Should teachers have the right to own and use firearms to protect their students?

Asked by: CommunistRick
  • Teachers should be allowed to protect their students.

    We have had many mass shootings, with a few even being at schools. A while back we had the Columbine shootings. Roughly a year ago we had the shooting at Sandy Hook. And just last friday, we had the shooting at Arapahoe High School. Every time there is a school shooting, what do we do. We call someone with a gun to save our children. We not eliminate the middle-man? Are our educators not fit to protect their students?

    P.S. The teachers who would be armed would need to fit all regular qualifications, they would not just get a weapon for being a teacher.

  • In a world where there's danger

    There needs to be protection. All kinds of criminals can come into a school. Security will not always be there on time to save people who need to be saved. Teachers can make a difference by protecting their students. I absolutely believe it's necessary for teachers to have guns. It can prevent a tragedy.

  • It's okay for teachers to be armed

    Yes, it's okay for teachers to be equipped with firearms to be able to defend their students, especially in dangerous times like today. When a crazy man with a gun bursts into a school, I believe every teacher wishes they could take him out first, before he has a chance to harm the students.

  • Yes teaches should.

    Teachers should have their own firearms because they need it to protect their students from the criminals or gang member. I have watched on the news on TV that they have shot so many students in school from criminals and gang member so they should allow teaches to have guns for more protection.

  • If the teacher is competent this could save lives

    I tend to be on the side of more gun control. Maximum limit should be 10 rounds. That is enough to defend yourself. However, if the teacher is licensed to carry a firearm then it should be allowed. Extra training for a more advanced license may be required, but if someone knows how to handle the firearm and if the school comes with a lockable desk the teacher should be allowed to have it. If the teacher ever loses his key this right should be revoked.

  • Yes They Should

    There have been school shooting before and if teachers had something to protect themselves and the students they would not have happened. If teachers were able to defend everyone in school why not spend a little bit more money if it means the the protection of our children and staff.

  • Theres an easier solution....

    Its much easier and more sensible for schools to have armed guards, people who are actually TRAINED to use firearms, to defend a school against a possible threat rather then let teachers carry around guns and HOPE that they know how to use it.... Plus teachers dont get paid enough to give a sh** if one of the students manages to get their hands on the teachers gun

  • Have a firearm and using it is different

    First I'd like to point out that just by having a firearm doesn't necessarily mean you have to use it. The right to use deadly force is limited and should only be used in a time of emergency.
    Secondly, most teachers in the United States have no former knowledge of the use of a firearm. When using a firearm, one should be extra careful to not cause unwanted damage. It is better to not have a gun in the first place rather then having a gun and not knowing how to use it and shooting up the kids accidentally instead.

  • There's an even easier solution...

    Ban guns altogether. If no one is in danger of being shot at because nobody except the military is legally allowed to own firearms, then there really is no need to give teachers firearms to protect the children they teach. Even if the Proposition (or maybe some members of the Opposition, for that matter) disapprove of such, the burden is on them to prove why a life should be taken because of their selfish, self-imposed 'right' to own firearms.

  • Firearms education system

    First I'd like to point out that just because a person has a gun doesn't mean the person knows how to use it. The use of a firearm is highly unrecommended and should only be allowed in a time of emergency.
    Also I'd like to point out that most teachers do not know how to use a firearm; They're too focused on teacher to learn to do so.
    I'm in eighth grade so my opinion isn't valued as much as a fullgrown adult. But I'd like my opinion to be considered helpful in this controversial topic.

  • Teachers have no right, they are not law officials who are trained.

    Teachers have a right to own a gun, but they have no right bringing guns to school. In school we are teaching our children that it's wrong to have guns at school. My child's school has signs posted that state no guns allowed. Teachers are not professionally train in security, they are trained and degreed in teaching. This is exactly what they get paid for to teach our children. We don't need numerous guns at school with a great chance of kids pulling pranks like they do, and to lose more innocent children in our schools from kids clowning around. This is where our taxes need to come into play, to provide trained security officers at all schools.

  • No because teachers are not police.

    In moments of stress, typically the first thing to erode is our motor skills. So the argument that educators should be ready to dodge gunfire, avoid hitting students and take out a gunman so someone hundreds of miles away can buy military-grade weapons and ammunition for kicks is a very stupid argument to make. And yet, we heard elements of that reasoning soon after the movie theater killings in Aurora, Colorado. Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert asked: "It does make me wonder, with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying a gun that could have stopped this guy more quickly?"

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