Should teachers' pay be based on standardized tests?

  • Students Need A Life

    If teachers just sit in a chair and B.S. All day instead of actually getting up in front of the room and explaining the topic. Half of these teachers just put up a power point, tell you to copy or not they don't care, then tell you a story that happened last weekend or something. Finally, when the test comes up you don't understand any of it because you were listening to their story.

  • Standardized tests are important

    These tests help teachers learn where students stand academically. I am smarter than you. Do not doubt me. Ever. Children need these tests for their safety in knowledge. These tests are for the best. Do not try to ruin the system. Do it for the children. Trust me. Do it for the kids.

  • No because student maid be apsent

    No because first of all students main understand every thing bit choose to not do well on the test on purpose, some reasonse to cause that: having a bad day, doesn't like the subject, doesn't like the teacher, or just choose to do bad. My friend does that a lot.

  • Paying Teacher's Based on Test Scores is Wrong

    Would you want your pay based on an young child's score on a standardized test? There are many points I would like to bring to your attention to back up my argument- please be patient and try to understand them. First- On the Parcc test given in New Mexico, the state I live in, we, the public, don't know what the test questions are. The questions are kept secret. Only the children who take the test see the questions. 2nd- Children are promoted to the next grade based on their ages not on their level of achievement in subject areas. So, an 8 year old student could be in the 3rd grade, but only doing 1st or 2nd grade work. If he is tested at the 3rd grade level he won't be successful. By the time that child gets to 7th grade they may only be doing 4th or 5th grade work. Does that child have a chance to pass the 7th grade Parcc test? I don't think so. Is it the teacher's fault they couldn't bring that student up to the 7th grade level in one school year when the child came to them three levels below grade level? I don't think so. 3rd- Who decides what student is put into what classroom? In my sons school, he is in 4th grade, I don't have any idea how this is decided. In my school, I am a teacher, a language arts teacher places students in classes even though it is supposed to be the school counselors job. Does she distribute the children equitably or does she play favorites and give her friends the best students. You don't know, but the people who work at my school do and we don't have any power to chose the students who are placed in our rooms. 4th- Is it wrong for a teacher to not want a student in their classroom, because they are not good at taking standardized tests? Should a teacher resent a student being in their room or resent a bunch of low performing students being in their room because the teacher will be punished with lower pay, lower status in the school community? There are teachers in our school, and in schools across the country who negotiate to have the best students in their rooms who can score the highest on the standardized tests so they will look good. Usually, 30% of the students or fewer pass the standardized tests in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. Whoever gets these students will look good. Whoever gets the low students will look like they are a lousy teacher based on the standardized tests. Is this an accurate measure of who is a better teacher? 5th- Do the students care how they score on the standardized tests? Yes, they do care to an extent, but not to the same extent teacher's care.

  • To a point, maybe

    Teacher pay should not be based on standardized tests on an absolute scale; a teacher coming in to a high scoring school for their first year of teaching should not be paid far more than a veteran at a low scoring school. Still, standardized tests, along with other metrics, do have the potential to be good scales for teachers.

  • No, teacher's pay should not be based on standardized tests because tests are not trustworthy enough.

    Tests cannot really be the summation of everything a student has learned and how capable they are. In reality you will rarely be in a test-like situation with a finite time, a variety of problems, and absolute inability to seek help and research. A lot of students do well on assignment but have problems with tests. Instead of teaching by tests we should teach students how to conduct proper research and think critically. So paying by test scores does not really make sense.

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