• I think that teachers should have weapons

    I think that teachers should have weapons because if there were a shooter then they can shoot them. For some people, It would feel safe for them, And there would be more protection to the schools. If there is a crazy kid that wants to kill students, And you would have to be ready to fire. Also, The teachers will not misuse or threat the kids. Also, It could help stop a public shooting. Most of the people in America would like to have a firearm. They are responsible, So they can have a firearm.

  • Yes they should be allowed to

    Schools should arm teachers because the police take time to get there like 5-10 minutes depending where you are. A teacher could stop it. A shooting could take many lives in 5 minutes, a teacher would easily stop it. A shooter might not want to go into an armed school, People/teachers have the right to defend themselves. In the parkland shooting 17 died including staff members, what would of happened if a teacher had a gun to stop it. Did you know that 7% of 9th through 12th graders have been threatened or injured with a weapon on school grounds. In recent years , assault by weapon has doubled on school grounds. The students are speaking out, but we still ignore the fact that people are dying. Schools should be armed!

  • Guns are cool

    They protect us the people. L l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l ll lll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l ll l ll ll l

    Posted by: Bop0
  • Yolo right? Yolo?

    Gotta stay safe. With guns we can stay safe and we can stay safe. If we didnt have guns we cant stay safe and with guns we can stay safe and keep everybody safe which is why we need guns so we can stay safe ya know. We gotta stay safe.

  • To protect the students

    If a person comes in with a gun and a teacher doesn't have a gun the possibility of them all getting killed is high but, with them having a gun it lowers it. THis one out of many reasons why teachers should be able to carry a gun at school.

  • They should have a gun

    Teachers should be armed with a gun, because if something bad were to happen, like a shooting the teacher could help prevent or get rid of the bad "person" from killing anybody. If you want your kids to stay safe in school, then let teachers carry a gun only if they have the proper training.

  • They should have a gun

    They should have a gun because, if a intruder is to come in the classroom, with out a gun we would have no better weapon then a pair of scissors or a pen. If people didn't hurt other people with guns I believe they would allow teachers to carry guns. A gun alone can not hurt someone it is the person with the gun that hurts people. This is why I believe teachers should be allowed to carry guns in the classroom.

  • Teachers should have guns for protection.

    Teachers can use them to protect students. I, for one don't want my friends to perish because some teacher didn't have a weapon to protect them. Some teachers have worked on a battle field and know how to be responsible with a gun and use it for right. I don't see why they can't have a gun.

  • Teachers should have guns for safety.

    With all these shootings happening, it's becoming more and more dangerous at school. I, for one don't want my friends perishing just because some teacher didn't have a weapon. Some teachers have worked in the battle field, so I don't see why they can't have a gun or some sort of protection.

  • Yes, they may be the ones who protect the students

    Having a gun in the class room could be exactly what is needed to protect our children. I believe that if the teacher has the proper training and screening they should have a gun in the class room to help protect children in case of a school shooting. Guns are a tool to protect, not to hurt.

  • Arming Teachers Terrible Idea

    If we give teachers guns, then violent situations in schools are going to worsen. The average teacher has no firearms training and would only make a situation worse by pulling out a gun. These individuals have no reason carrying a gun on campus, and allowing them to do so will only worsen these matters.

  • They should not.

    Teachers should not have guns. Arming the teachers in the schools is not a good way to prevent shootings, and will probably increase the number of deaths if there is an attack. The best way to prevent an attack is to have better security outside of the school and metal detectors.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I don't believe that a teacher should carry a gun in the classroom. There is too much room for an accident to happen. I believe an accident would happen before a teacher would stop a school shooting with a gun. I would feel better about having a well trained armed guard or police officer in the school if there must be a person on the premises with guns.

  • Could cause major issues

    I believe everyone has the right to feel protected and be able to protect themselves; but, teachers should not to able to bring a gun into the classroom. Especially if they are teaching very small children in grade school. This could cause some serious issues if a child were to discover the gun.

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT! What on earth is America thinking?

    No. It's a educational facility. Not a military base. Unbelievable that we've pushed it this far. What ever happened to the freedom in this country? You know what I call freedom? Being able to walk, go to school, shop and no worry about getting shot. In America we don't have that. There is always that chance. But since you are asking if teachers should carry guns...I think that's a TERRIBLE idea.

    Unless if you want students stealing/breaking or finding the guns that the teacher "hid" and then Starting shooting rampages then its a great idea! Overall, I see no reason to carry guns at all. Now that teachers are being pushed to carry them is just AWFUL.

  • Dangerous to students and staff

    25 million Americans suffer from depression each year. Over 50 percent of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression.
    If one includes alcoholics who are depressed, this figure rises to over 75 percent. Depression affects nearly 5-8 percent of Americans ages 18 and over in a given year. Which could affect the students in any way.
    Just last week an armed teacher went beserk and shot up a classroom in Georgia.
    Georgia teacher arrested after firing gun in school, police say
    Arming teachers will end in tragedy as it did for 100 years from 1840 to 1940 when teachers with guns regularly shot students, principals, administrators and parents who came to chastise them.

  • Could be more school shootings

    With teachers having guns there would be more school shootings, even if the teachers hides it they could open fire. Student could get hold of gun and start the school shooting. There would probably also be more suicides, because with having a gun and being depressed then bang. Bang Bang

  • No they should not have guns!

    Giving teachers guns just promotes the violence and should not come to this. This is why we have security guards ... Us teachers should not have to carry guns. I working with children know how much patience it takes to deal with them. What if a teacher loses his/her cool and goes off themselves. I also think children who are mentally ill may try to steal the gun which would actually cause more fatalities. Also some teachers are very manipulative what if they threaten the students with it. In school I was taught guns are not allowed guns are bad... Now they actually want to put guns in school. No I think it is a terrible idea will just have a bad atmosphere as well as promote guns in school. Also what if someone does have a gun in the school cause they are allowed to and you see them they could just shoot them and say "I felt threatened" when in reality he was just carrying a gun like was allowed. There are so many things that is wrong with this. So many bad things that could happen. We are promoting the wrong thing by putting guns in teachers hands. Just get more security. Also it may cause more fear in the children. It may cause fear knowing their teacher has a gun. You don't want to get on the bad side of someone with a gun especially a teacher. Children are very immature these days who knows how far they would go as a joke maybe accidently shoot someone. Teachers are meant to educate not guard. One more thing we have to take enough workshops that we don't also have to take safety classes on how to carry a gun and all the what if situations. There are to many bad things that could happen. Please don't let teachers have guns.

  • No guns for teachers

    If teachers had guns then if they wanted to shoot up a school then it’s easy for them to do so. Even with the right training they will not be ready in a situation like a shooting. Yeah I want to protect the kids but that’s why they have the security in schools to help prevent a shooting from happing and escalating.

  • Fear, temper, atmosphere and mistakes

    Fear. Giving guns to Teachers give them the opportunity to possibly threaten students, verbally giving reminders that they’re brandishing a gun, creating a environment built up off of fear which correlates into bad Atmosphere.

    Temper. If a Teacher ever loses their temper and they know they have the opportunity to do something about it when they’re brandishing a gun in their desk or holster, they may start verbally threatening the students or they may go ballistic and start shooting the students, defeating the purpose of even having guns, opposite effect.

    Atmosphere. Every Teacher, every staff member is brandishing a gun, even in Elementary there will be teachers with guns, we’re taught that guns are bad and can hurt people but when the things you’re afraid of is all around you, it creates a deadly atmosphere, the feeling.

    Mistakes. During the event of a School Shooting you may just shoot anyone who has a gun out, what if it’s another teacher? What if it’s a student running through the halls? You may just be tempted to shoot anyone you see holding a gun first which may just be a mistake in the first place. How can you distinguish a regular student from a school shooter

    Untrained. A majority of teachers are untrained with guns or has never even grabbed a gun in their life, they may not even know if the safety is on or not.

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