Should teachers have weapons in their classrooms to protect students?

  • Yes they need guns.

    They, teachers, should totally have guns or weapons in their classes class so they can protect their students and themselves. Whoever says no probably really hates kids and their own because if they really want them to live how are they going to protect themselves. Huh do you want people to do like the guy who shot-up six teachers and 20 little kids? You are being just as bad you think before you do.

  • People kill people

    Teachers should have it in a safe which of only they'd know the combo. If a predator manages to get in, what will they do? Throw pencils at him? No way! People are turning into sick minded lunatics that shoot up schools; example today in Connecticut? Think people think!

  • Teachers should have a gun,

    What would happen if the school had a lock down and someone who was attempting a shooting got into the classroom? What would the teacher do to help the kids? What would the kids do? They would be defenseless! Teachers need a hidden area in the classroom that only they know about so if there is a situation where it is needed, such as a shooting, they can protect the kids.

  • Yes always

    Students are never truly safe unless their teacher has a gloc. Students are pathetic, weak mortal, immature, and pathetic. Without weapons our students are doomed to their death when an enemy challenges them to a fight to the death in any case where there is a school invasion by a predator.

  • Retaliation.

    Well, first off, if we are able to do so much to help those students being bullied or need help why doesn't anyone take action then? Exactly, the school systems has been through the past many years, and still is attempting to stop and or help those students that need assistance. But look what has happened. If the teachers; most likely well in their state of mind, are allowed to store a weapon or two in the school in order to protect lives in time of need, then why deny them? If a teacher can be bullied or harassed enough in order for them to lose their mind and shoot up a school, then maybe that teacher shouldn't have gotten the job in the first place.

  • Teachers should have guns.

    They should have guns in case a gunman comes and raises a gun in a classroom. Also, the teachers should have courses to take before entering a class room with a gun. If they do have a gun they should know how to use it in case of a code red. Written by someone who is 11 years old.

  • Yes, for the protection of children.

    I think it should be required for teachers to have guns in the classroom. AFTER they take a course on how to properly use the gun, when to use it, and where to put it so students can not get a hold of it. Think of it this way, if your child is in a classroom, would you not want their teacher to protect their students as their own children? I know I want my kids protected, especially if there is ever a repeat of Sandy Hook. In the past 13 years there have been a total of 134 deaths on a school campus. I think that the count would be much less if somebody was able to stop somebody from hurting others.

  • Teaches should be able to protect their students

    I believe that rural school districts should have the option for highly trained administrators and teachers to possess weapons in schools to protect the students. I have been a high school teacher, principal, and Instructional coach the past 16 years in the Central Texas area. I would give my life to protect my students; teachers love their students and need to be able to protect them safely.

  • Sandy Hooke Elementary.

    How many lives would have been saved if a few teachers would have had guns? If we scan teachers and have them background checked then they could be aloud to carry guns. No teacher should ever snap to the point that they shoot a child. And the children shouldn't know that teachers have gun.

  • Teachers need guns in school for protection.

    Students are never truly safe, but to know that there is a gun in the room makes me feel a lot better. What if someone were to come in my school? I would never have to worry because my teacher is trained to handle a gun. wouldnt you feel safe if there was a gun in your school?

  • No its not a good idea because teachers can get distracted and should just focus on teaching.

    School is not safe? Add more officers at the schools, and let them come out and take care of it. But to put teachers in that position just gives them one more problem to deal with. They should be focused on teaching and not have to worry about other things.

  • I think not; I believe that guns in schools are dangerous.

    Since I am a child in high school myself, I thoroughly believe that guns in the classroom is probably not the safest idea ever. I also believe that if even a minor break-in happens, and the villain finds the gun, the situation worsens. I don't believe that guns will ever be a safe idea in the classroom, simply for the fact that it is highly unsafe.

  • No guns in school.

    Teacher are educators, not law enforcement officers. It has been proven time and again that increasing the number of guns does NOT help to curb gun violence. Infact, it leads to more violence. How do you know that the teachers themselves are not psychopaths? And it will do nothing to deter them, because they are crazy, they don't care if other people had guns. If they did, there wouldn't be police shootouts. People act like shootings are an everyday occurrence. They aren't and if you really think your children are in that much danger, home school them. Most people for it are apart of the religious right. So my question is if you truly believe in the teachings of Christ and in god, why do you fear death so much? And why are you so pro violence?

  • No, it would be unsafe.

    As we already know, students aren't as slow as some of them seem to be. What if a child gets their hands on the gun, and in the worse case what if they're angry, say from being bullied? That would just be another school massacre on the headline of a newspaper. Also what if something traumatic happens in a teacher or staff members life? Then some students push their buttons a little too much, and the teacher shoots up the school. Lastly, we all know how there seems to be more sexual offenders teaching children in school. If they had a gun that would just make it easier for them to get the children to perform sexual acts, and the child would be afraid to tell someone. Teachers being armed isn't going to protect the students. In reality its just going to make schools dangerous. I'm a 8th grader, I wouldn't want my teacher having a gun in the classroom, honestly it would just make me not want to attend school at all.

  • Teachers can be untrustworthy too and should not have weapons in their classrooms.

    Teachers can be untrustworthy, just like students. So what if a teacher has a gun? It will have to be locked up & put away. But if someone who will harm the students comes in, the teacher will have to get the gun out, unlock it, load it, & before they can even do that, the students could already be harmed, as well as the teacher. What if a violent student were to get a hold of the gun? This is all-around not a good idea.

  • Definitely Not!

    Under no circumstances should teachers have weapons. A school shooting is extremely rare and even if teacher had weapons that would not necessarily protect all of the students. I also don't trust every teacher to be in possession of a gun. The school environment would be much safer if no weapons were involved and giving teachers weapons could easily backfire if a teacher decides to use that weapon if they get angry with a student or something along those lines.

  • Students wouldn't feel safe with a gun in the classroom.

    Usually if a child sees someone being shot or killed they are waking up from a nightmare. That’s exactly what it is to them, a bad dream. Although this is now becoming a reality, it can not be cured by sleeping in mommy or daddy’s bed for the night. Whether they see a person killed in a video game, on television, or in real life it’s not something normal and it shouldn't become one. It is a frightening event no matter who is holding the gun. I wouldn't feel safe knowing my teacher had a weapon and that is nothing against them. Where I go to school I feel safe walking there everyday, in the classroom, and in my community. I’m not worried about being in danger in any of those settings, but knowing my teacher was carrying a gun or had one in the room would be frightening to me. Why? A gun inside the room just proves that we aren't safe. In fact, I would feel nervous if the teacher got angry because there is a weapon in the room that could be used. Of course it is a terrible thing to even consider, but with an idea so strange you have to ponder the possibilities that may come after the addition. I know my teachers well and believe they would only try to do the best for each of their students, but I also know my fellow peers and how some days they like to push the teachers to their limit.

  • What is to stop the teachers from using the weapon on the students?

    Teaching is a very difficult thing requiring a lot of patience. It's quite easy for a teacher's patience to snap and for them to make the wrong decision if a weapon was available. Research has also shown that in many self defense situations, the weapon the defender has is often used against them.

  • No, teachers may use them carelessly.

    I think that teachers shouldn't have guns in the classroom, because they can flip out at anytime and would shoot innocent and harmless kids for no apparent reason. It's like bringing an extra shoe to school just in case of an emergency, which really doesn't make any sense at all so.

  • No, I do not believe teachers should have weapons. Absolutely no way!

    Teachers signed up to teach students, not to use firearms. Police men signed up to defend and protect. So it only makes sense to have more officers in schools and let the teachers do what they do best; TEACH! Let the police men do what they best, which is DEFEND AND PROTECT!

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Anonymous says2013-03-15T17:52:31.967
Good topic ..... keep it up!
Anonymous says2013-03-27T19:45:16.003
What if the teacher is mad and pulls out the gun and starts shooting students,then what?