• Bad scery deadly

    A cuple of years ago a child was shot in the head when a teacher thought he was getting a gun from his bag . But he was getting some of his homework out. But he had no way of being revived as he was shot in the head . I am shore the perents of this young boy would have been very sad . By Sydney age 13

  • If the teacher is willing to.

    I think if the teacher wants to carry a firearm he or she should be able. Lets say that a teacher is in a situation where he or she needs to protect his or her students. If a shooter enters the building and that teacher is willing to defend his or her students then they should be able to keep a firearm. Some people believe that a teacher can just shoot a student because he got a bad grade but that isn't the case (BigboyYT). For one 99% of teachers wouldn't shoot a student because of a stupid thing like getting a bad grade, that's just Ignorant to think. And if that were to happen I'm sure that that teacher would be sent to rot in prison. And give this a thought, what do we protect our presidents with? Guns. What about our Homes? Guns. What about our Congressmen? Guns. What about our kids in school? A sign that reads "This is a gun free zone". In my opinion yes if a teacher is willing to carry a firearm he or she should be able to.

  • You know your kid

    I wouldn't want my kid to be sitting in a room being egged on by those of other parents in front of an armed teacher, hell no. Wouldn't last a week.
    Nor might it really solve the issue. It's difficult enough for a police officer to stop a shooting from happening, needless to add 60 civilians with firearms to the situation. How can a teacher prove they're a teacher? A badge? Black shoes? The fewer guns on the site of a shooting the better.

  • Oh hell no.

    Think about it. Kids are annoying and often rather rebellious. It's only a matter of time before one of the teachers gets angry enough to draw his weapon and fire at something.
    As well as that, it's only reinforcing the idea that violence solves everything, a crude, barbaric and fittingly human (humans are violent assholes. Fact.) ideology that we should be trying to disassemble, not reinforce.

  • It's a terrible idea.

    What if the teacher is a pacifist or is afraid of using guns or doesn't know how to use guns or whatever? There's a teacher who shot a gun in a school recently and nobody else was shooting. This shows that some teachers could become school shooters themselves. Their guns could make students feel threatened. Besides, a student could suddenly steal the gun from the teacher and then the student could shoot everyone.

  • You can't fight fire with fire

    Do we want schools to become some kind of battle ground if there is an attack? Do we want to trust that a teacher would actually be able to shoot someone if they needed to? Can schools ensure that where ever the gun is stored it won't fall into the hands of a student? Schools are, statistically, the safest place for a student. Can you guarantee to me, as a student, that I will be just as safe if all the teachers around me were carrying a weapon that could kill me in a second?

    Posted by: izz0
  • They are not skilled enough

    Teachers have a hard time teaching classes and can go off on the students. We should instead have professionally trained guards at the schools. Having off duty police officers or police working on paperwork would be a safer choice. Teachers are not trained well enough to handle a firearm unlike the police.

    Posted by: CFS

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