• Never pay teachers based on anything other than the teacher's performance

    Never pay teachers per student/attendance, assignment/test scores, or graduation rate
    pay teachers to advertise and attempt to teach, if no one shows up, or if the student doesnt learn, the teacher still gets paid for trying.
    Good advertisement and providing a quality service will induce people to show up, w/o the use of force or intimidation. If people dont show up, the advertisement and quality/ desirability of service will be increased/ the advertisement and service will be changed so that people will want to show up/ the types of classes the public wants will be offered so they will show up.
    Teachers should be paid based on their performance, never based on the students performance. Individual teachers pay can raise or lower based on the quality of their performance.

    Teachers should never get paid/ rewarded based on the # of students they teach, be given a quota for the # of students they must teach in order to get paid, be required to teach a certain # of students to get paid/rewarded.
    Paying teachers based on something they didnt do/the student's performance, incentivises them to lie about test scores, and abuse students try to coerce them into obeying and getting good grades.

  • Chance for change. The world is developing

    There are a lot of counterarguments on why they should continue to be paid as is, and I am not saying that they are wrong because with them comes a lot of truth. However, with teachers being paid based on performance, it allows a chance for change to be shown in schooling systems. In every aspect of life, there is going to people who do not cooperate, but that is what aids in showing numbers when it eventually comes down to statistics if it were just given a shot.

  • Improves quality of education

    When teachers see that they would have bonuses for performance they change its method to have good results. However their salaries should not be reduced because some teachers have less capabilities than others. Scores in national tests should be evaluated but not the ones that teachers made for their students.

  • Absolutely yes, I am sick of terrible teachers

    I think that like all jobs, it should be more based off of performance. I am sick of us getting lazy teachers whom are only here to get a paycheck. While I do not personally have any of these teachers, I know of many schools that do. Laziness is unacceptable, when it comes to our education especially. I also believe it would help end any corruption

  • No it should not be

    Teacher pay should not be based on performance because not all teachers have the same resources as one another. It wouuldnt be fair to compare a teacher from a poor community who cant get as much supplies as the teacher who teaches in teh richer community. Teacher pay should be based on how long youve worked in the community.

  • Teachers cannot replace what is lost in the home.

    I am a teacher who has works full time in a poorer public school where many students essentially neglected at home by impoverished families and work part time coaching athletics at a very competitive private school where students receive Land Rovers/Audi's for their 16th birthday and come from multi-million dollar homes. I see both sides of the coin.

    So often I find students in the public school who have no training in the basics of discipline and basic respect for an adult because they haven't learned it at home. I am not talking a few students spread over the whole school, I am talking 5 or 6 per class. These students need so much work just being adjusted to a classroom setting and it is such a major strain for teachers to simply get them to not distract other students. Often these students have to be moved into there own suspension classrooms and given extra tutoring but at the end of the day, their test score counts the same as your straight A students in terms of school evaluations.

  • Most certainly not.

    My mother is a teacher, and it annoys me when the bad grades and overall complete laziness of some students can affect her pay. If the school board hasn't realized by now that teachers can put all the work in the world into something and kids can still end up failing, then they need to soon.

  • No, teachers pay should not be based on performance.

    Teachers pay should not be based on performance because there is no way to gauge a teachers performance. Test scores show very little about how well a teacher is involved with their classroom. This is why it is highly advisable to stick with the current system of pay for teachers.

  • While true, it is not true for all the teachers.

    One cannot blame the teacher for the students devotion and talent on the subject. Example, a professor in Calculus should not be paid less than an art professor. More people are bound to do bad in Calculus than in Art (every engineer or math major will agree with me.) Finding the moment of Inertia in an object, it is not as hard as drawing stick figures.

    Of course I'm generalizing, not everybody finds calculus hard not everybody finds it easy. But as well all know from studies and statistics, more people are bound to do bad in the Science and Technical classes than they are going to in the humanities classes. It is not the teachers fault, but rather a combination of both the difficulty of the class and the progress of students, but not entirely based on performance.

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johnsonbalke says2013-09-27T05:10:58.650
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