figure it out. Also many teachers can give out homework evry night as if we dont have anything ele to do with our lives and we just sit at home all day after school

  • Homework is retarded

    Homework is retarded. I think that schools should not give out homework because some kids don’t have the time to do it. And some don’t have the resources to complete it, and if you are doing it and not doing it right, then what are you getting out of the work? Conclusion: Homework is retarded and so are teachers

  • It Isn't Neccesary

    Every school day a student would spend about 5 hours in classes. If a student spends 185 days at school in a year that's 925 hours in a year. Subtract about 100 hours for tests, trips, and other events that might consume a students school time and that's still 825 hours every year. If teachers can't teach a student everything that they need to know in that amount of time than they don't deserve the job and it should be given to someone who can make a better use of that time to teach a student what they need to know without assigning homework. Homework adds stress and takes up time that could be spent doing things that a student enjoys and furthering their social ties. Thus, homework restrains a student from getting out in society, and causes further stress. It really doesn't have any pros.

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