• Potential grizlies are bad

    What if you are going to school one day, and are sitting in the classroom, and a grizzly bear is at the window? The teacher is left defenceless while a bear is standing watching the class. Based off of current american politics, we dont want students to learn for free, so why should a bear get a free education? What has to happen is that the teacher has to just shoot the damn bear

  • Safety is key

    If your school were getting shot at, what would you like to do? Maybe there is one officer on duty. Do you trust them wholeheartedly to be able to take down this person, or people. No! I would like to see someone have less power and outnumber the suspects. Teachers should be able to have guns because they can outnumber the suspects and become our superheros.

  • Teachers with Guns are not the solution

    What if a teacher shot a student? We should come up with more security,yes, but I wouldn't just be handing guns away. What if there was a wierd teacher??? I don't think it's safe. Accidents happen, and I feel like we would hear more stories on the news about teachers shooting than intruders

  • Teachers have the right to protect their children

    Having teachers carry firearms during school would be a good thing overall. This would greatly curb school shootings, as the shooter would then be aware that every adult in the building is carrying a gun. There's also no reason not to have this change, as teachers are not a danger to students even while carrying a firearm.

  • Teachers Don't Need Firearms

    No teachers in the United States should be allowed to carry firearms in school and on campus. Putting guns in the hands of teachers to prevent shootings is a crazy idea that wouldn't work. Unfortunately, adding more guns to a volatile situation often makes them far worse than most people realize.

  • That's a profoundly awful idea.

    Oh yes, that's just what we need. A bunch of teachers who barely make a respectable wage, overworked and dealing with disrespectful kids, armed to the teeth. What could possibly go wrong in such an environment? How about we use armed security guards instead, and hopefully save a few lives in the process?

  • Armed Security Guards, Not Armed Teachers

    Schools should have armed security guards who are trained to fire their weapons. Teachers are trained to teach, not trained to use guns. If a teacher has a gun and goes whacko on someone, who will stop them? There are stories everyday of some teacher who is arrested for sexually assaulting an underage student. Do you want teachers like that to have guns on campus where they can take advantage of unsuspecting students at gun point? Young girls aren't going to say "no" if their lives are at stake and gun is pointed at them by a heretofore unknown sexual predator. Arming teachers isn't the way--armed security is the way to go.

  • Absolutely not! No guns in school

    Guns do not belong in school. How will teachers ensure that the guns are stored safely and securely and in such a way that students can't get them? Teachers already have a great deal of responsibility and having firearms in school would put more pressure on them, and expose them and the students to an increased risk of injury or death.

  • No, firearms in school could be dangerous.

    While we want to make schools as safe as possible, equipping teachers with firearms could be dangerous. Students might find them and play with them, accidentally setting them off; teachers might shoot out of panic. Additionally, it seems an unfair burden to give teachers guns and expect them to use them against possible assailants. That being said, it's certainly within reason to have trained armed guards or a police presence in schools, if deemed necessary.

  • No guns no

    Teachers should not have guns. Teachers should not be given guns and should not know how to handle them. In case of any freak accidents with the guns could traumatize students to they point that they would not want to go to school. Also in the sad case of students going mental and trying to hurt themselves or other people with the guns

  • Trained for security and protection, not for assault and violence

    There’s a question that has been leading too much into controversy, should we train teachers for guns? Well, think again, teachers should not because teachers are trained for education, not for violence. Police officers are a good usage in school because teachers are trained for education and police officers are trained for security and protection. When teachers get educated, they are not educated as police officers, they are educated for being a teacher and having teaching skills. 18 years ago, there was the school mass shooting in 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Before all this, having teachers to “own” guns in school was very controversial in that school. By all this of the argument, the “highly trained police officers, whose only job is law enforcement, all [need to get people more safe] successfully”. According to one study, good highly trained law enforcement officials “have only an average [20%] hit ratio in armed confrontations meaning that only [20%] of shots fired hit the intended target.” Our focus on this argument should be the remain on preventing having guns from getting into schools, teachers are trained for education, while police officers are trained for security and protection. If police officers only get 20% of the shots, how good would teachers shoot, with much less training? Well, I think not much.

  • It's Just Too Risky

    The idea of teachers carrying guns on school grounds in order to protect students may initially sound promising, however the idea is flawed. Police and military officers receive years of training in order to protect society, in contrast a teacher would receive very limited training to protect themselves and students, this, in itself should draw up a red flag. Without proper training how can we expect teachers to be ready for the rare instance of a school attack? Teachers with guns on school grounds also will increase the chances of an accidental shooting whether it be a misconstrued threat or a misfired gun which could result in death. In these instances who would be liable? The school for allowing teachers to carry guns? The teacher? And if we allow teachers to carry guns, this is an affirmation to our students that schools are unsafe and as many of us know it is difficult to get students excited about school add a fear factor and it is almost impossible. We call can agree that students and schools need to be secured from threats, but teachers with guns is not the answer.

  • Teachers with Guns are not the solution

    What if a teacher shot a student? We should come up with more security,yes, but I wouldn't just be handing guns away. What if there was a wierd teacher??? I don't think it's safe. Accidents happen, and I feel like we would hear more stories on the news about teachers shooting than intruders

  • Under no circumstances

    Teachers having firearms is not going to protect anybody. They are not supposed to be trained in handling weapons, nor are they. They are supposed to teach. And, unfortunately, they are people, too, liable to snap. If anything, you're not going to prevent gun violence by handing out more guns. You're just going to cause it.

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