Should teachers give more homework over long weekends/breaks, just because there is more time to do it?

Asked by: corybrzo
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  • No what did they do the past week?

    They should out study guide with answers . . . . So that you can study without saying sayonara to your. . . . Mmm long weekend. If they cannot have that mercy. I do not give us long weekends . . . . Period. S O N I C

  • No they shouldn't.

    I'm not saying that teachers should never assign homework on weekends, I am saying that teachers should not assign weekend homework just because there is more time to do it. As a teacher myself, I never give assignments to my kids based on the amount of "free time" they will have to do it. I definitely don't give out homework or assignments during holiday breaks, as those are family time, but it is unreasonable to think that students will never have to take homework home (even though that is the trend these days.)

  • There are breaks for a reason

    Although doing more homework over the break will have a higher chance of the student retaining the information, they are breaks and long weekends for a reason. After weeks and months of school, students become stressed and exhausted, needing a break longer than 2 days. When this comes around, the breaks are usually celebrations, but also are there to give students and teachers alike a break. This allows the student to relax a bit, free from the usual weekly routine. If more homework was given on these long breaks, it would defeat the purpose of having a long break in the first place. And, students usually get homework already during these times (which is fine), but I think teachers shouldn't give more than usual homework. More homework doesn't necessarily mean the student will retain more information either. Though there are still people who have to work on these breaks, but that is for when your are an adult, and you do get paid for it whereas you don't for going to school. I believe that, even though students can get more homework done, teachers shouldn't give more homework over a long weekend.

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