• Teachers should have the right to protect themselves, as allowed by the constitution

    Our basic rights have been eroded since our country was founded. We are constantly putting more and more restrictions on freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Teachers should NOT be used as a substitute for proper school security. Teachers should NOT be on the frontlines, gunning down a rogue child gunman. Still, some teachers who are allowed to have their legally owned guns in school MIGHT choose to protect the lives of themselves, as well of those around them if they are allowed to bring their guns to school. It is no surprise that the places where guns are not allowed are the places where mass gun shootings happen. Churches ban guns (big surprise, mass shootings), concerts ban guns (big surprise, mass shootings), many movie theatres ban guns (big surprise, mass shootings), and schools ban guns (big surprise again, mass shootings).

    Maybe instead look at these places where guns are banned and understand that if those people who had guns were allowed to bring them wherever they were at, to protect themselves and the ones they love, that there would be a lot LESS mass shootings.

  • Teachers should have a gun

    Why wouldn't you do that, it would be alot safer if the teachers had gun so if the situation does come they would be prepared and, sure some teachers should not be trusted but there is alot more that could be trusted with a gun. We should not just let someone come shoot us up and we have no power to do anything about it and just stand there like innocent sheep it's not smart at all.

  • For private schools only. A private institution has the right to defend themselves. Free choice allows you to choose such a school, or choose not.

    Leave it up to each institution, otherwise how do you justify/reason that there has to be a 'rule' that a security officer cannot also be an educator? On the other hand 'public' educational systems should 'not' allow such, for reasons such as power trips, unmanageable authoritarians, politics, school bureaucracy, etc. I prefer less obvious, or plain clothed, armed security for public schools. So again, only in private schools.

  • Guns 4 All

    See, this is what Obama did to us. He turned us into a bunch of gun fearing pansies! Honestly I think every man, woman, dog, cat, hebrew, and child should have a gun. You heard me, give those kids guns! The more guns the merrier I always say! I still remember when I got my first gun, it was just after my uncle Jeb got shot in the foot after a buck pinned him against a tree and then expertly used its tongue to press down the trigger. He went out alone so he bled out and no one heard his cries for help. He willed me his gun though, and little 11 year old me was so happy. ARM THOSE TEACHERS!
    Bush did 9/11, don't trust what the media tells you. The illuminati and the Busch's Beans Guy are watching.

  • And so should students.

    Way back when, schools used to have gun clubs and would bring various types of firearms to school. The very few school shootings that did happen often resulted in the death of the gunman.

    Granted I'm not saying "all" students or teachers should have firearms, rather I'm saying that strict rules should be placed deciding who gets to bring one on a school campus.

    Gammer001 said "you can not honestly expect teachers to have the mental capacity to withstand being in that scenario". This argument lacks any basis as teachers have passed college whilst the majority of our armed forces are only high school graduates. They most definitely can.

    Ladiesman believes that we sell military grade weapons to the general populace, which is simply untrue. He also states that guns are sold to people with mental illness. He does not go into details about what the illness is however. Mental illness go from anything such as extreme dementia and schizophrenia to something as simple as AD-HD and having minor mood swings. Banning guns from people with mental health issues would effectively render the majority of the population unable to purchase firearms as these days we are even beginning to put teenage females on birth control and other medications simply because they have mood swings and chemical imbalances (which is natural and VERY common amongst females hitting puberty).

    As for the studies ladiesman was referring to, although many teachers hit the deck, the few that didn't resulted in significantly less student deaths than many other scenarios.

  • If they are trained and regularly monitored.

    Teachers should have the ability to defend themselves and their students from all possible intruders that may enter the building. This of course would be regulated and monitored constantly to prevent any incidents (such as penning procedures for armed teachers to follow, and training them as such). It would be good if teachers were responsibly armed in accordance to school security protocol to act as an immediate response to any dangerous intruders.

  • Depends On The Teacher

    We obviously shouldn't give a gun to every teacher but the ones that qualify for it should. For instance, if there was a teacher who had a gun license, and was mentally fit, then he should be allowed to bring his own concealed carry weapon, the school however should not have to supply him with a gun.

  • Imagine your self being in a classroom with a gun man.

    You would think differently if you were in a class room with children and a gun man enters you think he is going to reason with you or demand a ransom. How stupid can you really be, he is there for one thing and that is to kill, how are you going to protect your own life and the children by throwing a book at the gun man really you would be dead and the children in seconds. But if you had a gun you could protect yourself and the children it’s called common sense.

  • Teacher will do the shooting

    CIA MKUltra operatives may sponsor a teachers shooting of students using scopolamine, colloquially known as Devil’s Breath to drug and program teacher to carry out shooting. This is done to advance and incremental disarmament agenda. I am sure this sounds crazy until you spend enough time listening to whistle blowers who expose these secret operations of rogue elements of the deep state.

  • Yes. And stop advertising schools as "Gun Free Zones".

    Like many here, I believe teacher should have the option of being armed at school for one simple reason. The average response tome for a police officer to one of these events is 6 minutes. How fast do you thing the science teacher could react if he was trained properly? Faster than 6 minutes.

    I also think labeling schools, or any building for that matter, as a Gun Free Zone" is stupid. Not a single person would put a sign in front of their own home advertising they are unarmed so why do we still tolerate this at our public schools?

  • We should just ban guns overall.

    If teachers are given a gun, students are able to easily access guns at school and it is far too dangerous to give every single teacher a gun. Recently, a school shooting was conducted by a teacher, despite being trained to work with children. We should address the whole gun issue itself, with stricter gun laws, the probability of a school shooting will be less.

  • Teachers shouldnt be fully trusted

    I have seen several teachers that abused their authority. Some examples may include: expecting blind obedience and conformity, power tripping, collective punishment, "the bell doesnt dismiss you i do", blocking the door when its time to leave, thinking students are always dumber, and etc. this is coming from school experience in real life. I have a feeling a teacher would use a gun to threaten students, both kids and teens.

  • That is not the solution

    They have done several school shooting scenarios in which the teacher is armed and a gunman enters the classroom and opens fire. A majority of the time the teachers did not use their gun and hit the deck with their students. The solution is not arming schoolteachers with firearms, it is addressing the factors that lead to mass shootings: the fact that we sell dangerous military-style rifles to civilians and the fact that people with a history of mental illness, domestic abuse, etc. can purchase firearms, and those are just two examples.

  • It's too dangerous

    I don't even know why this is even being considered as an option. This increases risk of school shooting EXPONENTIALLY.

    Think about it: Who would take the time, effort and money to train willing teachers to operate a weapon? The teachers would have to give up their time to learn this, and they would need to be constantly monitored and checked. Who would monitor them? Where would the gun be placed if the teacher's not in the classroom? Would s/he have it on him/herself all the time? That's even more dangerous. What if the teacher went bonkers? Then the whole classroom is screwed. What if a student got their hands on the gun? What then? Arm other students with guns to protect themselves?

    This is just stupid.

  • Schools should not have guns for the safety of students.

    Having a gun at school is not safe. Small kids might find it and hurt other kids. Having to use the gun is very rare. Even if teachers need to use the gun, he/she might accidentally shoot a child, even if he/she is trained with a gun. You also have to load the gun after a few shots, and before teachers can even shoot the person, he/she might have already left.. It is even more dangerous to have a machine gun.

  • I don't see it as feasible.

    I really don't think all teachers would feel comfortable having guns in school. They didn't join to become policemen or soldiers. As long as a school is able to safely secure it's classroom doors, practices drills, and call the police, I feel that is all they can do. I believe that there are teachers who would accept the responsibility to kill another person to defend their students, there are undoubtedly students and teachers who have been willing to sacrifice their lives to help other people. But I do not believe we should make armed teachers a prerequisite of schools.

  • They shouldn't have guns,

    However I do think there should be more officers in each school. Allowing someone to carry a firearm with unequivalent training to that of a police officer is very dangerous. There's too many variables there. But with more police officers being with more formal safety training, there would effectively discourage potential shooters, and forbid one happen again, the threat can be neutralized in the safest way possible.

  • Let's tackle the root cause

    I am a firm believer in root cause analysis. To better understand how to solve the problem, you need to tackle the core issues, not temporary stop gaps that only put a bandaid on it.

    As a concealed carry license holder, I offer these solutions:
    - Mandatory gun safety courses, and refreshers, to own a gun. I was amazed when I could just walk up to my sheriffs office without proof that I know how to properly use a firearm, just that I am not considered a criminal. Fortunately, I was raised knowing how to properly handle, shoot, and respect firearms. Key word respect. If you fear a gun and think that having a federal government - who can't effectively manage 75% of the programs that it undertakes - just take all guns away will solve the problem. You are sorely mistaken. Also giving a bunch of weapons out to untrained citizens doesnt help either.

    - Deterrence through having armed resource/police officers is the best TEMPORARY MEASURE. Note temporary, not final solution.

    - Focus on the common link of all mass shooting suspects - mental illness. Our country, for whatever reason, has an increasing callousness to mental illness, and we prefer to sweep this under the rug and forget about it. Focus more on this and we can prevent these young males from acting out through irrational acts.

    - Teachers are already "underpaid", which dictates the quality of the candidates that you get to stay with teaching for 5+ years. Most good-hearted teachers move on because of financial reasons or problems with the system. So giving teachers guns will not stop the problem, and just add a weapon to our citizens that already feel underappreciated and overwhelmed by the growing student to teacher ratio.

    The reality is we are not going to be 100% effective at stopping the scurge, but the more we put into solving the root cause of this problem, the better off we will be.

  • Teachers are a lot of things, but gun wielding protectors is not one of them.

    It's nice to think we could just simply give a teacher a gun and expect them to lay down their lives for a student should the need arise, but that is not what teachers should have to do. Teachers are meant to teach and sculpt the minds of youths, not act as soldiers in between them and an active shooter. You can not honestly expect teachers to have the mental capacity to withstand being in that scenario and being able and willing to shoot an intruder like that. We also can not start expecting this of teachers either, not just for morally driven reasons, but also for the fact that we wouldn't have enough teachers to work in our schools.

  • No, Teachers Should Not Have Guns At School.

    "Why?" You might ask, "It is for the safety of children!". Yes, this is true, but based off of the amount of shootings so far in 2018, could you really trust kids these days (coming from a teenager)? What if a child found this gun? Kept it? Shot up the school? You just cannot risk it.

    Also, what if the teacher really did pull the trigger? What I mean by this (knowing that the purpose of a gun is to use it) is that the teacher did not have quite the best aim, and shot someone that was not a threat? A child, even? If the teacher did shoot the threat successfully, this would traumatize the students.

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Leaning says2018-03-04T03:40:58.683
Getting rid of guns altogether is not a solution either I feel. People are just reacting in fear, same way they did when they introduced those ridiculous switchblade laws. There are so many d**** laws on knives I don't even know which ones apply where I am now. And the laws become absurd, as if people don't own butcher knives, or knives you flick open with your index finger.

I'm sure people will try to say they don't favor banning all guns, just the dangerous ones. Bah.